Sunday, January 24, 2010

My connection is seriously INDECENT

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Oh~ Oh~ Prettiest Hong Gil Dong with ahjumma hair *_______*

Did I told you before that I want to update you with the news of SSII in Malaysia?

I know, I did.

And I know I didn't get you updated. I'm seriously sorry!

For sayangzz who didn't know, I'm a public university student doing Bachelor on Mass Communication Publishing line. I might be underestimating my sequence; for saying I wouldn't be that busy for my second semester. I was wrong. As Publishing students are RARE and limited in numbers, we are pushed and bounded to be active in student's body. I totally didn't expect that; but now I'm assigned as leader for academic field trip. akjg;ajugi;akhmma;lii;mb; you have no idea how PALE I was when I took the responsibility.

Not to mention I took extra learning credits time by taking Korean language which are held as night class. In a week, I got three night classes, two for Korean language and the other one is for International Advertising (I'm going to do magazine anyway, so yeah). I got 8AM-9PM classes for Wednesday and Thursday; I tried my best to stay awake for my assignments and I am mostly free on Monday and Friday. However, I still had discussions, meetings and academic research to be done during the spare time.

I tried my best to get you updated; because I love you guys, I love Super Junior and who ever loves Super Junior shall be loved by myself as well. If I had the gayest chance ever, I'll hug every each of you to thank you for loving Super Junior just as much as I did. Enough said, this is my motivation to keep on going.

And everytime I felt ambitious to give out informations.....

My sorority's connection (yes, yes, I live in sorority, not dormitory ;D because the environment is better) is seriously not helping. It went disconnected by itself for SEVERAL times everytime I went online. We didn't know whats wrong, because the neighbors around us are experiencing the same issue too. I know, I could get a broadband instead, but man...I PAID for this sorority's connection! So I need to use it till the end of this semester, k?

As I tried to apologize, I'm explaining. I'm not trying to make you say:"Ohhh... poor you, so busy, couldn't update," :insert crying emoticon: No. Its just that I had this feeling; people might be saying; "I was waiting for updates! Where the heck is it" just in case if theres any. But if theres isn't...shall I be glad? LOL!

Oh, and thank you so much for all of you who are very kind to wish me on my birthday (even earlier and belated, LOL) because I need all of the wishes so I could get through these first few months of 2010 REAL HARD AND SMOOTH! I'm sorry if I couldn't reply you due to my sucky connection. But ailabeu so much~

Ok, thats it I guess. LET US ALL FIGHTING TOGETHER!!!


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