Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ailabeu? LOL

As much as I love to poke fun on the idols and the K-entertainment and Twilight; I, however, loves to pick on myself too! So I was LOL-ing big time when I read Ouran Host Club manga a few months ago in Arena (OMG, that magazine is just awesome for girls! Go check it out XD).

Wae? Well, I'm afraid my blog would get suspended if I upload the scans of it and I was too lazy to look for the scans at any of my manga stops in internet. So here is the reference; it was fanmade but I think you'll get the point.

credits to Kagome355@YT

LOL!! SERIOUSLY! I do think Hatori Bisco (the mangaka) is being REALISTIC about the nature of fangirls and the environment of it XD Just look at how people going crazy and suddenly few girls, which are also fangirls are taking control! LOL! I mean, WHY SO SERIOUS! LOLOLOL!

Now I can understand how the civillians are looking at us fangirls. They're probably like....what? But why? Because that is what I felt when I watch the anime XD You know what? Yea, fangirls do had some strategic planning somehow when I stalk like every fandom I could get my hands on (even when I don't even comprehend the language ;D Be careful, I'm watching, kekekekke).

And if you want to know what they're talking about or getting interested of this anime; come watch it here.

*credits to mashara5@YT

Hatori Bisco knows her things well, she made Zuka club based on Takarazuka Revue which is very well known in Japan (how I wish I was a trainee there =3=). I have to give my hats off to all the mangakas out there; they study first before they build up something so lala-land like this.

I just remember to blog about this when I was watching 'You're Beautiful' (just because I think Jeremy for Hongki is a nice name. I know I'm weird, don't mention.) specifically first episode which is this part and second episode which contained this part. Focus on fangirls' part; its totally, omg....that is sooo true. Hahahahehehe~*corrupted brain*

Since I'm totally in 'You're Beautiful' mood; I kind of need some time to blog about C.N. Blues that Hoshie a.k.a 'Damaged(星)' plurked to me about. I was mesmerized, but old stuff in head needs to get out first. Please check out her blog and see if she is giving out any information about this awesome C.N. Blues ^^

Corrupted Norfy

p/s: Moe Nasrul just visit Sayanghaeyo and left his words at my last post!! XD I am so spazzy I couldn't update my plurk just to let that information hangs there at the left of this blog~~ I am so lame~


mulan77 said...

hi norfy...long time no see... hahahah meo did reply at your blog.. that really nice hahahaha

mulan77 said...

aiyak.. typo moe...

Moe Nasrul said...

I'm glad I made your day :D

sherermac™ said...

ngahahahaha~~ moe replied u again norfy!


Miss Healerzz said...

@mulan unnie: lololololol!!! yeah, having a blast eh at bangkok, really envious of you unnie =3=


@Hoshie: LOL! you n damaged! XD omg, i didn't even realized it, now i'm embarrassed ==;