Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do you want love?

Sayanghaeyo stands and kept posting because of its name.

To sayang everyone and to spread sayang.

So everybody please take your time off from YouTube, forum and downloading a while
and join this project to really prove how much do you love our lovely Super Junior members

Due: Two weeks before February!
Details please click here and guidelines click banner

Due: 1st February 2010/Monday
*click banner please*

Due: 1st February 2010/Monday
*click banner please*

Everybody could say, "hey, I'm a fan of Super Junior too you know". And its hard to differentiate casual fans with real fans as there are no concerts to attend, no fanmeeting, no nothing stuffs like that. While the boys are hard to reach from a far, some fans decided to bridge the wide contact between international fans even though they might not see it, they might not know it.

So your chance is here ^^

If you could spend some time to do these projects, I'm quite sure you'll be contented of being a non official Ever Lasting Friend thats working hard to get them known :D

Please support the project a lot!

And shout out to all Team Moe-ers who have voted SHINee Ring Ding Dong MV last night;
KAMSAHAMNIDAAAA!! *shows you saranghae*

Moe oppa showed his gratitude through Twitter
Image Hosted by

and yes, as you can see at my shoutbox, still I screen-capped it LOL!

Image Hosted by

Thank you so much to all of the sayangzz who voted! Go Team Moe XD Follow Moe oppa at Twitter, Facebook and Blog for more info about him :3


p/s: Speaking of Twitter, do you know that our Shindong oppa is now on Twitter? :D Its not a fake one, because TigerJK (OMG I LOVE HIM! But he loves to SPAM HIS TWITTER XD) already proven that its the real Shindong! Follow our lovely Shindong oppa on Twitter

p/s/s: Infinity Challenge Team was here in Sepang, Malaysia last weekend~ OMG!

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