Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weeccky weeccky wow wow! Bang bang~

I'm in the midst of exam period and I'm trying to struts some stress out here. LOL

So everybody is feeling the heat of SJ's 4th Album which is going to come out real soon; it gets worst when the boys started to change their appearance, working out (SEE EXAMPLE ON MY POST BEFORE/sorry this blog is Sungmin bias =3=) and of course, the Twitter fever amongst them! LOL

It starts with ShinsFriends, continues with donghae861015 (but I think henrylau89 and Choi_SW joined first before him? LOL but I'm too skeptical to believe those are legit accounts at fist -W-) and myblacksmile out of the blue joined the chaos. LOL and OUR DIVA steps in with Hee18 first before he Cyworlded about how he is struggling with it! LOL He cancelled the account and starts an obnoxious new one with the name of Heedictator. Those drama happened in one day. . . . That is sooooooooo him. LOL

You don't have twitter yet? COME DO ONE! And make sure to follow these oppas and ehem, FOLLOW ME! LOL Oh, kamon. At least say thank you for giving you links? LOL

I always love Plurking, but twitter comes really handy especially to update me with news and what happened around my friends and stuffs. Yeah, not much of FB user but I do have one, like, finally -_____- LOL But I don't update much there. I love Twitter and Plurk better :P

So I'm incredibly happy that our beloved SJ members are giving efforts to be much closer to their international fans :3 Shindong is probably the most senior in Twitter amongst SJ members, so he is really good at controlling his Twitter ^^ I just need to share the LULz especially Ming's failure on uploading pic XD LOL Donghae is giving effort on saying something in English (LOL he wanted to be friends with a Filipino celebrity XD) and Heenim's case with Twitter is the MOST EPIC. LOL


I think our love from the whole wide world are getting to them, slowly :D Come and visit SJ-WORLD and see how you could help to support the 4th Album fan support ^^


P/S: I don't put any pictures or videos. Sorry..... I'M JIGGLY PUFF.

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