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Lesson learnt, lesson taught *sigh*

*credits to 8NiteLive@YT
Flashbacks; I can't believe I'm following the show since Hunny Madu hosted XD

Okay, I'm a human-being. Oh, you just know? LOL

Anyway, despite of my posts and statements of being a decent fangirl, seems like I did my wrong just last few weeks. (Not that I'm super perfect though, just that I'm used to be super careful before).

As you guys witnessed. I'm a TEAM MOE. I frequently stalked visited his blog because....I'm a team Moe! LOL Yeah, and usually I left some comments either at the shoutbox or the post itself. Just to show that I'm not a silent reader, to say hi and to tell that I do visit ^^

Heres how an EMOTIONAL fangirl stumbles. You can LOL if you want though.

Some kpop haters kept posting rude comments at Moe's shoutbox. I ignore it at first. But since the FAIL is so visible that its the same person who accused the chatters at the 8TV Nite Live show are all the same person with different mobile phone, I felt like I need to leave a comment so she/he would know that WE SPOT YOUR FAIL! I hope she/he would stop doing the pathetic things. Besides, we can read IP address, the owner of the chatbox can monitor the IP address so yeah. Its serious fail.

However, it was prolonged. A kpop fan or maybe just a pacifist named eM were together with this kpop things, he/she discovered the FAIL earlier. Now the hater (with absurd, multiple names with multiple fake email accounts) are shooting back to us, saying that we are:-

1) 8TV Nite Live staffs (OMG, serious LOL!)
2) The same person

I honestly do not know eM but I posted right after her/his discovery of the hater's failure. Something that I shouldn't do; because now it is stretched this far and I cause someone who is really super busy and tired to hate a fan like me with this. I can't blame Moe oppa though, if I were him, I wouldn't know who is telling the truth either. Its natural to hate the chaos-maker people in the shoutbox.

To Moe oppa,

If you're reading this, I am seriously not the person who made up multiple accounts/names to spam on your shoutbox. No, I'm too busy with my kpop stuffs to even do so (this blog of mine is hardly updated lately because of the activities!). Since I promised not to cause anymore trouble, I just stop leaving any comment at the shoutbox until your new blog is coming up.

Why do I care so much? Hey, babe. This is about fangirling. Don't I told you that I want the world to view fangirls in whole different lights? I do not want to leave any remarks that fangirls are utter stupid, so here I am, confessing my lesson learnt and telling you so you would learn by my mistake too.

I'll spazz about SBS Gayo Daejun soon enough ^^ I just can't resist the non-stop excitement that the performers succeed to get us all on!


p/s: Seriously. I do think this is how it feels like to be Zhoumi? Words taken wrongly when he meant something else? Aigoo~


Moe Nasrul said…
No worries miss healerzz :D I've actually personally met eM so I know that you and her are not the same person :)

and so sorry sudden;y the anti-k-pop ppl are blasting you left to right. Like i said in my post I like everyone to have their say and unfortunately sometimes ppl are just hateful.

oh well but thanks for watching and supporting the show :D a million hugs to you :)
Miss Healerzz said…
;A; I really don't know what to say. You're probably my most favorite celebrity from now on

Thank you so much Moe oppa, will continue supporting you and the show! \^^/

*hugs back, rabbity-jump* LOL

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