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Of This Upcoming Raya and Homesick

Norfy: *still fasting* Come, lets take a peek. Uuuuuuuu~~

And thats two completely different adjective and adverb.
Is that even adverb?
Ok, fail.

Ok. Its not like I don't want to post about Sungmin's newly found tattoo; I mean, hey! Its his own will, like, okay........if he likes it, then its fine. APPROVE anyway. LOL I just get curious on what is that text-long worth of tattoo and why is it at his back? LMAO Credits to PerMINent.Net for being all cautious :D

Norfy is a girl who loves to run away from the hecticness of her real task to do something else in life. LOL I do a blog post when I'm supposed to write my corrections for 4 articles, 2 in English and 2 in Malay. Meh. Yeah, I guess I'm kind of a "TAKE ME AWAAAAAAAYYYY! TAKE ME AWAAAAAYY!!" when I came across being hectic (aaaanndd, screwed up).

Babble much/slapsself.

Whattup much for my Raya. I can't wait, like, seriously can't wait XD First, its a break for varsity which means running back to my hometown! OMG I LOVE YOU JB! And Air Katira Abu Bakar, Murtabak Kampung Melayu, Mee Rebus Haji Wahid, Otak-otak Kempas, Nasi lemak Senibong, Pineapple Tart I want to do my haiiiiiiirrrr, I want to hook the nicest baju kurung in silver metallic (this year's official color for my family), I want pedicure, manicure, akjg;akjgaj;gkjkaj calm down Norfy. You still got 37 hours to go home. Sabar boleh tak?

Ok la, I admit. Despite studying near to Johor (I used to study at Terengganu before) and had much dose of everything I want being here in Selangor, I just....I don't know why it made my desire to be home often even higher. LOL OK la, I homesick la. Imagine staying at Seoul for 3 years? I think I can be crazy, I am too local, too much of girl next door (really? LOL). That is why getting married to all the SJ boys are just out of my league :P Imagining of that just made me OMG! NO! NO NASI LEMAK AND PENANG CHAO GUO TIAO? CAN'T LIVE And why when it comes to Malaysia its all about food? Then I wonder why my weight scale tend to increase? LOL



I'll go back writing my articles.

Bye you guys :')

LOL the guy at 0:56,
he can be my friend of OPENING YOUR JAW BIG AND LOUD


p/s: Oh, TBH. I do mind a bit when I encountered the news of Ming with tattoo, but thats just my feelings. His tattoo would grow on me, like how his cuteness grew on me up till now ^^ He is still Lee Sungmin what? LOL


pikakitty said…
ohhh a'ah ada orang tu nak balik jb ^____________^*

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