Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here I send thee my love ^^

I believe sayangzz have watch this cut of our Youngbae from Big Bang having a mini dance battle with our Hyukjae from Super Junior. But who cares? I just love this cut! XD LOL! People would thought I'm bias, but Hyukjae win this through creativity and smooth popping. Taeyang is elegant though, just the part hes like almost fell spoiled his choreo a bit. Overall, SAYANGHAEYO APPROVES THIS BATTLE AND WANTS MOAR!! LOL

*credits to ELFZONE

Personally I think Taeyang is like a protagonist from shounen manga while Eunhyuk walks out from shoujo manga~ LMAO! So, its like depends to your preferences. Me? I LOVE BOTH!
-insert fangirl's squeals-

And to tame your "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! THATS HOT! DAEBAK!! OPPA! SARANGHAE!" here is Kyu's latest solo for Pasta drama OST *^_____^* His voice never fails to calm~ really. And hes doing it effortlessly, how come Kyubaby? LOL

*credits to PsycheSJ

Please watch Strong Heart and Pasta drama; try to give 'em lots of love ^^


p/s: Oh. Oh. Oh God. I'll be announcing my hiatus soon; study comes first! But please stay with Sayanghaeyo if you still wants more ranting and stupid babbles from a professional ahjumma. LOL

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