Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Come one, come all! Let's get these guys know they're loved :)

Holidays Dilemma


Ahhh~~ right. Another post for me to confess. While I’m writing this, I’m in a dark room, looking ugly since I haven’t wash my face from out of bed till afternoon, reading fanfics, watching youtube and voting super junior again, again, and again. I don’t talk to any human beings in this house, I don’t know how to start to because what will blurt out of my mouth would be anything that I’m interested in. That would be so selfish of me. So I better off retreating myself from any conversations and live in this small cave doing things I like. This is very unhealthy~

I rejected every social gatherings like the reunion camping, varsity meetings, shopping spree and campus orient-week officer offer. I don’t answer text messages since I don’t feel like talking into anything. I even reject the idea of me assisting my dad on his motivational talk. Dare I have to say I am lazy. And I can live this boring, lifeless living forever. I did.

Yeah. But I’m too ambitious for that. I don’t know what is happening in my mind right now. I just wanted to do things that I really like this holiday. As if I’m going to have a nerve-breaking, tiring semester this upcoming back to school session so I had my lazy bone in, and I’m enjoying it.

Just what happen to the twisted-elegant, cheerful, light-hearted girl here? This is holiday disorder. I spent it to the max. This is the moment when I can be lazy all day and all night. Locking myself in the room and do anything I like with my laptop. I even laugh to myself when I looked into the mirror. Just thank God I don’t gain any weight. Since I seldom walk out, I ate less and dance just too much on my own. I even wish I had this huge mirror to see if I’m dancing it fine. LOL.

Watching pretty boys are huge sin when you’re not as pretty yourself though. I felt it’s not worth it so sometimes I found myself dolling up in front of the laptop, watching (sometimes dancing) to those cool videos. Okay, it may sounds odd. But I’m only doing this when people are not around.

JUST WHAT HAPPEN TO GOD THAT I LOVED SO MUCH???? When was the last time I pray??? Ugh, this truth hurts. I should off being squeaky clean, dolling up, go somewhere and pray.

The reason that I had the guts to confess, is meeting this, umm….dongsaeng. Too pure, too innocent, I wish I could take him and put him in my handbag. How can I forget that Saturday with such a shy smile? Meeting him moved myself to…well, refresh myself? Repackage? Hahahaha~ things like that. I just have to. Since he is looking at me like I’m a respectable noona. I should be one. Haha! That is sooo cheesy!!

Well then, end of confession. I should step out and do anything necessary. Like…eating or shower? Maybe pray~ hahahaha~
With lots of love from a really ugly side of me

~Heaven~ (not really right now :P)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shyness That Caught Me

It’s here. The place. Both of us knew. Both of us are late.

But it’s okay. We bumped at the right time.

I said you’re late. You nod and laughed.

We sit. You ordered a shake. So do I.

We’re awkward.

You said I’m different from what you thought.

I said you’re exactly what I thought.

Laughing again.

I said I like your hair.

You blush and look away.

With that attitude, reminds me of a school girl.

You said you wanted to be an author.

That is why we’re here.

We should discuss. About a book. A political one.

You said with an awkward voice. You want to talk about other things.

It was religion. I’m okay.

We talked about the issue.

Suddenly, we’re dumbfounded.

Shakes empty. We walked out.

People were looking at us weird.

I’m uneasy. But your shy smile washed it all away.

I hardly see the sun outside. But it’s really lovely.

I found scenery I like.

I pull out my cell and you hid behind your palms. You thought I’m capturing you.

When I explained, you flushed. So I took your picture.

There. No need to be embarrassed.

I’m laughing hard. And you looked away. I know you’re shy.

To keep me silence, you gave me a key chain.

When I’m busy admiring it. You gave me a piece of paper.

I asked if the digits were yours. You said yes.

I asked are we going to meet again. You just nod.

I told you this day is my happiest day. You smiled.

“Me too,”

….is the most wonderful two words I’ve ever heard.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryeowook Oppa~

It's 21 of June and it's Ryeowook of Super Junior's Birthday!!

The eternal magnae of the team is 21 this year. Currently he is staying in China (i guess, since he is working in Super Junior-M nowadays). I wish the tenor-voiced oppa will do well thus forward in the future~~

The first time I knew Super Junior, my eyes locked on his face in Don't Don's MV. At that time, I didn't know he is Ryeowook, the shy, cute oppa (^^). So, yeah. Happy Birthday again, Ryeowook Oppa!!! Saranghaeyo!!
<---- the looks that caught my eyes LOL


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here comes SHINee dongsaengs!!


Ahh...life. Is what you had when you had a breath in cause for you to move around. So, than? What is the point of moving and breathing? You bet. It's G.O.A.L. Every humanbeings needs a goal in their life to had their body work on it, get the brain sharpens and breath not wasted. Goal is the essential in life so you can find yourself the reason to keep waking up everyday. Goal, is somewhat a short term list of things to do. What do you call the long life one is?

Destiny. Yeah. That is what we had to had, so then you don't even had the chance to think of suicide and stuff. Destiny, is what you will live for and can even inspires people around you.
Without a goal, your life is plain boring. Without destiny, your life is totally garbage (ooo, that's a bit harsh!!). So what is my GOAL and DESTINY actually?

I've got to say, I am somewhat blurry about this. Given so much options can make one go crazy inside, don't know what will lead your life to. What I do know is, I wanted success. I want to do something that I'll love. And I had smile on my face everyday. And I would never regret on it until the day I die. Currently, I'm still thinking about choices. I love myself, I won't let myself go down to the wrong abbey.

So, here we are. Another boy band has emerged from SM entertainment, named SHINee!! They made their debut with this catchy song; Noona, you're so pretty which I found it'sr eally cute! The members sure had their reason to set the title since they're all in age of 14-18 range. Fangirls whom are much older may had no hesitations to go crazy over these five cute pretty boys; Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key (real name Kim Kibum!! The same name with one of the SuJu dudes!).
Recently they had sung live at Sukira where Eunhyuk and LeeTeuk are working as the DJ. Listen to their powerful voice here.

and this is their official Noona You're So Pretty (Replay) MV

Well, if you found yourself interested on SHINee, feel free to check their official site

Oh yeah, this one is SuJu related. Please vote for SUPER JUNIOR for Korea's Best Artist at MTV Asia Award Malaysia this year!! You can vote here:
Well, of course you can vote others, but I WILL LOVE YOU TO DEATH if you vote for SUPER JUNIOR!!!!! hehehehe~ can't help myself being a fangirl after all.... :P

So that's all for now. I'll see ya around~

P/s: I can't wait for SuJu to come to Malaysia!!!! WELCOME!!!

Super Junior Happy latest song: Cooking? Cooking!

consisted of all Super Junior T members with additional of Yesung and without HeeChul

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drama Addict

Anyunghamshinika? (imitating Lee Teuk oppa)

Recently me and family (except my workaholic dad) sent my baby sis to matrix which she had chosen hard from going abroad study. Since she is bright and cheerful, I had no hesitations and negative feelings because I know she can do very well there. Though I claim myself to be a drama queen, it's kind of surprising that we don't shed tears when we parted. It's like as if it's not a big deal at all. To think that her matrix are near to nana's house, I totally figure it out. Unlike me who had to go through like 8 hours of bas riding to get my feet on my varsity, her is nothing to be dramatic about. LOL

Anyways, I wish she had fun and will do all her might there. Ganbatte Kudasai!!!

Enough with that, let see what I currently did to kill those boring time I had in the middle of varsity semester leave? Ah~ I did a research on Asian dramas especially Korean and Japanese dramas. It's fun, getting informations and downloading stuffs, getting to know the culture and all. Besides, it can be done between me watching Super Junior's stuff (which I did frequently nowadays) and updating friendster.

Well, so far, I consumed Dal Ja's Spring (korean), Coffee Prince (Korean), HanaKimi (Japanese), Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (Korean), and the latest is Nobuta wo Produce (Japanese). When I look on the list, I can't believe my eyes that I only watch like 5 dramas so far. I just felt like I had watch bunch, than Super Junior's variety shows cross my mind. That's why it feels like bunch. LOL. It sounds stupid but I really felt that way, and to my own surprise, I switched my cellphone to silent mode so I could focus on my research. Can't say how many complaints I get as if I had ignore the whole world just to suceed this research!! Well, it's going to change. I should get a break and go out play. After that I'll do more. YOSSHH!!

I highly recommend Nobuta wo Produce because:-

  1. Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki is the main cast

  2. High school life

  3. Friendship, loyalities, youth based

  4. Comedic, drama, romance are well blend

Don't forget to watch Shuji to Akira's PV entitled Seishun Amigo (Youth Friend), the two young actors are showing off their multiple talent!!

That's all for now. Saranghae~


Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just held a very simple wedding dinner of my uncle, congratulations to him. Honestly, half of it gone wrong. The core of the problem, catering. Well, people are here, and the food is not. Some just left with the words: ”already full with the snacks,” to us and that’s a bit shame. When the food came, the caterer just said sorry to some of the family members and not the whole which made my dad and one of my uncle gone mad. They both wanted official apologize. Well said.

So enough with that. Before the dinner, me, my mom, sis and bro are told to go to the venue before dusk. But when was it?? Before dusk, they had like 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Since I wasn’t clear about this (I’ve been told that labor work will be around that time and we had to spare the formal clothes for the dinner), I spent my free time watching Exploration of Human Body from episode 5 to 9. Ah-ha~

Out of sudden, the plan changed. At four p.m., we had to dress in formal and move our butt to the venue. So I go relax and find myself the formal dress I wanna wear, and just iron it. At that time, my mom was babbling about doing things at the last minute. What the heck? I wasn’t told about ANYTHING, and I said that I didn’t know. Than my mom told me I’m SLOW.

For my cult, slow is much likely to match stupid. I mean, real stupid like retard ones. Than, as a sign of protest. I just threw my formal dress and wore what I’m wearing at that time to the dinner. I don’t care what will people said. With messy make-ups on, and not-so-formal dressing, if they ask whose daughter am I, I just answer straight. I don’t care. Since I had not the rights to speak up, so I had to go with the actions. Black sheep, rebels, call me whatsoever.

FYI, I’m not stupid, or slow or what. When I had this psychology test, it’s resulted that I’m a carefree and naïve. When I was told to do this, I’ll follow. When I was told this is great, than I’ll said it’s great. Though I had my own principal, but I accept too many perceptions or opinions and sometimes just go okay with it.

This had made me gone to the sky for a while. Who am I exactly? I am the family’s black sheep, a rebel to them. But to other people, I am the naïve person. The person who goes stimulates the laugh for them. Sometimes, I am the hero for the younger people. I don’t really know who am I.

All I know is that, I’m able to make people happy. And I wanted people around me to make me happy too. So it’s kind of disappointing if someone you belong to, said things that you don’t really wanna hear since you’re building confidence from that person. Don’t give me non-sense of being overreaction or emotional. I am the most emotional person in my family and among my friends, but I never cross the line to said such things. Because I know it hurts.

So much for that. I cured it anyway, by developing this swooning over SuJu’s leader, Lee Teuk-oppa~ Ahh…I love his smile. Well, I am young and stupid I guess. Haha~

So much for something. Thanks for reading. The next day, sun will rise, and we had to move on.



P/s: For those who used Veoh, support the petition of internet discrimination please!! I really want Veoh to unblock my country from using their service. Please go here and submit your petition

Kamisamnida~~ :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Officially in love with SuJu!!!

Hello Hello~~

Well, after being ignorant to my favorite mag's (Arena comic) article about Super Junior (SuJu), my friend pull it off to me to take a look at these guys.
KAWAIII~~ that's my first thought. Though i had some hard time to match the foreign names with their face (which means i sometimes called Kyuhyun as Hankyung, Lee Teuk as EunHyuk and Sungmin as Yehsung). But still, I gotta love these personality and music.

So far, I watch their movie (Attack On The Pin-up Boys) and catches Kibum, Kang In, Siwon, Shindong and Heechul in mind. Beforehand, I started to watch Don't Don MV and fell in love with Ryeowook's fierce face (only to know that he is such an innocent young man XD).

Currently being forced to watch Exploration of Human Body, a Korean variety show which made the SuJu's members experimenting with their own body, as a part of getting to know SuJu before i had to admit as their fan. Thanks to my girlfriend Sue to even add this love to them.

Learnt about their fandom, E.L.F (stands for EverLasting Friendship) and was mesmerized about their fight.

I love Super Junior as 13..... They're so sweet together! But be it Super Junior T, Super Junior K.R.Y, whatever the name is....I still love them.


p/s: And now, I had my eyes on Lee Teuk now!!! Hahahahha~~