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Imma be Imma be Imma Imma be . . . .

Almost 4 in the morning and I just finished my Korean cluttering home works. I did some intensive study since I found myself being left out at some apparent point. LOL! Oh, and while I'm typing this, heck I forgot to hang dry my red dress and funny how I need to wear it tomorrow at 1PM. I hope it'd dry soon enough for me to wear on our faculty's event =3=
I don't know how to give you a picture of the ridiculously busy me in the past few weeks. At some point, I found myself randomly dancing and annoying my room mate/class mate just because I couldn't even think how can I cope with my own schedule. It's insane; but I love my life. I feels so important and useful. And the greatest thing is not to get bored.
I like to do my best; I really want to. And I do learnt that if I run for this, I wouldn't get the other. But really, I'm such a stubborn girl. I wouldn't give up until I found myself FAILed on that.
My university is probably the most insane universi…