Monday, December 7, 2009

Seeing the possiblities

LOL! I didn't know why EverLastingFriends are so connected with UNICEF XD while Malaysian ELF is trying to break world records in the support of UNICEF; SJ-World is planning to gather donations in the name of Super Junior and send it to S.Korea UNICEF :D

Sayangzz, do join the upcoming event that Sapphirepearls Malaysia together with MYSJ are going to participate! Try to get all the information here :D And do spread around the words too :3

For more information on how to donate through SJ-World, please click on the pretty banner (I love it! LOL).

In the other hand; SJ-World had officially unveil Kangin's project! All you have to do is take your pictures with a sign that you made up by yourself and send it to Click on the banner for further details ^^

Enough with the promotions; here is my actual post starts. I just watch MuBank today and I spotted one girl who is dancing amongst guys in Taeyang's Wedding Dress performance. I try to look back and it seems like she is the same girl for all Wedding Dress stages.



And you know what? I had this feeling the girl is one heck a really good trainee from YG and since she is getting the honor to be the only girl to dance so suavely like the guys there, she MIGHT be debuting soon!

And I really had this feeling that I'm going to love her. Well, at least her talent is surfaced so damned while anyway ;D What do you think? Is she a talented trainee or just another backup dancer?


p/s: I am being upset with G-Dragon lately. . . . Don't ask why. I'll just deal it with myself.

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