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Malaysia SNSD Forum!

Ever wonder where to seek Malaysian S♥NE to share together your love to the adorable nine girls of SoNyuhShiDae?

Well, you can finally get to see the other lovers here!!! It's MYSONE!! Click the banner to join~~ you can finally enjoy being together to spazz about the fabulous nine girls.
Many thanks to Jenn, she is the founder of the forum in the cause to unite all S♥NE in Malaysia :D
Oh Hyoyeon~ How can people say you're ugly and manly?YOU'RE JUICY!!!

And if you guys joined the forum, try spotting me there~ lolz!! I don't know why I felt so biased in both Soshified and now, here XD
Don't foget to spread around, dudes and babes!!
Sayanghaeyo Norfy

Tohoshinki's 9095 Got Me Stirred!!

When they say "I GOT YOUUUUU UNDER MY SKIN" I like their energy, but I don't feel it (wth? sounds so wrong!). Yet when I heard Tohoshinki's 9095, it's really out of the question. I LOVE IT A LOT! And I got to say their suaveness in this song is really getting me into their jumon. Now, that is what I call, mesmerizing.
For some reason, I was actually reading this article in AKP (oh, miwo you!!! Miwo you!!!)  and was directed to Tohoshinki's tour in Japan. Oh, there is no harm sharing something hot that I found there? LOLz! And well, I was...hey, this!!! Why, I had a soft spot for some slow-paced but beatful music; like SJ's ghoul, Rain's Sad Tango and Shinhwa's Once In A Lifetime for example. In case you couldn't listen to my page's song:

credits to asthyKURO@YT
How can I not spazz about Junsu's smooth upbringing, Changmin's elegant-ness and Jae's voice echoing? And Yoochun's grieve-like high-note while Yunho…

June is my E.L.F month!

I miss Fullhouse..... I miss E.H.B...... Can't SJ do something like this together again? =3= *a little wish from a fangirl*
Yes, I'm an E.L.F by last year's June. Of course I didn't remember the exact date, but it was relatively June. Hahahhaha~ the days I reluctantly watch E.H.B and even being forced to get to know each of the members. I shall mark June as my precious month that I celebrate as E.L.F.
I'm not aware it's been a year already, but last night, while fooling around and droolings spazzing at M-INvasion, Alex mentioned about her being new in fangirling SJ as I asked what the boys are doing in one of the pic. I'm quite sure she said before that she started off E.L.F-ing in June 2008. It's amazing to see her effort of spreading her love to others when she is actually, a baby born E.L.F. LOLz!! I described myself like that last year, but not recently. Not that I think I am familiar with SJ yet, but it's just that I have watched all their shows,…

Antis: Keep the hate to yourself

*credits to insonity kills (O.o)
How do you feel when you see people said this? 
I bet the feels are the same with all my S♥ NE sistah who got lots of antis to face for their Power of Nine girls. 
Well. The vid above was posted 3 months ago before Hollywood Bowl 2009. Do the antis suceed on making this kind of action comes true? Let's take a look.
*both vidz above credits to blujade182

*credits to dogluverz1

*both vidz credits to ILuuvXiah
It seems like everybody is giving a lot of love to them? Even in solo performances~ well well well. What should I say to you antis? Wasn't you ashamed for even trying to spread hate? You know...just a piece of advice. If you're hating, please keep that hate as private matters, spread it NOT! Becau…

What has SJ drives me to

Norfy: Oh, gosh. The 'U' days..... skin-baring at wrong place! Super Junior: O__o Details? Norfy: *points to Min's chest and Heenim's shoulders* HeeMin: You're just jealous, don't you?
As far as I had my concern right now, I do think my perspectives on my future has changed. Maybe my new addiction changes it all? *cough* Super Junior*cough* Because this one addiction sounds promising to me or maybe I got that mindset on making it sounds promising to me. Either way, it's good. I can say that I'm quite sure where I should place my overwhelming passion to now.
I love Malaysia. This is my homeland. This is where I've been raised. This is the land that I shall serves, no matter what happen.  I have been wondering how shall I benefit this lovely sunny country in my own way and of course, different than the others.
I couldn't find the answer. Until I discover Hallyu wave. Heck, I dissed Korean pop culture that has been entering Malaysia since early 2000. Why…

Something I like to share

*credits to

I'll comment later? It's pretty late now ^^ Extracted from Super Junior's Diary when they're still under the name of 'project group' just like Morning Musume. Kibum and Kyuhyun is not there so Wookie is the magnae in the group at hat show.

And oh, did I mention how much I love fanarts and fanworks? I LOOOOVVEEE THEM ALL~~ Be it fanvid, fanfic (I love this the most), fansong, blah3.  Under is a vid that P-sshi shared with me, and it had been my latest favorite of fanvid :D
WARNING: If you can't accept a mild boy love or some a bit extreme jokes on SJ, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH. And for some reasons, the maker of this parody is having something kinky with SNSD's YoonA here, but I think she is meant to have it as a joke only. So SONE sistah, stay calm~

The parody owner makes another one which involves my 2nd favorite OTP, KyuMin (my top is HenWook :P).

And no. I don't support gay rights at all. This is pure fun only. It was hi…

Where do I went in the net?


This is how my page would look like when I start to browse the net. And yeah, I use Google Chrome when I see how neat it is being displayed in P-sshi's lappy. All the boxes up there are the MOST FREQUENT sites I went XD

My number one should be Yahoo sites, because I check the news there and I always keeping eyes on my mails frequently so yeah. It shall be the numbah one.
Second is my blogspot dashboard. Hahahaha~ seriously, I kept coming to check my bloggie even when I don't feel like updating. 
Third, MY-SMTown  What should I say? This is my first K-pop forum and I'm still stick to them, being as loyal as I can. From the noob-head in K-Pop, up till now (which I still am a noob!) where I'm one of the staff there :) This would be my beloved forum whatsoever happen.
Fourth, google. I google a lot!! Lots of stuff!! Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll just google for some how do these stuff exist. This kind of habit must be influenced by P-sshi. Hahaha~ she google to fin…

Sorry Sorry Looks For Females!!! -은혁-

Sighing to see how pretty your oppa is in your Sorry Sorry booklets?
Why not try it out??! Feminine style of course! I call this;은혁-ish!! 

For the feminine touch of 은혁's looks, you can always get that black checked boyfriend's shirt fit at the bodice. Short is best to resemble more -ish. 
Change that white bows 은혁 is donning there to some white silky ribbons, but do think twice when you're trying it either too wide or too long. Make it suit just nice at your neck and to suit your face shape. 
Choose a short black vest that would not cover the belt you're wearing on.
The black jeans can be worn rolled up or usual as you like it. It wouldn't fade that 은혁-ish feels.
 is wearing a navy blue belt but I would like some baby blue to alter that strong uber masculine feels to more girly cute feels.
Blue plain socks according to picture.A black and white pair of sneakers. Make sure the base line and the shoe lace are white.Black small hat that stands at your head …

Sorry Sorry Malaysian Version (update)

Just got my copy of Malaysian Version :)
Wrapped in clear plastic, I handle it with so much love ~<3
Left; mouse pad the free gift. Right; Sorry Sorry Malaysian version <3
I sit Malaysian version with Korean version. Can you spot who is who? XD
This is Malaysian version, you can see the hologram (damned typo in that pic!)  sticker and the logo of Warner Music besides the bar code.
Just in case you're annoyed with my scribbled pic :)
Try figure out which one is Malaysian and which one is Korean?
Sorry, bad pic. You can see Made In Malaysia is written there :)
*not advertising, or anyting* I bought my copy at Speedy, Jusco.
It cost me RM44.90 (but some places sold at RM42.90, a trustee told me O.o) and the retailer boys was peeking at me as if I'm a criminal of the year!! They even say something about me buying the CD with such price, heh. They thought I didn't know what they're talking about, I can understand a bit Mandarin lah! 
And for your information, the one with the p…

Sorry Sorry Malaysian Version is out!!

Hae: *bobo* Wookie: ^///^ Norfy: Why are you closing your eyes, Hae? =.=;  It shouldn't be that romantic!
Hi honeys!!! (it's been a while since I greet people in my post O.o)
I was maneuvering  around in SPEEDY, figuring out which one would be the best M.Nasir's CD for Wookie. Looking here and there, laughing by myself and look some more. Suddenly my eyes went O.O <<-----(exactly like this)
You know what I see?
The jacket of the CD is in version B. A gift of mousepad included with it and it cost you only RM44.90! Thanks to miss_mulan77 unnie for the clarification, I thought the mousepad is poster!! LOLz!! 
And for your information, the one with the price tag RM54.90 is Korean version, it has 'imported' stickers on it. So please take note. I'm not trying to say don't buy Korean version, but please support Malaysian version as it's going to be recorded in Malaysian sales chart. Sales chart would persuade sponsors to recogniz…

I'm feeling melancholic

*vid credits to LeeJunKiFanGroup@YT
Maybe after watching the final episode of Iljimae today (aired 8:30 p.m. on weekdays at 8TV), I was touched and quickly found myself couldn't help writing about it. Get to know Iljimae here for some rough introduction. Above I had found a right video to show my heartfelt about the final episode of the drama. Some Malaysian K-drama lovers even held a special re-watching Iljimae today (21st May 2009) at Korea Plaza :)
It has only 20 episodes and I got myself laughing at the first few episodes. I was expecting some happy ending but well, this drama is a genius. They got me strucked, believing that Iljimae would never be Iljimae without the exact original plays and stuffies. I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT ILJIMAE's SEQUEL IF IT's GOING TO WORK WITH ANOTHER TEAM BESIDES THE ORIGINAL ONE!!! See how strong they got me in? Hahahahaha~
Have you guys listened to SHINee's Juliette? Claps for those who did. For those who aren't come and have a go.
*vidz …

Sayanghaeyo is normal again :)

Yay!! After tweaking here and there, deleting this and that, refreshing everything I could, finally I could get back that side widget which slipped down to the bottom!!!
I've encountered the problem and even made me posted this since it's really embarrassing; the widget that should help visitors goes shy away~ hahahahaha~ but I'm glad it's all back to where it used to be. Some sites that I went for help are David Chin's, The Real Blogger Status and 20stickyposts Great solutions they got there, I'm really satisfied :D
Here I would like to thank Hoshie and Mariel (also known as Hyorish) for helping me out with these html and coding stuff. Seriously, I'm not good at it and I tried not to cry when it doesn't work. LOLz!! Did I tell you I'm a cry baby myself? But it's going to change soon :P Oh, please visit Hoshie, mah lovely Cassie sistah at My warnings, she is a huge Yoochun lover. Okies, she is Chunnie's wife, …

YAHHH!! KIBUM!!! -Edited for picture guessing-

*credits to




*fr: super; credits to
Because you're Kim Ki Bum of Super Junior. 
*credits to
It's You, Kim Ki Bum. It's you who had been walking with Super Junior all this time, it's awkward without you.
It's You, Kim Ki Bum. You got that special reasons to me, even my biases had to wait when will I blog about them.


We don't need your Sorry Sorry. Just Reset all the hella bitter things happened before, just be Happy Together with Shining Stars Super Junior again. Because, we had been Missing U so much. It's You, we had been loving. Yes, U. 
Again, to end my crappings with this miserable entry:

Super Junior's MV at 8TV's Night Live Chat

Hmm....I'm a late night owl, so I get to see this one night live show at 8TV. I'm following this show since last week.
Simply because the VJ is the funny and witty HunnyMadu.
And of course that is not the real reason.
Last week, the show updated the viewers about Super Junior Sorry Sorry news, than it showed SJ's One Love MV. Flabbergasted, I quickly search for this show on 8TV's webbie. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it on the official web. I don't even know ift the name I put up there is right or not! ><
Just before  I write this, I watch the show again. The show is mainly about discussing the topic they had for that day using sms chat on the side bar. So HunnyMadu and sms chat moderator, Wallance, will had a light discussion with you guys about it. Today, (last night? I don't know! It passed 12 already!! XD) they discussed about online games. 
At that chatbox, somebody had requested for Korean or Japanese videos. HunnyMadu and Wallance …


Okay, as you can see, my side bar went RIGHT under. I don't know what happen, but it started being like this since 17th May and I've been trying everything to get it right.
So don't panic, if you want to interact with me, or buy SJ ver. C or looking for some links that I promote, please come down there. It's still there, just I don't know how the heck is blogger putting it down under ><
Whatever it is, I'm still figuring out the problem. For the mean time, please bear with the messiness you're experiencing sorry x___x
And it would be very helping if you guys could suggest on what I should do to resolve this matter. I've been trying to change the layout and even reverted it to classic template. But it's just not working :(
Hope you understand.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
p/s: 200,000+ honeys!! Can we go beyond that? Maybe double that amount? XD

To Ryeowook; My 2nd Bias!!

It's time for my son's birthday!! XD Click on the banner above if you wanna know more :)

So basically, it's about sending presents to Ryeowook and the SJ-World's admins thought it would be nice to give Wookie CDs from all over the world. I think that is so brilliant!! XD We know how much Wookie loves to compose don't we? If he had the opportunity of listening to global music around the world, it's going to be so cool for him and he can be more creative of composing songs. I'm totally excited! SJ-World never fails to bring cool ideas along for each of the members up to now :)
As from my eyes, I could see that one Malaysian ELF had volunteered to send out Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's Lantera Timur which I can't agree more. She is a great representative to Malaysia and the songs (though not quite famous in radio) are damned good. I got my own copy because of the unique beats. So thank you to yunhogurl, whoever you are ^^
Since P-sshi had compl…

It's You Inkigayo -First Live Stage-

*vidz credits to phyllisbun@YT

First of all!! I thank god for Min not to wear that baggy pants!!!

AND JUNGSU WITH SLEEVELESS!! *dies* He got ponytails there!!!

KANGIN!!! GREY??? What happen to your hair???? It's a miwo for me anyway~ lolz!!


Heenim's pants is love! I really like it!!

Siwon? Star trek much? Bored with gentleman look aren't you?

I'll update properly after this. Ohgosh, i can't say much!!

When I watch this, I realized that ELF is kinda over excited and screamed all the way that they forgot the real fancheer planned~ lolz!!
================================================================I'm bribing you with some pictures~lolz!
*credits to newsen; shared by

I'll be waiting for fanpics at ^^ Alex got a very special collections and thousan…

It's You FanCheer -Romanization-

*credits to SugarXMelody@YouTube a.k.a Choco♥Ice@SJ-World.Net

The part bracketed+bolded is the one where fans should shout :) Remember to shout this fancheer when you watch SJ performing live! 
Nan neoppoonirago

Nareun saram piryo eobseo naneun geunyang neorago
Dashi hanbeon mooreo bwado naneun geunyang neorago
Imi neoneun dareun saranghaeggejjiman
Nohchil sooga eobseo dashi dorikil soo eobseo Oh~
Nae noonbichi ddeugeoweodeon soongane
Gaseum gipeun moseul bakdeon soongane
Miryeon eobshi baro neoreul seontaekhaesseo
Geurae nan neorago

[Oh! Nan!] Geu nooga nooga mweorado naneun sanggwan eobdago
Geu nooga nooga yokhaedo neoman barabondago
Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago
[(jakkoo jakkoo~)] Shigani heulleodo

Neol saranghanda marhaedo cheonbeon manbeon marhaedo
Nae gaseum sok da booltago mareun ipsool dwedorok
Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago
[(jakkoo jakkoo~)] Shigani heulleodo

Oh oh only for you [Oh oh only for you]
Oh oh only for you [Oh oh only for you]
Oh oh only …