Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm just a fangirl

Don't tell me I'm the only fangirl studying like this D:

I don't exactly know why in the first place I was going all out for Super Junior. I mean, I used to be so wanting that connection with a super star to establish; and that was Michael Jackson. I was 14 and being so young; pointless and no clue, I just wish one day I could at least get his personal email. LOL

So here I am, trying hard to show Super Junior how much I love them. I perfectly know they wouldn't know if I'm alive, blogging and spazzing about them; but its good to let others know why am I so drawn to them that I even call it as an obsession. It was mere words at first. And I don't know why I'm so willing to do things for them. Suddenly it feels so good to share with people. To spazz in my mother tongue. To get to know how other people are so in love with them as well.

I wish I could do something for me, for the other fans and for them. And yes, I hate those stupid stereotypes on us fangirls; screaming, jumping, crying out names and such. That is so yesterday. Today, fangirls are organized body of people who dedicate their time regularly for something that had entertained and inspired them. We, fangirls are just trying to say: "We like you, we want to see more of you," to them. So they would continue presenting to us those joyful and cheerful patterns of entertainment. In a cheesy/corny way: We are uniting for our love of Super Junior. Ohmygod, I am so laughing my brains off!!

Why so emotional and pointless post Norfy?? LOLz!

I'm trying to send my words that; I do love the title 'LUMIERE' that I received lately. But it is a responsible to bear. There is nothing more than that. For you, I'll try my best and all my might to assist you and get you to feel much closer to Super Junior :D

If you remember, Sayanghaeyo used to stand as "I'm writing not because of fame, its the cause of fangirling". Nothing is going to change.

In the end, I'm just a fangirl if you might ask.


p/s: If you don't get it, Lumiere's color is cappuccino-like, but all of us in the team thought it was a POO-COLOR!! And P-sshi, surprise surprise! I don't know if you'd laugh or feel happy for me ==;

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