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CultWhat? : Spare Me From The Copping Game!

Copping is a very serious business. You don’t talk about copping and whats new dropping if you don’t have the cash (or not willing to spend so much).  That’s the reality. And that is also why I don’t call myself a sneakerhead, I rather go with sneakers enthusiast. I don’t have the money and I just don’t cut it for the game. Why? I’ll tell you.

1. The price of drop, cost to ship/travel – No.

As a graduate who just got like 2-3 years of stable career under her belt with no promising assets, this game is really dangerous for me. The price of one new, limited edition sneakers, which usually drops thousands kilometers away at some places I can’t reach with Jean (my car) and costs at least 20% of that one box of sneakers itself, I don’t find worth it for me. Instead, I chucked them into my grail and hope that I’ll see the light like maybe 2-3 years when people wants to re-sale it. In my size. Which is pushing through my 2nd point.

Just me. Really. Seriously. Sucks. 

2. I’m not a dude.

Before we get all apeshit sexist debate going, lets get real. Most drops are focused on male size. So, lets say if I laid eyes on this precious collab and I’m feeling the iteration, it would be pointless if it didn’t have my size. Some collectors go beyond by copping first, re-sale then with that money they’re buying from other resellers who got their size. This is to explain the cope business in number three.
I promise you its going to be an insightful 8:35 mins of your time. Do watch!
3. The game just don’t fit me

So. Just assume if they’re dropping female sizes and I get in the game just as serious. They don’t have my size but nevermind, just cope, resale and buy my size from other reseller. Wrong move. Most female with sneakers just don’t sell their shoes. They actually use them for good. The female circle is just not that vast as male’s and with this said, this game is seriously not for me. You can check this article about the sneakerhead ladies; The Plight of Female Sneakerhead by Elle webby last year for more insight. I can't handle that part the most :P

I think its enough already with these 3 points. It’s the fundamental of the cope the drop game which I couldn’t even follow well. I can appreciate the crowd, the drama that follows, love, love, love the functions, designs, materials, stories, basically all the aesthetics about the shoes of any brands, but to hustle it like the real sneakerheads, I’ll pass.

Most people would find this hobby stressful, pointless, wasteful and useless. As someone who has been in more than two pop culture, all I could say to those who find it a little too much, its what the heart being content of. Like how beauty lies in the beholder of the eye, that’s just how different people enjoyed different things.
Air Jordans In Numbers

Why do I go this far to explain why I'm not copping? Because I have the need to refrain myself! Because initially, I was into collecting it. I even make up space for the coming shoes but then I got real. Plus, I'll blog more about new releases and I'll just have to be clear that I'm not copping. Just, love what lies behind them releases. Literature meets footwear, who would've thought!

If theres any female sneakerheads out there who are serious in this business, do get in touch with me. I would really love to talk to you, it would be insightful!

I’ll drop a good news to you girls in Malaysia who are into soles collecting soon!



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