Friday, March 26, 2010


*I'm still in cloud 9 after a week of SSII, so please forgive me if you found me annoying/irritating/unreasonable/poyo/perasan/bitch but like I've told you, I'm high with delusional thoughts and I need to share it here before I go insane or my sorority sis send me to TAMPOI or TANJUNG RAMBUTAN!! LOL*

If you know that
I was closing my eyes when you're serenading
At the same place, at the same time, together with you.
Your voice went straight to my heart.
I'm so happy, listening to your serenades alive is what I really like to do.
And it realized after a year confessing my love to you.
I couldn't ask for more as your fan.

You went by to where I was at
If only you really see
I was blowing kisses for you
I would like to think you saw me doing that,
a foreign fan of yours is blowing kisses to you
Even if you don't
I'm just glad I conveyed my love to you through those gestures
If its alright
I beg to you to please let me think that you saw me did that

After that, you never went by to my side again.
I'm fine. I understand you're well loved, you got people to entertain.
Thats the purpose you're there
I'm happy to know lots of people are in love with you as much as I did.
Hopefully you'll receive more love in the future, with different ranges of people :)

Its weird to me that I cried
When I see you updated your Cyworld with nothing but happiness.
You're happy, at my country, doing what you love to do
If only I could be allowed to think that
You're happy since you've got few air-kisses LOL

How I would really like to see you again
and talk to you comfortably
and listening to you attentively

If you could wait for a bit
Lets grow together in our own terms and ways

and then, lets meet again ^^

sa-jib dae-bak!!!


p/s: I SERIOUUUUUUUUSSSLLY APOLOGIZE if you really feels the sudden urge of puking when you read this post. LOL I just need to vent it out somewhere! Do you have any delusional thoughts too? LOL Share with me here by posting comments below ^^


sherermac™ said...

my feelings are simple... not even close to what you're feeling.. but hell yeah, i understand it! coz i might be doing the same think if it was Chun on the stage. and I was in the rock pitt area.. kekeke~!

last but not least *puke*
arrghh~ green puke! XD

Miss Healerzz said...


I flipped a coin actually, to post or not to post about this, since its such an embarrassing post (probably the most UNREASONABLE subject to post in my blog!) and I was 50/50 whether to share it or not.

And eventually, 2 out of 3 round, YES wins. So here I am, embarrassed but feeling a lot relieved.

Eh, I shared with you a lot offline, k? Kekekekek~~~

sherermac™ said...

u dun have to be embarrass la! kekeke! it's good that u could actually express how deep is your love to ming. hehee~!
im a diehard fan of chun pun not like u. XDDDD

shared with me whut?? puke??? XDDDD

Miss Healerzz said...

^itu la, that really scares me a lot you know. I sounds like. . . . MANIAC FAN with weird attitude LOL!!

offline shared with you my other point of view, if i posted that one, sure people would think I'M TOTALLY GILA SUNGMIN!! >.< Dun want!!

ROFLMAO!! the new definition of gila=NORFY

sherermac™ said...

o.O there's another version??
u dun want to post it?? why??
so hentai ka?? wakaakkakakakaka!

Miss Healerzz said...

^Butts. ROFL!!

But I don't want to post that one .__. People would think I admire him for his physique which usually is blinding a lot of ppl from his real personality+abilities (who can blame him for having such cute butt?) but theres too many ppl out there posting oh-ming-is-so-cute-hot-sexy-insertsexualthoughtshere stuffs about him, save me from being grouped to that kind of ppl. No thanks

INDIRECTLY, I do talk about me admiring his back side. Thanks hosh -________- (LOL its not even your fault!)

sherermac™ said...

hAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ that's what I have in mind! LOLOL! Butts!

actually, physical attractions is something that we cannot run from...

i agree anyway. liking them for what they have! talents and personalities! just like how i love my chun.

Miss Healerzz said...

of course we can, but I would appreciate it if people could tone down a little that admiration of sexual attraction, it really bothers me at one point ;A; its like, an insult to their actual abilities.

YOUR CHUN had the sweetest voice ever, girl. Seriously, listening to him singing is...sweet. I wonder if he could actually lives the vocal characteristic (which to me is super-sweet) too ^____^

sherermac™ said...

i dun really adore his vocal but his voice is damn sexy when he talks. *dies*

the only thing that makes me go crazy about chun is, his smile which makes me smile. automatically. HAHAHA!

his physical appearance is just blah! skinny! ooopsie! XD

HEEEEE ;E said...

I.. I.. don't think this is bad at all okay? No it doesn't make me want to puke. =_=
It's nice to see that you finally met your Sungmin. :3



guess im not the only one stil delusional . xDD

Miss Healerzz said...

@Hosh bb: Oh heck~ Chun is not that skinny, still can be considered decent la, not anorexic skinny XD Heard that he gained healthy weight since the SM/TVXQ issue, but I'm not sure O.o

@Hee bb: WHAT XD XD XD you may puke, I'm not even offended ok? Maybe right now theres people showing this blog and said to their friends; so high of herself la this kid, gila already, perasan lebih things like that.

or theres no one even care? LMAO! This would be safe for me then XD

sa jib daebak! Lets make it a miracle once again :)

Nope, you're not the only one XD