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I Will Protect Super Junior

You may hate them for various reasons
and I don't even care about it

You may hate me for loving them
and I don't care even as in tiny bits

All I know is, Super Junior made me believe in miracle once again
after I thought it was long vanished from this earth

People thought I become their fans merely because of their looks
I could be a fan for more than one boy bands; drools over their looks
and could even find hotter, younger, more good looking boy groups
I could have gone wildly to every each forums and claim love on each of the boy group members, and casually forgetting the 13 boys that is slowly aging.

Its really sad how people couldn't see the inner thoughts I had for them

For proving to the world its possible of getting all 13 different
personalities, talents and image into one group
and stays strong until now,

For getting through the obstacles together with generous smiles and laughter
we didn't know they're crying in their heart instead,

For giving a refreshing breath on every field they touched
they made wonders and unconsciously started new trends,

For being parted into sub-units and still grow a lot closer
even make it big in a totally foreign country together with the other two lovely members,

For teaching us fans to believe in friends no matter what happen
we now know why they call us Ever Lasting Friends

I am Super Junior's Ever Lasting Friends, I am E.L.F.

I will do all my might to protect Super Junior
How about you?

(non-typical fangirl)

p/s: in the midst of writing this, my internet disconnected 17 times but I insisted to blog this, I can't stand it when I see Heenim cried. Because he seldom did that in public

*YT credits to RaiBaka, original uploaded credit: thincia的视频空间, thanks to Heekmah who Plurked this video to me


Lee M said…
I LOVE THIS POST! Nobody understands ELF more than Super Junior members do and nobody understand Super Junior more than ELF do. People will never get WHY we will like them even there is hotter boyband, better at dance (well nobody is better than Hyukjae if you ask me) or have better (though nobody in idol world can beat KRY+Z. because of that, let's be ELF for a very very long time! to quote China ELF "if the world go against SJ, we would go against the world" (I know it's extreme but the words touched Kyuhyun's heartT_T)
yin said…
i looooooooooove this post !!
it totaly speaks every true ELFs mind !!
we grew with them
we've seen them go through everything the harsh world has to offer
but they stil work their hardest to smile for us
and to make us smile .

myn said…
i can't stop crying TT__TT
I don't care what people think about me for loving SJ so much..
As long as they know that E.L.F will always be there to support them..
Super Junior Hwaiting!!
Let's go through all obstacles together^^

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