Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Minho Look A like and MnM's EPIC Sorry Sorry!

I woke up to see my mom is tuning to HBO; specifically Christmas Caper TV movie and I just...well, join in. Guess what?


I couldn't find any picture that is specifically captured him in the internet; but his real name is Josh Hayden. He played Parker in the movie as a delinquent kid. His killer smile made me like....hey, that. I've seen that before.

And I totally figure out its CHOI MINHO!

Here is a picture I grabbed out from google. I have to warn you its not the best pic that you could relate to Minho but his smile sure resembles a lot:-

And if it doesn't made you approve, take a closer look by watching this vid.

And just to remind you how Minho looks like:-
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
*pic source: manshock25.net
credits: shining.com

What do you think? Resemble much? No? I do think the smiles and the chin are so similar! LOL

And to end this post; Sorry Sorry parody by 8TV Nite Live emcees! MnM (Mike and Moe)

*credits to 8TVNiteLive@YT

Get to know them by reading my post about 8TV Nite Live and the emcees! They are seriously LOL! Love them so much, please do visit their sites and leave your thoughtful comments so they would continuously loving K-Pop XD


p/s: Here is how me being lame; I don't watch K-Dramas. But you can introduce to me some that wouldn't make me bored and aren't typical K-Dramas like girl fight with boy; girl/boy fell in love with girl/boy, getting third party to interrupt, get through and lives happily ever after.


Moe Nasrul said...

Lol your right there smile is sooooooo the same :D maybe the guy has some Korean blood in him... you never know :P by the way thanks for posting about our video :D

amanina hamid said...

omg omg! but unni, i found something BIG, well kinda, haha, minho looks like tomok! in a certain pose of course, tomok is ^%^^&( to compare wth minho rite? SHINee po ebaa. XD

HEEEEE ;E said...

V shape face with pointy nose ftw! \o/
Minho and that guy side profile really look similar. o_o
but I can't see that much resemblance (especially from front =x )

and Moe was here. <3

Miss Healerzz said...

@Moe: omg! thanks for dropping by. from now on, I AM TEAM MOE! LOLz

@nina: tomok? i never thought of that. lolzz maybe its the nose?

@hee: omg, why your name got so many EEE now? and yeah, it doesn't look so much the same at front pse ;D

yay for Moe in the house XD

amanina hamid said...

haha unni, idk la, sebab haritu terbaca pasal tomok je, and i was like... ughh asal ada rupa macam minho ni? :D

Mike Campton said...

hey whats up guys. thanks for sharing our video. =)