Sunday, December 6, 2009

True LOL instead of OMG

Because Shindong is the one who made me believe in miracle once again ^^
(and why can't he stay off from that coconut hair?? I really love this hair of his!><)

I'm not an easily-hurted-fangirl. So here I am, making fun of the oh-so-intelligent issue that surfaced recently.

I just, hahahahahhaaha~ omg...sayangzz...instead of being so butthurt or goes: "OMG! Thats insulting! They are trying to bring down SJ! They are antis!" etc.

I prefer you guys to LOL, LUAO (Laughing Ur Ass Off, lolz!), ROFL or whichever you prefer; as it was sooooo clear and precise that our Shindong-hee is not SUPPOSED to be the target. Why so fail and embarrassing? XD seriously, funny!

And well, while I am seriously not a fan of AKP (their obvious bias and their views on SJ are unfavorable) but I could understand their position as a speed of light k-pop news site. Its just their job to bring us what is happening currently in K-entertainment and they're being completely honest about it. I mean, come on. There are certainly lots of people out there who are both Korean and English comprehend; to lie and make up things in English is not going to be safe, so you have to see this point. AKP is just bringing out whats hot in South Korea in english and thats it. They might add their own views, but thats the use of comments. Besides, I don't see any bias in the news as they've updated once again for the issue.

So sayangzz, please don't go over the board and miss one point. You'll end up sounding like a brainless fangirl. Analyze, be neutral, to voice out is okay but do it wisely please! I have to know that; fangirls are better than what most people labeled us on :P


p/s: Randomly, I wonder if Sungmin is still scoot-riding with Shindong lately ^^

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