Thursday, January 7, 2010

So I LOL pondering over this

As you guys have known; Neyo is in town for his concert at Sunway Lagoon (thats like 30 mins from my sorority). Selamat Datang Ne Yo! Do enjoy Durian when you stepped here! LOL Catch him in the morning 7th January, Thursday at NTV7 Breakfast Show ;)

To think of it again, we've got the lines up from Taiwanese artists to International ones like Fahrenheit(or Fahlunhai, LOL), Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna (deferred concert, but was confirmed), Beyonce (still had no progress over the delay), Lenka coming over Malaysia be it promoting stuffs or doing concerts.

But its been a while since the last KPOP thing is strutting their stuffs here. It started with DBSK feat Super Junior, than FT Island and U-Kiss feat Paran problem came along until now, SS501 is yet to come. Lee Teuk had been saying quiet a few times before that Super Show is going to land to Malaysia, from the first Asia Tour to Super Show II. And I'll just nod with 'OK' next time when he said they'll come so I wouldn't feel broken inside like these past two chances. However, I'll never give up on this one dream to see them coming over Malaysia once again, with a concert in hand.

And its kind of funny when the local sponsors are so reluctant to give their yes to Super Show (yeap, there are some works wired within but it didn't spark much interest) when they can actually compare this:-

*credits to rageonlinetv


*credits to VikJYH1216

Chances of people buying Hallyu concerts tix? High. Why? The nature of KPOP fans themselves. They're willing to spend the so hard to get KPOP albums and merchandises; so why not a ticket of concert held at local? I'm telling you by seeing the patterns of Hallyu fans spendings. Moreover, international fans that lives at neighbouring countries would likely, no, SURELY come and this would boost the tourism coming over Malaysia as well. I'm shortlisting, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and yes, the massive Thai fans would come.

So I don't understand why these privileges are not to be seen.

Or was it something else that we didn't know?

Just however it is, sayangzz. Chin up! Never let your guards down, the time would come and Hallyu fans, fandom fights are just useless. We need to unite together and join hands for the force.

This is Norfy of Sayanghaeyo ranting like ahjumma 4am in the morning because she just had coffee at 12am.


p/s: Oh. Did I tell you before that I was confused between Akon and Ne Yo back when they're so famous with Lonely and Because of You? And my sunbae used to say to me "Thats like you getting confused on My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco all over again."


mulan77 said...

well said norfy...^_^ not only kpop concert cancelled... what happened to Rihanna & beyonce concert? it cancelled too.. but i heard that beyonce cancelled her concert becoz they said there was ethic schaotic in Malaysia... which i also didn't know about it.. hahahhaa i don't know where didn't she heard that...

the best part when u compare the two video above.. that is such a good example... i hope sponsor realized the kpop wave in malaysia.. i do hope that we will have Super Junior concert in Malaysia... or other kpop artist.. & so i don't have to spent my money travel to other country just to watched the concert huhuhuu...

Miss Healerzz said...

^thats some issue too ==; I wonder if the politics are what bounded for some cons to materialize here

LOL! Coz I seriously LOL when I watch the fancam of Neyo. I thought; "Eh, I've seen more chaotic ones, but what eh? Oh, SuJu..."

When I get my own damn money, unnie, please TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUUUU!! LOL XD we can hunt Sungmin down and get him to taste labu masak lemak XD

mulan77 said...

don't worry.. if you earn your money... i will take you ^_^ hahhaha labu masak lemak... you wanna cook our hobak??? hahahhaha

fenruary sungmin's new musical... hong gil dong...i like huhuhu wanna watch it!!!!! missed akilla already & now....

HEEEEE ;E said...

omg ily <3

let's fight for kpop! let's make kpop the next big thing in malaysia! =D

Miss Healerzz said...

@mulan unnie: seriously when the news about HGD musical I screamed and I really felt the urge to use my passport ;A; but starts and I'll be busy~ boo~ hoo~

masak the labu, give the labu for labu, cute eh? XD