Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[FASHION] I spy a new craze from Korea?

Promo Poster for Marry Me Mary
Descriptions here

So I watch Marry Me Mary and is officially in love with the drama. Look, I don't watch drama often (its eating a lot of time and I'm pretty bored with steep plot) but anything with Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook can never go wrong LOL

*Jang Geun Seuk as Kang Moogyeol(left) and Moon Geun Young as Wi Mary (right)
Kind of reminds me to a gypsy couple; and to twist it, like John Lennon and Yoko Ono

It surprises me how Mary dressings are considered normal/peasant in this drama when I thought its boho and I pretty love whats happening on her. Moogyeol lives to a rock star style, but I'm impressed that curls he got there both names him a 'pretty boy + rock star'. Joong-In in this drama is a luxury man, but I love his playful colors on his suit. And when he is casual, I can't help but to say "YO ROCK STAR"

Kim Jae Wook performing Walrus

However, I found this a bit surprising. Lee Ahn's outfit when he meet Joong In secretly in Episode 6

As you can see, the vest is connected with his trouser. So I immediately pause the video and observes. IS THIS FOR REAL. What do I call this? Jumpsuit? A vest?

I decides to call it JumpVest LOL And if you think I see it wrongly

Look at how the crease at his midriff connected through the vest section. Its totally a jumpsuit but with a twist of a vest.

This is a clearer view. LOL no doubt eh. Can't be the vest is too long so its definitely connected.

I went through YesStyle since this might be a new craze in South Korea and googled Jumpsuit Vest and anything that could relate to this piece of clothing but I end up with nothing like this. I think this is something new, like the harem pants Hyukjae wore back in 2009 for Sorry Sorry promotion; its now widely worn by other K-Pop stars like 2NE1, MBLAQ etc.

So what do you think of this style for metrosexuals? Yay or nay?

Marry Me Mary is on KBS World channel 391;
Every Monday and Tuesday; 9PM-11PM (2 episodes per day)
Currently is running until Episode 4 in Malaysia but its already Episode 14 in Korea

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p/s: Yo, I don't know if the earlier episodes are running in the new Korean channel because I don't subscribe Beyond LOL

Sunday, December 19, 2010

[VISUAL KEI] Too Many To Share, Too Little Time

Its been a while since I last updated anything. So I re-vamped this blog just for my own leisure LOL ^^ What do you think? Yay or nay? Heck, I'd just stick with it y'all! ROFL

And God, I deleted my chatbox ;___; I didn't meant to do that but I was rushing myself, too excited and realized I just deleted it OTL This is so lame and careless. Will add it back once I recover my email, password and all LOL

For this long while I've been absent, I've encountered a lot of things and what thumped on my head the most would probably be my failure on Research and Communication Methods paper. I can't believe I just fail, this is like the first time in my life. Hopefully the next semester I take this subject again, I am more prepared then before ^^v

And then, I grew curious on what Gackt have been up to lately. So I checked my last fandom before I migrated to K-POP, Visual Kei (OMG, don't argue with me that VK is not music, I'm going to slaughter you). I thought he was slowing down. Guess what? HE ISN'T! But from an SJ-WORLD staff bb, Berrujunjun, she said that Gackt would be retiring in music career anytime soon T.T

So I was like this sad ---> T____________________________T

Until I found a video of him with this person called KAMIJO. Come on, click on, its subbed in English (or else I wouldn't understand a thing LOL).

I was focusing entirely to Gackt and I picked the guy's band which is VERSAILLES (Versaiyu, as they pronounced it) or VerJAPANsailles or VersaillesJapan or VERSAIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLEEEESS as suggested by Gackt. And then I was, this guy was a Malice Mizer's roadie* eh? Judging from his act towards Gackt, he seems to treat him as a very respected senpai. I mean, just look how polite he is and his bow is almost perfect 90 degrees ROFL. So I Youtubed Versailles and look for their songs. First song came, SERENADE

I was. . . . . . Hey. . . . this bring back memories of Malice Mizer
Malice Mizer; with deceased Kami (in purple?) and ex-member Gackt (in black)

And I thought that I finally found a girl (the one who plays guitar, in gorgeous French red dress)who are making name in Visual Kei, turns out its a HE. LMAO I forgot that the people in Visual Kei scene should present androgynous, fantasy people OTL FAIL FAN. But yes, I really like the clashing guitar sounds which is really harmony so I went on to find more of them.

The title is really catching my eyes: Ascendead Master (what is that? LOL)

CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZYYYYYY Harmony clashing beats, and KAMIJO's voice (oh, yes, the guy that talked to Gackt before, he is the vocal, forgot to tell you guys that LOL) are just....... The kind of voice that I'd listen to with such ill rhythm!

I think I'm in love with this band. Seriously, what is there not to love? Harmony metal, great vocal, doll-like appearances, crazy people who are crazy in their music, gahhh... just totally love it.

And seriously guys, all of you who believes Edward Cullen is a vampire, you should check this band's vocalist out. KAMIJO.
Pretty sure KAMIJO's image was inspired by Tom Cruise' Lestat

From Interview With The Vampire; a trilogy by Anne Rice

Edward? He isn't Vampire enough for me, sorry folks. I did both reading and watching.
No, not for me :(

Wow. KAMIJO is not even my favorite member in VERSAILLES, its Teru and Yuki OTL

I will just introduce their members after this post. Its supposed to be a comeback post, a warm one but I spazz without intending to -__- Long post is long. And today is actually Super Junior's special stage on Inkigayo? And I haven't spazzed about Sungmin's drama which is PRESIDENT (YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!) here, but I do it almost like 24/7 at my twitter. So, if you guys are still stuck in blogs, myspace, facebook, come jump in to the bandwagon of TWITTER. Its super cool, I tell you. LOL

Till next post! CIAO MIAO (LOL copied from Hoshie!)


p/s: To be COMPLETELY honest, I forgot how I discover VERSAILLES. But its pretty much like that. Ahe :P ENJOY the vids!

*roadie : the band or support members who tours alongside other, usually, famous or more recognized band around nation or cities.