Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sayanghaeyo resolutions for 2010 ^^

*made by, stolen from Eunmi's LJ

Hello and Happy New Year 2010 to every sayangzz who read this ^^ *big-rabbity jump-hugs*

For things that I would like to do for this year, I'll be listing it so you guys could keep track to it. Mainly it was a mix between personal+fangirling goals. So yeah, remind me if you found me losing on my track ^^

1) I'm sick of myself being such a noob on coding and graphics; where I keep burden on people for help. For the sake to help out more, I'll be learning photoshop skills and try to understand coding more in this year.

2) Learn Hanggeuk-mal starting this semester :D I know exactly where to practise when I learn it, so there should be no problem

3) Get my driving license so I could help in real life, legally. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

4) Holding Malaysian Shawols mini meet up and a gathering for the 2nd anniversary ^^Please expect it real soon!

5) Garner more bank cards to help out fellow Malaysian who wish to donate/purchase merchandises from SJ-World. Please be patient, I'll be up with it soon ♥

Well, I think that should be it. Whats your resolutions? I hope you guys would work really hard to achieve it too ^^ Let us all wish for things to get even better soon enough.

For fandoms that suffered major issues through 2009; Hottests, Cassiopeia/BigEast, EverLastingFriends

Keep your hands joined together, bear in mind things happened for purpose that God willing to put the best out of every outcome might happen. As a fresh new thought, fresh new year, let us all have fresh positive minds and never give up. Even if things might happen the way we are not hoping, let us always, always keep the love no matter what. We might get bruised, we might get rejoiced, in the end we would realised, this is what we've chosen ourselves to be. And to be one, we bear all the consequences that happened, with the will power we had, with all the love that we shared for them.

For fandoms that see the joyous and more love to pour on 2009; S♥NEs, Triple S, SHINee World,

YEAH!!! I see lots of achievement was up throughout the whole year XD We need to see more of them to shine and do more don't we? You guys have worked really hard to spread the love; the suffers had become such a sweet memoir aren't they? Considering that its totally paid off now ^^ Congratulations and big hugs to all of you, without the continuous hard work you guys have done, we could never see such big supports and motivation to the stars that kept twinkling throughout 2009 WAY TO GO!

For fandoms that just build up from the debut of new stars in 2009; (omg, I fail to remember all the fandoms name, forgive me! But you know who you are ^^;)

Good luck!! I believe not everyone in the new fandoms are practically new; but a piece of advise should come as coming from senior fandoms (wth? LOL). A fangirl/fanboy are always considered crazy, therefore, your love, your hate, you have to know should it be kept for personal or which to make it public and spread. Criticism are everywhere, antis are always there to keep you annoyed, but its always necessary to just ignore it.

And to the whole K-pop lovers out there, especially to Malaysians; FIGHTING!!


p/s: Personally to people who knew me in real life, had my numbers and even posted cards, ailabeu sayang~ P-Sshi, am still wait for your comeback and Virtual_el-Sshi, I knew what Hyung Joon told you!! XD

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