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:) *90 degrees bows*





Personally, I understand some fans really, really want to see them again and again, more and more. But for me, I would like them to shop or do normal stuffs at ease, at least they could do that here in Malaysia. Even though my body is aching to run and chase them; so I could feel their existence near me; I, had nothing but this GREATER penchant to separate my real life with fangirling.

Thus my brain thought like this:-

They are my idols. They are my Super Junior. I love them so much. But to meet them while I'm screaming at public place, I. . . .IDK, thats not me. I respect them too much to do so.

But then again, the fans who'd been following them wants to show their love, that they're well accepted here in Malaysia~ I'm going nothing against that. Just remember not to hurt them and show really good manners :)




Oh, no :(

What happen?


*running stomps of boots*

Lets heal them with the power of love!

*nods* YES! Lets do that!

Go go go go~

Collecting CINTA

Charging up SAYANG

Harvesting KASIH

Can we heal them?






:) :D :) :D :D :D :D XD

♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Don't mind the weird shape; its just me being random :P

And with love, with love, love, love, love and love, two broken hearts are warmed up again~

Hopefully it'll continue being fuzzily warm at the last stop; SS2 MANILA! :D

Please give our Filipino ELFs a lot of support ^^



a.k.u.z.a.h.r.a said… is one of the happiest hours in our life^^...
hope to see them again soon^^...

if u don;t mind...
are you happy after seeing your minnie??!hehehehe....
Miss Healerzz said…
It is indeed such magical moment ever :D Their lively attitude lit up the whole stadium even for the guards!!

no i don't mind
I'm about to post a 'ming-bias fan account' but then, it'll made me look ....IDK, scary ^^;

I cried listening to his Baby Baby and I'd like to be delusional and thought that Ming had eye-contact with me. I even get the chance to blew flying kisses to him~ AND AGAIN, I'd like to be delusional again, for him being happy is because of that flying kiss. LOL!!!

You can puke all you want :D as I said before, I'm delusional right now. Please let me~ LOL
a.k.u.z.a.h.r.a said…
i don't mind at all..hehehe...

i'm going to post teukie-bias post later on,,hehehe,,well,,if you couldn't be bias,what are fangirling for??!hehehe...

happy for you...i bet hes happy for that flying kiss u gave him^^...

teukie saw my banner n he gave me a huge heart..i think so with all my heart^^...huaaaarrrggghhhhh...almost fainted..LMAO...we're bunch of freaks^^

wish the night never ended T-T
henry henry henry .
so happy we could save him .
kekekekeke .

i reaaaaly wished the night never ended !
i was shivering waiting fo the show to start ><
and i had tears here and there
and a fren that accompanied me to watch the show
was laughing at my tears ^^"
and she was just looking fo kyuhyun . HAHA .

too bad i was sitting at the upper tier couldnt get better pics
but stil .. ada gambar xP
and i STILL tear up thinking back .
nyaaaaaaaaaahhh . so many days have passed .
and my thoughts are stil in the concert ><
Miss Healerzz said…
OH! You brought a banner? :D Thats very cool~

Jungsoo is probably the sweetest creature ever, you're lucky to have his 'saranghae' than :D the works paid off really.

No. Please don't heighten my delusional-ities T^T I like to think like that, but I don't need ppl to approve it, I'll go cloud 9 n never come back, LOL

Yes, but seeing Jongwoon is a bit weak, I wish it could end right at that time (LOL!! I'M WEIRD!!).

OMG. . . .I'm sure you're not alone. Its almost a week and I couldn't get the beats and their existence for being so near that night off of my head D:

Yes, I couldn't ask more for ELFs to be united, ignoring stances and countries, being one to love our boys together ^^

Just I'd be happier if people could actually ALL be blue and no greens, colorful, reds in the sea D: I'm still upset of that case.
a.k.u.z.a.h.r.a said…
hehehe...yup...all of us were lucky for them to came here n performed LIVE!!hehe..

i still miss them actually,,cried for many friends were like,aren't you supposed to be happier after seeing them??n i was like...yahh..but it hurt so much watching them saying goodbyes n not knowing when are they cuming back..huuu...its so hard you know...hahaha...

neways..yayy..jongwoon looked like he was hurt,,he kept holding his neck..poor him...
Miss Healerzz said…
I actually lol at you spelling coming as cuming XD maybe you'd like to check what 'cum' is so people wouldn't misunderstood you ROFL!!! No offence bb, just saying :P

anyhow, yeap. We might not know if they're going to come again or not but we, for sure would make it come true, just how hard it is :)

and last but not least; SA-JIB DAEBAK!!

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