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Life Transitions


I would really love to avoid the cliche sentence of 'its been a while since I last write/update anything on this blog' but when I am scramming my head on this, its really hard not to do so! I mean, its just polite to say sorry (for who? the internet? LMAO) for being absent quite sometimes after being so dedicated in posting in one period of a time. 

So, yes, ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I LAST WRITE ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG. LOL big bold caps locked because apparently its really fun to annoy people who think of this as cliche. In extra annoying method, even. 

AAaaaaaaaaannndd there are reasons for me to finally post something on this blog. Like, at least not a ranting post or a test page for my mobile apps LOL. This is a real post. I don't know how to describe a real blog post as but it is a real blog post, not a test post or whatsoever. Oh. I didn't know how to communicate through blog anymore LOL this is awkward (waves) (stumbles) (waves again).

Maybe any of you who have been following this blog knows exactly that this blog is KPOP/Korean-Malaysian oriented based on my past posts, its just the exact reason why this blog is namely 'Sayanghaeyo' formerly known as heavenfragrance (also the name of my alter-email which I lost the password to it which I don't care anymore which is dead, which is probably full of spams). 

So this blog won't lose its nature, posting basically KPOP/Korean-Malaysian thing, this is the thing that I happen to found myself being very interested of. Especially Super Junior.

However, there is additional to this blog's purpose. Also, a change that I never thought would happen when I started this blog. 

The additional purpose : The record of my journey as non-beauty school Makeup Artist

I didn't post much of my personal stuffs in this blog since I am very paranoid of myself being involved and active in KPOP local scene. Not very sure of why I am so afraid of before but now that I am already in my mid-20s, I have to learn to overcome that. 

To do so, I might want to start sharing what I really love to do. And accept criticism wisely. 

Also, I have a huge passion of cosmetics and beauty since I was a little girl. I thought of doing it much more seriously, helping girls out there to understand that cosmetics aren't supposed to change you, but it empowers what you already have inside. (Partially very influenced by Michelle Phan, obviously). 

So I've decided to record my journey to become the makeup artist who didn't attend beauty school/courses. Though, I plan to go to some big names seminar like Nurul Shukor's etc in the future to gain more knowledge. 

I would post my experience, share the new-found knowledge, debate-able thoughts, beauty hacks, tips etc that would benefits (hopefully!) to the people of the internet. 

So thats the additional plan. 

And here comes the changes to this blog. 

Whew. I'm so afraid to be bold on this but what the heck. Its my life. And its how I transits my life. 

H8rz g0nna h8!!!

Sayanghaeyo would be a blog which is heavily biased on EXO and D.O

Sayanghaeyo started out as Heavenfragrance that posts about Super Junior and Sungmin regularly. I've also announced on the side of this blog that Lee Sungmin of Super Junior is my eternal bias. 

To respect readers, followers and the people of the internet (yea, I know, who cares but you know what, I care, so I am posting this! Please refer to Nicki Minaj above), I think its just polite to address that I am changing this blog to EXO and D.O biased from it's original intent. 

So please don't be surprised to see a heavy influx of awkward young boys instead of very charming old oppa-deul. 

Especially this kid.

K. I would explain about him later. Right now, I need to talk about this bias-transitions. 

If you've read the whole posts in this blog, you would see how much of an E.L.F I am. How much I adore the band that have changed my opinion and helped me believe in dreams come true all over a very immature tones, I couldn't deny that LOL I laughed so hard reading them old posts. 

I am foreseeing people disliking the fact that I am turning from a Super Junior total fan (I am SMTOWN bias yes, but I dedicated my whole K-fangirling energy to Super Junior) to a total EXO fan. Yes, I said  it. Total. I don't even bother to halves because its really hard to do so. At least for me.

My energy and focus are limited. I wish I could provide the same amount of love to every each of bands and individuals that I dearly love. However, I understands my limits which includes my time, financial and passion of course. If I were stuck in two things, I need to chose one over another to stay focus. I dislike myself doing things half-ass. If I were to like something, I would want the best out of it. Thus the need of my whole attention and energy. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love Super Junior. First love is hard to die. 

Just that I wouldn't find myself being the person who would be the same like I did years ago with them. That includes being active in SJ fans activities locally. 

If this is what considered as betrayal, lets take time to ponder that changes happen whether you like it or not. If you thought few fans grown out of love, leaving, graduating could shaken SJ's reputation, then you have less than faith on SJ ability, talent and SJ themselves. They are the Hallyu leader, one hella big of a name compared to few years ago. Fans come and go, it happens. We have to trust them on this, they could go strong even when they're balding already LOL! 

This is what some of us call, transitions in life. 

Refusing to understand this nature just means we're refusing to grow up and admit that things change according to time. 

I am at this phase to realized that I no longer posses the ability to give my all since I stands with more commitments now and it is sad to know that humanself has limits. If I want to make the best out of it, I need to be firm on only one and give it all out. If you, however, has the talents and sources to go multiply, then good for you. Go on with it if you're able to do so. For me, I know my own limits and I am sorting it accordingly.

Why the serious talk on this supporting this band from the other band you say?

Only time would tell :)

Geez, I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey here? I am trying to explain it as simple and in the most non-offensive ways so people wouldn't had their day ruined. 

Please anticipate useful posts soon!

Thank you

(why the flying duck do I even put Sayanghaeyo here)

(why do I put my name here, i am not writing a letter)

(Oh, this is so awkward...)


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