Monday, March 29, 2010

8TV Nite Live : Catch up TV FINALLY! XD

I remembered back then when Progression won the Sorry Sorry dancing contest at 8TV Nite Live, I was looking for catch up tv at but couldn't find any trace of them D: So I did requested for it, and I believed most of the viewers and avid fans of the show requested it too :)


*Drum rolls*









*click on image for larger view :D

How proud I am to see that finally 8TV Nite Live is listed when I hover my clicky at the Catch Up TV button at the main page of ^________^ *confetti*

Don't forget to visit here to get to know the show and the emcees better XD

Kamon! Bookmark it, pay a visit to them regularly, spazz about them, spread around
and don't forget to give them a lot of love! :D

I really miss chatting at 8TV Nite Live and follow the show diligently, unfortunately my time as a student + fangirl recently had taken a toll on me and sometimes I just watch, I couldn't response :( though I'm dying to do so. Sayangzz out there, who had time, please, please, please show your love to the show ^_____^ At least, I know one viewer who couldn't watch (me, LOL) would get another 30 new viewers pershow (I'm unrealistically ambitious, LOL!!!).

Hopefully, 8TV Nite Live will continue spreading their wings a lot wider and soar higher than our expectation is :D

Because I'm an addict to the show, and because I love to spread love rather than hate ^___^V


CONGRATULATIONS to my gay partner, my sayang, my bb, my dearest SMAP GANG; Hoshie a.k.a Sherer for becoming the Cassiopeia Family forum's admin!!! Hopefully we could see more Cassiopeia being active the year coming here in Malaysia :) You got my support babe, Cassiopeia + E.L.F. + Shawol + SONE = SM Love XD


p/s: I really can't give up on giving updates about Ming, don't I? If you have twitter and loves to get updates on Ming news (its not Sungmin's official twitter account) please follow perMINent ^__^

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