Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[HUZZAH!] Sayanghaeyo would be temporarily closed

Just so you wouldn't freak out when I close down,
I'm revamping Sayanghaeyo from 31st December 2009
and would only be open by

1st January 2010 at 12:00 am (Korean Time)

Theres not much to be expected though, just some clearance I'd make to welcome 2010 *^^*

Everybody please do remember to wish our Sungmin (BIASBIASBIASBIASBIAS)
Saengil Chuka Hamnida :D
A year older, A year stronger and better

Thank you all for following this stupid blog but full with love. I'll rant more in the future :P

Lesson learnt, lesson taught *sigh*

*credits to 8NiteLive@YT
Flashbacks; I can't believe I'm following the show since Hunny Madu hosted XD

Okay, I'm a human-being. Oh, you just know? LOL

Anyway, despite of my posts and statements of being a decent fangirl, seems like I did my wrong just last few weeks. (Not that I'm super perfect though, just that I'm used to be super careful before).

As you guys witnessed. I'm a TEAM MOE. I frequently stalked visited his blog because....I'm a team Moe! LOL Yeah, and usually I left some comments either at the shoutbox or the post itself. Just to show that I'm not a silent reader, to say hi and to tell that I do visit ^^

Heres how an EMOTIONAL fangirl stumbles. You can LOL if you want though.

Some kpop haters kept posting rude comments at Moe's shoutbox. I ignore it at first. But since the FAIL is so visible that its the same person who accused the chatters at the 8TV Nite Live show are all the same person with different mobile phone, I felt like I need to leave a comment so she/he would know that WE SPOT YOUR FAIL! I hope she/he would stop doing the pathetic things. Besides, we can read IP address, the owner of the chatbox can monitor the IP address so yeah. Its serious fail.

However, it was prolonged. A kpop fan or maybe just a pacifist named eM were together with this kpop things, he/she discovered the FAIL earlier. Now the hater (with absurd, multiple names with multiple fake email accounts) are shooting back to us, saying that we are:-

1) 8TV Nite Live staffs (OMG, serious LOL!)
2) The same person

I honestly do not know eM but I posted right after her/his discovery of the hater's failure. Something that I shouldn't do; because now it is stretched this far and I cause someone who is really super busy and tired to hate a fan like me with this. I can't blame Moe oppa though, if I were him, I wouldn't know who is telling the truth either. Its natural to hate the chaos-maker people in the shoutbox.

To Moe oppa,

If you're reading this, I am seriously not the person who made up multiple accounts/names to spam on your shoutbox. No, I'm too busy with my kpop stuffs to even do so (this blog of mine is hardly updated lately because of the activities!). Since I promised not to cause anymore trouble, I just stop leaving any comment at the shoutbox until your new blog is coming up.

Why do I care so much? Hey, babe. This is about fangirling. Don't I told you that I want the world to view fangirls in whole different lights? I do not want to leave any remarks that fangirls are utter stupid, so here I am, confessing my lesson learnt and telling you so you would learn by my mistake too.

I'll spazz about SBS Gayo Daejun soon enough ^^ I just can't resist the non-stop excitement that the performers succeed to get us all on!


p/s: Seriously. I do think this is how it feels like to be Zhoumi? Words taken wrongly when he meant something else? Aigoo~

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Somebody asked me why I haven't touch anything about Hangeng's case. Well, just how very much I'm concerned about it, I'm over all would like to take the stands as shutting my mouth about this. I don't want to spread my hate, I would not like to spread any rumors. So my opinion regarding to this (which would widely related to other issues as well due to my reasonings) remained undisclosed. Just because.

I don't support on what Hangeng did and how he did it; but I'm also not at SME's side about the unbelievable contract. Both are at faults and I'm not going to comment any further. I just wish 2010 would amend everything better; everybody that we missed would be on stage once again with lessons learned.

Speaking of stage; I totally can't wait for all the year ending's live stage! Let me make it straight, SBS Gayo Daejun is what I'm seriously couldn't wait for XD. Why?

Because of this:-
O.o A slight Nick Khun wouldn't hurt anyway :3

Oh yeah. Don't you know I'm seriously biased on Sungmin and Jinki? Looking at these two together at one stage/one frame, ahhh~ my life is complete XD

Just to ensure everybody a.k.a rabid fangirls to jump on the bandwagon and is looking forward for it, I present to you the video of a preview to SBS Gayo Daejun ;D

*credits to squadKPOPforever@YT

and of course they got female idols version as well. But since this place is MALE bias, ugh. I think you get my point.

So my job to spread the love is done.

Oh, its late but

Please grow stronger and bigger as the time goes by.
Always Keep The Faith~


p/s: I really LOL at how bad this one kpop-hater is so FAIL at concealing him/herself at Moe Oppa's chatbox. I'm still visiting there to read the LOL.

*pic credits to: | Reupload by Blue`

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas to all Sayangzz!!

*credits to mysjadmin@YT

Because B-Boys will melt the snowman away with this performance XD LOL

Merry Xmas Sayangzz who celebrates it ^^ Have you been good? I don't think so, YOU NOSEBLEED TOO MUCH!!!! XD XD XD


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Because I need to update

Here is Mike, Moe and Jules in Celebrity Chat hosted by Baki Zainal :D

*credits to 8tvNiteLive

LMAO! Jules did Nobody and Moe did some sort of Sorry Sorry. Mike? He gives you FLYING KISS!! XD

And one fact that we learn from this chat; Jules is actually replacing Baki Zainal who is the one who should do Nite Live O.O Wow, it would be different without her~ three guys would be out of control I guess, learning that Baki is no different than MnM LOLz

Another fact, Moe is the one who presents to you the TRAFFIC at FLY FM XD XD. Mike was founded by Paul Moss through Twitter and he debuted in 8TV Nite Live :D Jules applied for Chinese broadcast station at first. Wow! So many trivias!

I just heart 8TV Nite Live~


p/s: Coming soon

Friday, December 18, 2009

Please anticipate!



p/s: I aKILLa youuuuuuuuu ^^

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Farewell to P-Sshi

The reason that this blog started, the reason this blog still continues, the reason I started to love K-Pop, if you've been reading Sayanghaeyo you might noticed how many times I mentioned P-Sshi in most of my entries.

Of course we've been good friends since elementary school, 11 years old to be exact. She got a lot of interests, mostly sports, current issues and relaxing, soulful music. I was getting into her interest bits only, never I indulged into one of it like totally.

Until she introduced K-Pop to me.

I was reluctant; I'm a J-rock-er (Visual Kei to be exact) and I thought boybands are damned fake! I'm kind of sick with some Korea lovers that I knew were spazzing like totally gone wrong in the head, so I'm like, no thanks when she told me about it. I even pretend to know Super Junior so P-Sshi would stop convincing me to get to know them!

P-Sshi's will is much stonger than mine, so yeah. Here I am standing typing as the Hallyu shook my life like totally. As we both stand for like a year, together, loving K-Pop.

But there are times when I'm like suspecting that something went wrong. From where she said she feels her S♥NE-ness exceeded her ELF-ity; I've already grew worried. Next she said, she didn't feel the urge to get updated on K-Pop news.

And Friday, 11th December 2009, she confessed to me through MSN, she is no longer interested on K-Pop.

How can I not feel gloomy when she said that? I felt like as if I were left alone in this k-pop loving world right now, knowing that the one who sparked the amusement in me; take the decision to just forget about it. The feeling is like, like, Heenim taught you how to do well in variety show and he suddenly retired out from doing it. [PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT THIS IS ONLY MY IMAGINATIVE WAY TO INTERPRET HOW I'M FEELING]. I can only wish that I'm only dreaming at that moment. But the nightmare is true, and the time I'm so afraid of had come.

Shes over with it. Shes done.

For P-Sshi that made me love Super Junior so much, for P-Sshi that made me write fanfics once again after such a long time, for introducing to me talented side of K-Pop and not mere looks, I wish you all the best for the next interest you're going to find out.

Farewell P-Sshi~ and since I'm not a good singer; I can only use this video to express my feelings about your decision:

credits to syupeojoonieo@YT

Farewell P-sshi~

I will miss you huge loads, sayang


p/s: this was made like on the exact day but then, Darius (my lappy) crashed again!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Jules unnie had always been my favorite in 8TV Nite Live, I'm her fan since I listen to her the first time on Fly FM ^^ And at first I think Mike is menyibuk; but his sincerity to learn more K-Pop for the viewers win over. Moe, man.....I was thinking him as penyibuk too at first but then, WHERE IS THE FUN WITHOUT MOE?? XD

You can see, though I am so overly bias (just take Sungmin from Super Junior as reference); I always tried to be fair and square. I mean, to be neutral and give my love to everybody. Ailabeu~~♥♥ (Donghae's Engrish are just sinfully cute to ignore at).

And after few times of stalking on the emcees twitter, blogs and facebooks. Finally I brave myself to say something, at Moe's blog. LOL!! And I wouldn't expect a reply. BUT HE CAME OVER THIS CRAP FANGIRL'S BLOG TWICE!! And left TWO comments on separate posts *____________*

I'm exaggerating. Should tame the caps lock and LOL abuse now. Sorry ==;

So from now on, to show my gratefulness; I'm going to be TEAM MOE in the show XD Of course I'm going to be fair and neutral as usual, but when the situation needs me to choose, I'll say I am TEAM MOE!

And since Sayanghaeyo had always given honor to local people by addressing them in Korean way; I'd be addressing Moe as Moe 오 빠 (Oppa) ^^

So, people. Be aware that Sayanghaeyo is officially TEAM MOE-friendly and if you're TEAM MOE-er, you're always welcome here :D :D :D


p/s: Of course I'd still love Jules unnie and Mike~ LOL I might call Mike as ahjussi, no? I know I call Wallance (the chat moderator) as AHJUSSI!

For SHINee 종현 that noona always love

Asam Jawa For 종현

Noona sensed that your voice is still cracking. You're not recovered yet, why still performing? Noona is not happy if you lost that beautiful voice, please eat more healthy food.
Noona is too far away to show you my support and love.

So noona can only blog.

If you're nearer, noona would definitely send away this very effective vocal booster from Malaysia; Asam Jawa. Noona will even translate how you could have them in Hangul so you could understand. Just get well soon; please rest and eat well. Don't make noona worried anymore.

*credits to WeAreShining and as tagged

Noona will anticipate more of you and always support you. Promise.


p/s: I am so glad of Super Junior's achievement in Golden Disk Award ^^ but I can't just oversee what I've felt when I watch the performances. Sorry Super Junior, with all my love, I heart you so much but your dongsaeng needs my attention too.

And it sucks that 2NE1 didn't get the Best Rookie. Seriously what the fish. . .

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ailabeu? LOL

As much as I love to poke fun on the idols and the K-entertainment and Twilight; I, however, loves to pick on myself too! So I was LOL-ing big time when I read Ouran Host Club manga a few months ago in Arena (OMG, that magazine is just awesome for girls! Go check it out XD).

Wae? Well, I'm afraid my blog would get suspended if I upload the scans of it and I was too lazy to look for the scans at any of my manga stops in internet. So here is the reference; it was fanmade but I think you'll get the point.

credits to Kagome355@YT

LOL!! SERIOUSLY! I do think Hatori Bisco (the mangaka) is being REALISTIC about the nature of fangirls and the environment of it XD Just look at how people going crazy and suddenly few girls, which are also fangirls are taking control! LOL! I mean, WHY SO SERIOUS! LOLOLOL!

Now I can understand how the civillians are looking at us fangirls. They're probably like....what? But why? Because that is what I felt when I watch the anime XD You know what? Yea, fangirls do had some strategic planning somehow when I stalk like every fandom I could get my hands on (even when I don't even comprehend the language ;D Be careful, I'm watching, kekekekke).

And if you want to know what they're talking about or getting interested of this anime; come watch it here.

*credits to mashara5@YT

Hatori Bisco knows her things well, she made Zuka club based on Takarazuka Revue which is very well known in Japan (how I wish I was a trainee there =3=). I have to give my hats off to all the mangakas out there; they study first before they build up something so lala-land like this.

I just remember to blog about this when I was watching 'You're Beautiful' (just because I think Jeremy for Hongki is a nice name. I know I'm weird, don't mention.) specifically first episode which is this part and second episode which contained this part. Focus on fangirls' part; its totally, omg....that is sooo true. Hahahahehehe~*corrupted brain*

Since I'm totally in 'You're Beautiful' mood; I kind of need some time to blog about C.N. Blues that Hoshie a.k.a 'Damaged(星)' plurked to me about. I was mesmerized, but old stuff in head needs to get out first. Please check out her blog and see if she is giving out any information about this awesome C.N. Blues ^^

Corrupted Norfy

p/s: Moe Nasrul just visit Sayanghaeyo and left his words at my last post!! XD I am so spazzy I couldn't update my plurk just to let that information hangs there at the left of this blog~~ I am so lame~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Minho Look A like and MnM's EPIC Sorry Sorry!

I woke up to see my mom is tuning to HBO; specifically Christmas Caper TV movie and I just...well, join in. Guess what?


I couldn't find any picture that is specifically captured him in the internet; but his real name is Josh Hayden. He played Parker in the movie as a delinquent kid. His killer smile made me like....hey, that. I've seen that before.

And I totally figure out its CHOI MINHO!

Here is a picture I grabbed out from google. I have to warn you its not the best pic that you could relate to Minho but his smile sure resembles a lot:-

And if it doesn't made you approve, take a closer look by watching this vid.

And just to remind you how Minho looks like:-
Image Hosted by
*pic source:

What do you think? Resemble much? No? I do think the smiles and the chin are so similar! LOL

And to end this post; Sorry Sorry parody by 8TV Nite Live emcees! MnM (Mike and Moe)

*credits to 8TVNiteLive@YT

Get to know them by reading my post about 8TV Nite Live and the emcees! They are seriously LOL! Love them so much, please do visit their sites and leave your thoughtful comments so they would continuously loving K-Pop XD


p/s: Here is how me being lame; I don't watch K-Dramas. But you can introduce to me some that wouldn't make me bored and aren't typical K-Dramas like girl fight with boy; girl/boy fell in love with girl/boy, getting third party to interrupt, get through and lives happily ever after.

Cho Shin Sung needs my love

I am so ELF and SUJUnized that people might thought I don't care about other bands in K-Pop. Well, that is wrong actually. The proof is..uhh...well, this might be kinda lame to prove it but..

Cho Shin Sung a.k.a Supernova!!!!
*insert fangirl's squealing, ribbity and jumping*

LOL!! Ok, I know you might say: what? You aren't that spazzy when TTL (Time To Love) is releasing their song and performed?

Easy. Because I want the original Supernova, not the one with girls what so ever. Yeah, I am that kind of stupid fangirl. Jealous and such. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . Why are you looking to me like that???

Ok, to let you understand, I prefer Supernova on their own. So Time To Love is something I just paaaaaaaaaassss~~~ Not that I hate T-ara, but I just don't get that excited for Time To Love. Thats all. Now, can we just enjoy Supernova latest MV?

OMG...Its so beautiful.....and Geon il. I love you~~ You need to know that I'm so in love with Geon il's rap skills; so officially, this blog is Geon il's lovers friendly! You're most welcome here XD

Thats all, I jumped when I found the new vid of them after such a long time. LOL!


p/s: Just because Sungmin is too hot

Aaaaaahhhh~♥ I'm loving his black and samurai-like do

credits: 1st vid(XxnihonxX@YT) 2nd vid (ecokorea@YT) and pic as tagged+sungmin

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seeing the possiblities

LOL! I didn't know why EverLastingFriends are so connected with UNICEF XD while Malaysian ELF is trying to break world records in the support of UNICEF; SJ-World is planning to gather donations in the name of Super Junior and send it to S.Korea UNICEF :D

Sayangzz, do join the upcoming event that Sapphirepearls Malaysia together with MYSJ are going to participate! Try to get all the information here :D And do spread around the words too :3

For more information on how to donate through SJ-World, please click on the pretty banner (I love it! LOL).

In the other hand; SJ-World had officially unveil Kangin's project! All you have to do is take your pictures with a sign that you made up by yourself and send it to Click on the banner for further details ^^

Enough with the promotions; here is my actual post starts. I just watch MuBank today and I spotted one girl who is dancing amongst guys in Taeyang's Wedding Dress performance. I try to look back and it seems like she is the same girl for all Wedding Dress stages.



And you know what? I had this feeling the girl is one heck a really good trainee from YG and since she is getting the honor to be the only girl to dance so suavely like the guys there, she MIGHT be debuting soon!

And I really had this feeling that I'm going to love her. Well, at least her talent is surfaced so damned while anyway ;D What do you think? Is she a talented trainee or just another backup dancer?


p/s: I am being upset with G-Dragon lately. . . . Don't ask why. I'll just deal it with myself.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

True LOL instead of OMG

Because Shindong is the one who made me believe in miracle once again ^^
(and why can't he stay off from that coconut hair?? I really love this hair of his!><)

I'm not an easily-hurted-fangirl. So here I am, making fun of the oh-so-intelligent issue that surfaced recently.

I just, hahahahahhaaha~ omg...sayangzz...instead of being so butthurt or goes: "OMG! Thats insulting! They are trying to bring down SJ! They are antis!" etc.

I prefer you guys to LOL, LUAO (Laughing Ur Ass Off, lolz!), ROFL or whichever you prefer; as it was sooooo clear and precise that our Shindong-hee is not SUPPOSED to be the target. Why so fail and embarrassing? XD seriously, funny!

And well, while I am seriously not a fan of AKP (their obvious bias and their views on SJ are unfavorable) but I could understand their position as a speed of light k-pop news site. Its just their job to bring us what is happening currently in K-entertainment and they're being completely honest about it. I mean, come on. There are certainly lots of people out there who are both Korean and English comprehend; to lie and make up things in English is not going to be safe, so you have to see this point. AKP is just bringing out whats hot in South Korea in english and thats it. They might add their own views, but thats the use of comments. Besides, I don't see any bias in the news as they've updated once again for the issue.

So sayangzz, please don't go over the board and miss one point. You'll end up sounding like a brainless fangirl. Analyze, be neutral, to voice out is okay but do it wisely please! I have to know that; fangirls are better than what most people labeled us on :P


p/s: Randomly, I wonder if Sungmin is still scoot-riding with Shindong lately ^^

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm just a fangirl

Don't tell me I'm the only fangirl studying like this D:

I don't exactly know why in the first place I was going all out for Super Junior. I mean, I used to be so wanting that connection with a super star to establish; and that was Michael Jackson. I was 14 and being so young; pointless and no clue, I just wish one day I could at least get his personal email. LOL

So here I am, trying hard to show Super Junior how much I love them. I perfectly know they wouldn't know if I'm alive, blogging and spazzing about them; but its good to let others know why am I so drawn to them that I even call it as an obsession. It was mere words at first. And I don't know why I'm so willing to do things for them. Suddenly it feels so good to share with people. To spazz in my mother tongue. To get to know how other people are so in love with them as well.

I wish I could do something for me, for the other fans and for them. And yes, I hate those stupid stereotypes on us fangirls; screaming, jumping, crying out names and such. That is so yesterday. Today, fangirls are organized body of people who dedicate their time regularly for something that had entertained and inspired them. We, fangirls are just trying to say: "We like you, we want to see more of you," to them. So they would continue presenting to us those joyful and cheerful patterns of entertainment. In a cheesy/corny way: We are uniting for our love of Super Junior. Ohmygod, I am so laughing my brains off!!

Why so emotional and pointless post Norfy?? LOLz!

I'm trying to send my words that; I do love the title 'LUMIERE' that I received lately. But it is a responsible to bear. There is nothing more than that. For you, I'll try my best and all my might to assist you and get you to feel much closer to Super Junior :D

If you remember, Sayanghaeyo used to stand as "I'm writing not because of fame, its the cause of fangirling". Nothing is going to change.

In the end, I'm just a fangirl if you might ask.


p/s: If you don't get it, Lumiere's color is cappuccino-like, but all of us in the team thought it was a POO-COLOR!! And P-sshi, surprise surprise! I don't know if you'd laugh or feel happy for me ==;

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[RANDOM] Is it only me or what?

SJ: If you're bored and you know you turn to right, yeeha!
Me: *yawns*

I refuse to talk about MAMA 2009 it'll invite stupid debates. But here is my stance:

It is not a suitable reference for KPop scene 2009 if we're going to look for it in the future.

Alright, so this is my blog post out of boredom. Bored. Yes, you've read me, bored.

Currently, after all the controversies and scandals where it gets the K-poppers all excited with negative energy, I felt like it gave out really tiring mind at the half end of the year. Seriously, whenever I scroll for latest K-Pop news, went to SJ-World, SFI, Soshified, Soompi and even to AllKPop, I was.....oh my god. Nothing interesting.

I wonder if its only me. . . I tried to update myself with latest songs, watching dramas (which I stopped halfway), read back all the interviews and transcripts of Sukira and watch Star King, try to get some laughing stock from Kpop macros, read fanfics. Ahh.. I don't know. I don't feel it. I don't find it appealing.

The reason why I wish I am a Korean gag lady instead of idols: 4:51-5:00
*credits: dirah9304@YT

I'm in need of something fresh. All the negative things that happened the half end of this year gets and bugs a lot on me. Something new would be nice to tell me:"Its still as colorful as the first time you inhaled KPop,".

Oh, as I was typing this, I read a news about KARA opening a bakery using their own loan money. Seems interesting and promising. I'd be looking forward for this!

I do think Minho could play Takashi Morinozuka really well and Key could play Tamaki Suoh. . . . He is tall, he is young, he is dark, he speak less, he is well-built. Hmm..... what do you think? ;D

And I'm looking forward for the treat of music festivals to end this miserable year. I hope KPop is still relevant in my blood, after all, I was just into it for a year.

Seriously, I think I need to get a new layout too ==;


p/s: I was thinking, maybe I'm just missing Kangin. . .

*Minho pic credits as tagged, Mori's pic taken from and SJ Kyochon scan was taken from

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm baaaccckkkk and guess what?

Hello Sayangzz, its been a while isn't it? I mean, both greetings you and posting, get it?

Ok, lame.

Anyway, peeps,


Well, pretty late isn't it to even said that? It's almost a week since I'm in my holiday mood. Sorry for not posting anything. The fact that I'm lost at what to post is another thing. Oh well, people. I'll try to give you more on what to ponder on the other side of a fangirl ^^ I learnt a lot at school and I think its really useful in the next moves on what I'm going to do to my blog. Maybe.....give aways? *wink*

Hmmm....guess what?

During the long period of hiatus (not that long, I know), I crashed on one feelings that I totally never expect it will come as for being a fangirl, especially to Sungmin, Super Junior and whole K-Entertainment things.


Yes siree, you read it right. Its getting on me when I was watching Super Junior's Adonis Camp, while listening to 2NE1, reading SHINee's fan account and singing 'Doushite'. All of a sudden, I was thinking:

2012, is it possible that I still love all of these?

It shocks me to questions myself like that. I mean, I just knew Super Junior for a year, that inclusive of getting to know K-Pop industry as well. But the span time of me with J-Rock is 3 years and I seldom check them out recently. I consider myself as a K-Pop convert now, even though I still enjoy J-Rock esp. visual kei.

Would I might be like that as well towards Super Junior?

I tried to shoo away those feelings. My subconscious mind tried to tell me that I will still love their magic, their uniqueness that I have long admire. But yes, I couldn't help to repeat to myself; I'm an easily bored person. Once the thing cause me to be bored, consuming my time too much on it, I'd be easily or heartlessly leave the scene. No kidding, I'm such a person.

Its scary and I guess all of the K-entertainment lovers out there that had been loving it more than 3 years must have passed this kind of feeling. It must be great to be such a loyal person.

Clicked on one of my first list of KPop fans friend blog, I was surprised to see that she is dealing with that kind of syndrome too. And she felt that it was wasteful as well, having to spazz all the time (you can't help just have to, I feel her) is really what she is tired of. I got agitated and exits myself.

I look around people who had been in the relationship with KPop for a long time, I thought, I might be the same with them. I mean, I've always believe I'll still smile to watch EHB again, to speak Full House's broken English and sings all their songs, maybe play some to the younger generations.

There is this time I dust off my LJ and I see, oh my...old comments on my fanfic. So I replied (it's dated back to 2009 January!! LOL) and lucky that all of them responded ^^; One of the user replied with LOL and she said she is NOT INTO KPOP ANYMORE.

This seriously was not helping at that time. I gasped a bit. I was thinking is this some kind of sign, I shall be leaving the scene soon? (I'm an NLP user, pardon me) I was afraid, this passion might fade someday, I wouldn't be achieving what I had expected on myself out of this scene. Again, I put aside those thoughts. I imagined it into some bubbles and let it pops in the air.

I got myself busy. Fan stuffs, working, school and such, I found myself forgotten that said feeling. School's over, phone's stolen, got back home and finally get myself to chat with P-Sshi after a long time.

Again, I had to cover my mouth in unbelievable expression. The one that had taught me and dragged me to K-Pop, P-Sshi, was no longer interested on Super Junior. I mean, in her list, Super Junior is #3 out of four. LOL! She is a huge S♥NE and Shawol now XD I have nothing against that, but it's just proven the is possible to get bored of Super Junior, if P-Sshi might be that, I might jump to the same boat some day.

Heads down low. Eyes shut tightly. Hands on my knees. Biting my lower lips. Imagining myself 5 years from now.

Am I still an E.L.F?

Do I still want to see Super Junior?

Would all the money and time I spent on them wasted?

Would I still be Miss Healerzz?

Am I.....leaving?

I can't shoo the feeling. Its not funny at all. And I was wondering if other fans are feeling the same. If you, who is reading this, had this kind of thoughts as well?

Until I was asked why do you love Super Junior on writings. I ponder the fresh feelings I had back when I'm denying or retreating myself from all K-Pop related things. I list them. I tried to recall what made me love Super Junior.

Why am I being ELF?

Why am I doing all these for them?

Why am I Miss Healerzz?

And until a year, why am I not leaving?

While writing all of these, with the nostalgic feelings I had within me. Pie bb plurked this video to me:-

credits minniemink@YT

I smiled.

Just when I thought of leaving.

SJ, you really know how to warm back my cold heart. You seriously made miracle happen, don't you?


p/s: Would I be an all time E.L.F? Well, that is something that YOU have to see by yourself ;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vote for SJ at MAMA 2009

Super Junior


I know, I got tons to read for tomorrow's paper but let me free some time to let you know this stratification in me that might be just up to be called as deviance at any time. Emile Durkheim just will not approve whatever I'm trying to say next but...its really important.

So, we all know that SJ will not be attending MAMA which formerly known as MKMF, well, all of the SM family are not going to attend though. But here is my somewhat logic reasoning why we should let Super Junior win.

1) 2009 is the year of their comeback, make it a winning year too. I know we make 2008 a winning year for DBSK! YEAY! *dances Mirotic*

2) Its something to celebrate after few down turn.

3) Foreign ELF always whine whine and complain about the disadvantages for being foreing. Now here is the chance to show the love that they had globally.

4) I wonder how many ELFs out there that could really help? Is it that much of bunches or just me being delusional?

5) Oh my god. Seriously, all of them worked really hard for their comeback and we are just sitting here signing up, voting for them each day. Is it that hard?

6) Exams? I got exams too honey. Just few minutes to sign up and vote. Its okay if you're not voting for few days but you will still vote. I'll tell you how, leave me your email address at the chatbox please ^^

7) Where is your words to keep the Sapphire Blue all over the world? Work it out sayangzz!

8) 13 boys, with general fans and their own singularly owned fans. How many was that? WHERE ARE YOU??

9) I want it so bad, why aren't you? LOL!

10) Please to be reminded that this is Foreign Category Award in MAMA. SOOOO.......How foreign are you? I mean, how many of foreign ELFs out there actually? Emh? Not that much eh? Huh. Talk big. Sapphire Blue sea what the heck. Pish.


12) I want to see all of them happy again like when they're receiving the award for MKMF 2007 :3

13) Why are you calling yourself E.L.F. peeps?

Enough talk. YOU HAVE TO HAVE SJ-WORLD ACCOUNT if you wanna know how to vote. This is to secure information ya? One of the strategy ^^

12 DAYS TO GO! Lets make it A MIRACLE; just like how Super Junior prove to the world!


p/s: Owh..I sounds wrong at the beginning. Blame Sociology for it.

*pics up there are not mine. Credits as tagged and

Thursday, November 5, 2009

These guys just PAWN!!!

I love comedies. Oh, yes I am. I love epic. I love to laugh, who didn't anyway?

I just have to make this short and simple, because I'm still laughing while I'm typing this (exaggerating is my MIDDLE name, thank you!). I just need you guys out there know that these guys I'm about to feature are just PLAIN AWESOME!

If you are following Sayanghaeyo real close, you'll get to see how ADDICTED I am to 8TV Nite Live. Yes, I am. I remember posting about the show earlier this year, you can read it here. At that time, HunnyMadu used to be the host and its moving on to Jules, to Jules with Mike and Jules,Mike an MOE! <---extra mark here, he is the baby in the emcees line :P


I mean, I had to rush home or get myself in front of the box (or likely something flat on the wall...I don't know) just to watch that particular show. WHY??

Two reasons for me.


2) Jules unnie for being cute (omg...I love her, she is just CUTE! XD), Mike for learning the viewers needs *cough*K-pop*cough* and Moe for....uh....being Moe? LOL! Don't get me wrong Moe, ailabeu~~*heart sign*

The emcess are just plain LOLz. I mean, I turned all geek when I tune in the show and had a good laugh watching them teasing each other. Wth... my sorority sisters was like...Norfy, they are not paying you, so don't laugh too much. I just give them one look and they'll just leave me in my world once again XD

Here are the samples of their dorkiness:-
(Mike and Moe)

*credits to roswellgirl@YT

Just not to confuse you all, Mike is on the right and Moe is on the left :P

Pshh.....ok, girls..... I know....I know... Yes, they are cute. Tune to 8TV Nite Live from Saturday to Monday; 12.45 AM to 2AM if you wanna see them live, k?

(Jules unnie and Mike)

*credits to roswellgirl@YT

YES! How cute Jules unnie is? XD XD I can't help but to tune to the show, its just a MUST for me every weekends. And was it too geek of me to say that I'm waiting for this show every week? LOLzz

You can stalk check their daily life out! Thats the coolest thing :D




And another guy that I just bumped on while randomly hitting on google ( I L.O.V.E. Google! I might just propose to it one day), I don't know if you guys had known him before since I found his vid on some kpop hating community <----why do they even existed??

Meet Mr. Chonny!
*credits to yourchonny or mychonny@YT

ROFL!! Ok, not the best parody every, but you guys just HAD to go through his other vidz where he is babbling all the way. My personal favorite would be the one with him doing tutorial on how to be G-Dragon!

Oh yeah, pardon me for spreading something...what? Influencing minors to cuss. Its hilarious and I just had this urge to share XD

I just had to say, how do I live without all these awesome, hilarious people in the world? Babe...wasn't that world kinda dull?

Oh, dear. I might be signing myself to nearest stand up comedy club in town!


p/s: In other random side, I'm spazzing on Michael Jackson's This Is It as it told the whole truth of my affair with Super Junior *0* omg...goosebumps (in a good way, of course).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

About H.A.T.E

I'm taking some time to update this almost-dead blog. And hey! I just rejuvenated my LJ though I don't still get to see the chemistry between us yet. Blogspot is still the best for me ;D

So as you think I'm being idle while hiatus-ing, I'm still here, behind the screen to monitor what happen around the world (I'm a communication student for god sake! Online is just a MUST!), so beware sayangzz, I'm watching!

Of course, this blog is dedicated to fangirling and I'm talking about fangirling at this moment.

Ok, so heres the treat. I remember plurking and Maskuto posted a video that he said was non-sense and when I watch it, I am certain it would likely to sparks fire between Shawol (SHINee World) and Hottest. I gave away my two cents since the uploader has not state any proof and the proof that she sent up after that was all the way unrelated to her point either. I wasn't trying to pick a fight or so, I was trying to give her a bit sense and hopefully she will remove that video. I do not wish for fandoms to hate and fight with each other!

This is what I get from her:-

She posted three comments and the other two was similar but when I checked the video's comment, it was deleted. THAT one comment up there was the one that I'm so much in rage of! Known as a hot headed person, I went to his account and would like to ask things or two about this (I'm a patriotic person, I don't deny it) but she blocked me.

Right after that, she sent me this:-

Yes, that was one month ago when she posted that up. Since I couldn't reply to her at her account, I did at my own, just in case she might came back to check me out. Well, I'm certainly right when she apparently came back and topped my comment page there! LMAO!

I don't get why she is getting so personal with me and the others who are trying to say DO NOT SHOW THIS VIDEO. From what me and some other users that she also personally attacked understood (with VERY low comprehend-able English she got there, so sorry!), the vid is trying to show that a fan (apparently, she alleged the fan to be a shawol) is the one who should bear the responsible for surfacing the controversial comment from Jaebum's MySpace.

The fan had apologized and felt bad about it, so I don't see the point to turn the anger to that fan. I mean, of course I'm upset of what she did, but she had apologized. Wasn't that the same thing happened to Jay? I wouldn't turn the circle round and around its just useless. The video is provoking Hottests to turn the hate to Shawol (the uploader kept saying that shawol is jealous of 2PM and made the controversial comment public).

When I thought everything was okay and she already removed the video (too many angry comment towards the uploader) she came back to push a fight with me. I was all the way LOLOLOLOLOL!!! She kept checking me up ain't her?? XD Such a fan of mine~ thank you!

THIS. My sayangzz, is not what a TRUE fangirl supposed to do. Not saying I'm all that but a fangirl with a BRAIN wouldn't go all emotional and left the relevance out in her action. Especially when you are presenting yourself as a fan of a specific star. The uploader is a KimBum of BOF fan, so I was.....wth....whenever I see KimBum. Pitied him for having such a non-sense fan~ Oh well, I'm not that immature for labeling or such, but I do felt funny when I bumped to any KimBum related news or such. LOLz!

So think twice when you think the wrath is taking over yourself, watch the act you're going to take. Do peace, not war!

Talking about what a fangirl shouldn't do, I was randomly hitting words on google and I went to this blog that was a total HIT back when I'm still a mod at MY-SMTown.

Yep, a self-proclaimed international anti of Super Junior blog. Its called Stupid Junior and had a YouTube account also. Feel free to visit the blog and the youtube channel, just don't leave a comment. Do not give a damn no matter how insulting the user might try to be. Oh, do I have to mention another BAD ENGRISH again? I'm telling you people, come there to have a good laugh is fine. But to waste your energy and time, posting lengthy comment on such blog, PLEASE.

Why its not worth to do so at such blog? Because:

1) That is what the user wanted! Attention! And when he/she got famous for doing so, being a hater is such a WIN for the user.

2) The 'hate' or 'anti' method he/she used there are so cheap. CHEAP that I couldn't stand to laugh at it!! I mean, subbing videos with so-so English, manipulating pictures to make the boys looked hideous, writing random comments, oh-my-god. . . . . .That is just a total turn off, I don't even the feel the rage to fight over. He/she is just so pitiful, like seriously. . . . *Loser hand sign*

I can't imagine her/him spending ample time to maintain both blog and youtube account, she/he really knows how to enjoy life eh? *pitiful eyes*

However, when I said I've ignored the blog and youtube channel for more than 6 months, it seems that the user is still going on. Why? Well, take a look at how many 'supporters' he/she got there.
See how hard for Sayanghaeyo (where it supposed to spread love....No?) to get a single comment but the so called anti got so many attention in just mere words and manipulated picture? How ironic eh? How can the anti not be happy? Her purpose became true, dear all.

From all the comments I read there, all of them came from FANS. None of them are saying: "Oh, I support you, lets hate SJ together". So yeah, from fans the user had the strength to move on for another hate, because he/she know, FANS are reading and responding. See?

This is what I learnt from Michael Jackson, the most controversial mega-superstar of all time, Rest In Peace. Being said this and that, alleged and hated, he still standing strong an he used to say:
Ignorance is hostility.

Which is very much true. So be deaf and mute about the hates that turn up to you. Ignore so they know their cause and purpose are not going to work and that nobody cares about it. Well, of course you had your own free will and choice. All I'm trying to do is for you to have a bit sense about this. Make your stars proud of you, not ashamed of you ;D

And that is all for my latest entry. Whoosh! Going back to hit my past year papers!


p/s: Not that I'm trying to beg you guys, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMET in my blog though I wish I could interact more with my readers, but that is not my point. LOL! Don't twist my words for this, will ya?

p/s/s: I edited out some words, apparently some typos and uncleaned lines made me looks like another ENGRISH blogger!! LMAO! What a noob~

Monday, October 26, 2009

SJ-World Donghae's Birthday Project [REPORT]

First of all, honeys, sayangzz....I am so damned sorry for my late report. School tasks, personal money-making industry (LOL) made me washed-out and put me to no choice but to wait for the right time to have this report going on.

Anyway, here is the budget.

Postal Charge(to Singapore): RM22

Petrol Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM2.20

Service Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM2.20

Bedded envelope: Free (I got it from my roomate :P)

TOTAL: RM26.40

Five girls successfully made their fishes way to my inbox on time. I am so sorry to other girls whom had their fishes submitted late, I couldn't hand it over to Joyce (I even received Shindong's cards at that time U__U).

The share of this project for each girls (again, I tried to join Donghae's project but FAIL due to excess time on research and study) would be RM26.40/5


Oh, ignore that coins. Just pay back to me RM5 ok? ^^ That would be convenient to you and to me.

I couldn't help but to notice the decreasing numbers of people joining this fan project x_____x Oh, well. Maybe you guys are doing it by your own. Though I'm not encouraging people to spend too much money on sending it alone since its costly and you could actually saves the spent money on some other things. Its economy downturn and I felt bad for parents thinking everyday on budgeting and stuff to cope with it. Help your parents sayangzz!

And here is the pic of the fishes. I took it during my photo communication's class at the lab so it's quite eerie there and yes, it's only one as I'm taking it while my lecturer is not looking :P

Alright, my connection is not being friendly to me like two days. I couldn't upload pictures through any of the uploaders available (blogger, photobucket, friendster, myspace, imageshack, twitterfrog etc) So I guess you guys had to wait until the connection is decent again. Don't worry, I'll upload it once the connection is fine soon.

To pass me the money, you can send it through bank transfer or send it to me with pos biasa (but please cover the envelope so the money couldn't be seen).

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sayanghaeyo on Kangin's case

As most of you had knew, Kangin is getting accused for driving drunk and hit a taxi with a driver and two passengers in it. There is no major injuries and he turned himself to the police few hours after the incident so police had taken this into consideration; however the case had been treated as a hit and run since he didn't turn himself up earlier/on the spot.

More information is going to be up soon, since this is just the surface of what happened, there might be something beneath it that we didn't know. Be it good or not.

Our dear big bear Kangin or Youngwoon is no doubt in his darkest hours of being an idol, as being Super Junior's Kangin.

As a living person, aside as being a fangirl, I could have hated him for driving while being drunk. Wasn't there a CLEAR RULES saying: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE??? And choosing to drive while you're clearly drunk, is a huge mistake you could ever done. I've been a victim of hit and run case before, so I couldn't forgive anything like this to happen. It could have killed someone if its not EVERYONE.

Do not hate me. Am trying to be rational. As I've told you before, I'm not going to make people think us, fangirls are all stupid, blind and delusional anymore. Senses are so very much needed here.

Yet, would you think a family member of Kangin's would ditch him out because of this? Do you think his friends would run away and forget him in instance because of this? Is there any possibilities that Kangin would be left alone because of one very, very great messed up case?

Of course not.

There is family to help him. Maybe a good slap from his dad, maybe a very lengthy cry and babble from his mom, his parents might just meet the victims face to face and make their apology over their son's deeds, maybe made Kangin himself to come over and ask solemn forgiveness.

There are friends to prevent him from doing this again. Maybe they are the one who asked him to give himself out, so he would not had any further problem. Another babble might just came out from a very talkative friend. The real friends, despite of their busy everyday life, would make some ample time to see him, to resides him, to guide him where to go when its all seems wrong and to tell him: "It's going to be alright, I am here,"

Family is where you would return to. What are friends for? Famous phrase aren't they? Here comes the infamous one.

Fans as to be with you when you're at the peak of life and at the deepest trouble.

The most odd relationship one could have is a person and fans. Fans are not family, nor are they friends. They are bunch of admirers and lovers and long had been doing things just how family members and friends would do. Supporting them, celebrating their success and crying together with them, fans are residing them. True fans couldn't detach him or herself from the one they had been admiring, because they had vowed to love them no matter what happened.

The same things goes for Kangin and us, ELFs or specifically, Chamomile (Kangin's fans). We had been regarding ourselves as the family members, the friends, the lovers that Kangin himself would never personally know we even existed. A true fan that would try to be with him even at his most troublesome moment. Just like how families and friends would react, that is how we would react. Of course we would be upset, we felt like lecturing him, we felt like seeing him and ask him "What the hell are you doing there dude??" and yes, our heart goes out to the victims that might get killed. If its possible, we fans might want to see them and their family personally and said our deepest concern over their life of it. This is no child play, its a life we're dealing with. We felt very sorry for what Kangin had done.

For you, haters, netizens and fans alike. Do know that us fangirls are not blind. So you too, do not be blind and claim us to be stupid all over.

As much as we love Kangin, we know how to react with responsibility and at the same time, its impossible to detach Kangin as someone that we dearly admire. Because we know, if he is to be that bad, he wouldn't turn himself out and endanger his career, such honest man would do that and Kangin is only being honest and responsible. Do not question that.

Please forgive Kim Youngwoon, Super Junior's Kangin for he had done something that an idol or as a responsible person shouldn't be doing. Please do remember that he had been honest about this, please consider us fans are not being blind to believe in him.

We're mad and upset we couldn't deny it. But we believe he would try to straighten things dutifully, as a person, as a citizen, as a son, as an idol and as Kim Youngwoon that we all knew.

I am mad with Kangin, but I believe in Kangin

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unleash that Eunhyuk wanna be in you!

So, 8TV Nite Live had been promoting this Sorry Sorry Dancing contest and I am one of the squealing fangirls around the block. Well, I don't have the time to join nor do I have the talent, but I'm going to freaking promote this contest to all of you. Read here for more details!

I bet of all the steps in Sorry Sorry you've tried, tutting would be the HARDEST part. It is hard, but its possible to achieve. I've studied the tut and could do it after 2 days with all the unnecessary focus on it when I should study my books. So here is one good tutting tutorial of Super Junior that I've found.

Credits to PungPhooie

For people in their teens, you can still achieve that super jelly moves like Eunhyuk to do that perfect popping and waving. And no comment on SungTeukEunHae footworks! That needs some serious practice to achieve fast moving legs like that. I FAIL on that everytime I tried!!

I wish you all the best, do tell me if you're going to get your nerves on with that contest. Wanna see how sick your moves could be :) Kamsahamnida


p/s: I'd be trying to do on the report soon, Donghae's wifey. Mike and Moe at 8TV Nite Live are very cute duo, you guys had to watch them being dorky! XDD

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kill. Me.

Shut up.

I know.

I GASPED too loud that my roomate thought I had an asthma!

Just what the heck the costume coordinator is thinking of? I'm lying if I'm not saying I detest this look. I wonder what kind of world the theater is trying to present? Fantasy? Ancient?

As much as I love Ming, I was so well-relieved that I didn't catch this act of his live. Ok, so its art. But to think that Ming is going to be in that costume for ONE MONTH, I felt my soul went away. AkillA successfully killed me, and its not a good thing.

The only good thing maybe is Ming showing off that skin from his chest down to his abdomen. that is rare, considering the fact that he NEVER goes topless before. This peek is just great to make me go OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!

Sungmin oppa, just fighting! I know you're going to make it good and grab more attention soon with that great acting skills behind that........umm...artsy costume.

In the other hand, please to know that this coming Sunday, 11th of October is the E.L.F war day where we bought Sorry Sorry version A to support Super Junior on the chart's war. On that day, I'd be finally meeting the high committee of Sapphirepearls Malaysia to finalize everything for Super Junior's 4th Anniversary celebration for Malaysian E.L.F. You can check it out here for more information and the mass celebration would be up soon, so please stay tune :D

And oh, Yoonji unnie. Thank you so much for the healing words for Kangin~ I bet it helps Kangin a lot, thinking that Kangin and her had been together for quite a few months. I love KangJi, seriously go get married and have children!


p/s: For sayangzz who had been waiting for my reports on Donghae's Birthday project, please understand that currently I'm facing problems with my lappy and only would be updating about it after the lappy (proudly named Danish) is back. For sayangzz who voiced out their concern on my last post, thank you so much, I'm so sorry I couldn't explain but I really want to stress the point of obtaining respects as fangirls and fasten your safety well. Thank you once again!

*pic credits as tagged+baidu and More pictures of Sungmin's AKillA premium night here

Monday, October 5, 2009

Am not happy and am sorry

I regret the hours in my life like I never did. This is a humble opinion only. Please do not get mad. I had my own reason. I love you all, but please let me be for hating the hours back then.

To all fangirls, not all people would love you. But try to make them at least respect you.

From my deepest concern.

p/s: I am so sorry. I couldn't explain. I am unhappy and I am so sorry. That is all I had to say.

*pic credits to Cartmann

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Self-motivating: Fangirl's way

Min: You should help me wipe more often ^^
Jungmo: Whut??? Hell no, you own one crazy wife!!

Not generally, but at least I'm doing it XD

I was listless since the Raya holiday is over. I'm shocked to see that I need to submit 5 assignments which requires you to do extensive research, questionnaires, interviews, etc right when I hit back the class. Instantly, the whole world seems dark. If I didn't manage to clear these 'clogging' jobs, than I'd end up with hideous pointer which something that I wouldn't want! As a proud fangirl, I want to prove that, us fans, can achieve the same, maybe even better than people who puts their nose on the books 24/7. (Oh, whilst I'm typing this, my lecturer adds another assignment, which now totals up to 6 T-T).

I don't know if this sounds eerie to you, or maybe you can call me delusional (I kept thinking I AM), but this is how I do it.

(Suddenly I felt awkward calling Ming as my hubby) My obsession, Lee Sungmin is now very busy, preparing for AKillA yet he enjoyed it very much. Always show us that smiles and I couldn't help but to fall again and again to him. No matter how many times it is, I am still going to fall for the exact same boy of Super Junior, Lee Sungmin My Hubby.

^Too much eyeliner. I should be there to monitor the make-up artist

So I was....dang. If he is that calm to do his everyday routine, why can't I? I mean, the pressure of his are incomparable with mine. I just need to settle some few arrangements of meetups, cramp myself at the library and everything would be fine. But he needs to moves around, practice a lot. Travels a lot.

And that motivates me. Just if he can do so. Why can't I? Damn, I'm an academic person, I must do better than my superstar-multi-talented-pretty-nice-sweet-mysterious-hot hubby.

Min: Is there any chance to get away from this delusional 'wife'?
Heenim: Dude, the girl is lunatic. You need to kill her to be free.

Just want to tell you one thing. If you've read about Heenim tried to leave Super Junior once, you might know that Heenim was touched by a few younger members who had grown distant since he is busy acting and had little time to spent together with his dongsaengs. For my own retard-delusional theory, it is Sungmin whom he meant.

Why? First, I'm dead sure Heenim and Sungmin are far more awkward than SungminXKangin or HeenimXEunhyuk. I rarely sees them interacting with each other. But as the interview surfaced, I see lots of HeenimXSungmin moment seriously something rare. Em. Like that.

Yes, talking about obsession. Sometimes it ate me up, sometimes it brings me up.


p/s: MY-HOTTEST is bringing the flash mob up this sunday at KL Sentral-Putra KLCC-KLCC park, so watch out dudes and babes!!

*All pictures credits as tagged+