Sunday, December 27, 2009


Somebody asked me why I haven't touch anything about Hangeng's case. Well, just how very much I'm concerned about it, I'm over all would like to take the stands as shutting my mouth about this. I don't want to spread my hate, I would not like to spread any rumors. So my opinion regarding to this (which would widely related to other issues as well due to my reasonings) remained undisclosed. Just because.

I don't support on what Hangeng did and how he did it; but I'm also not at SME's side about the unbelievable contract. Both are at faults and I'm not going to comment any further. I just wish 2010 would amend everything better; everybody that we missed would be on stage once again with lessons learned.

Speaking of stage; I totally can't wait for all the year ending's live stage! Let me make it straight, SBS Gayo Daejun is what I'm seriously couldn't wait for XD. Why?

Because of this:-
O.o A slight Nick Khun wouldn't hurt anyway :3

Oh yeah. Don't you know I'm seriously biased on Sungmin and Jinki? Looking at these two together at one stage/one frame, ahhh~ my life is complete XD

Just to ensure everybody a.k.a rabid fangirls to jump on the bandwagon and is looking forward for it, I present to you the video of a preview to SBS Gayo Daejun ;D

*credits to squadKPOPforever@YT

and of course they got female idols version as well. But since this place is MALE bias, ugh. I think you get my point.

So my job to spread the love is done.

Oh, its late but

Please grow stronger and bigger as the time goes by.
Always Keep The Faith~


p/s: I really LOL at how bad this one kpop-hater is so FAIL at concealing him/herself at Moe Oppa's chatbox. I'm still visiting there to read the LOL.

*pic credits to: | Reupload by Blue`


myn said...

Hye Miss Healerzz^^
Could u tell me how to watch the SBS Gayo daejun(not using the youtube)?
As far as i know,only KBS world that shows korean stuff in malaysia..

Miss Healerzz said...

^hye there.
Yeah, you can try watching it through TV Ants. Try google about TV Ants and download it. It's pretty much a good help :D

Hope that'll answer your questions.