Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because Mike's FAIL is beyond cute XD

*credits to ksat90@YT (Mike's friend ^^)

Apparently, its a video made for Nuffnang Digi Pimp My Day and Mike tweeted it. A diligent follower I am, I clicked and ROFL!!! And I just need to blog about it. Mike's fail is probably my favorite part~ LOL but the girl's ability to climb backward within the slides made me amused. Seriously~ O.O

But his fail on asking what 'oppa' is in his own show and this one can't never beat Moe oppa's fail on recognizing girls or boys of kpop idols XD

So far, our Jules unnie never fail around KPop stuffs. And she even guessed what Mutizen is right!

LOL! Just what to expect from our lively and lovely emcees for 8TV Nite Live. KPop sayangzz, do check out their sites at my highly recommended links ya? Give 'em some love :D


p/s: And....and....Mike feels so bad about him asking what 'oppa' is, he even tweeted about it ==; make him feel better by tweeting to him that its all in all alright to ask ^^ Follow him via Twitter


Moe Nasrul said...

Heeheeeheeheeeheeheeeheeh. Hello Hello :D Yeah I kinda forget which ones are the girl groups and whic ones are the boy k-pop groups hehehe :D but i have to admit Jules is as sharp as a knife when it comes to K-pop lol :D

Miss Healerzz said...

thats a very long 'hee' I've ever seen written LOL!! Well, its kinda unfair to compare though, since Jules unnie is a fan of Bi (Rain) :3

oppa dun worry, majority people who knew kpop first thought male/female kinda alike XD