Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm feeling melancholic

*vid credits to LeeJunKiFanGroup@YT

Maybe after watching the final episode of Iljimae today (aired 8:30 p.m. on weekdays at 8TV), I was touched and quickly found myself couldn't help writing about it. Get to know Iljimae here for some rough introduction. Above I had found a right video to show my heartfelt about the final episode of the drama. Some Malaysian K-drama lovers even held a special re-watching Iljimae today (21st May 2009) at Korea Plaza :)

It has only 20 episodes and I got myself laughing at the first few episodes. I was expecting some happy ending but well, this drama is a genius. They got me strucked, believing that Iljimae would never be Iljimae without the exact original plays and stuffies. I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT ILJIMAE's SEQUEL IF IT's GOING TO WORK WITH ANOTHER TEAM BESIDES THE ORIGINAL ONE!!! See how strong they got me in? Hahahahaha~

Have you guys listened to SHINee's Juliette? Claps for those who did. For those who aren't come and have a go.

*vidz credits to kpopsubs@YT

I was dying waiting for their comeback. And I'm definitely going to buy their mini-album (WTH? I ain't buying SJ's ver.C but going to buy SHINee's???) as *cough* my little sister is a SHINee World. Okay? It was contagious. I love Onew Jonghyun and she loves Key. So we're JongKey couple <3

Oh. Oh. Oh. But I heard about Onew [my lovely Onew, my cutesie Dubu, my soft-pinchable Tofu, my charming Lee Jinki!!!] dislocated his front tooth! SHINee had to hold their comeback as for that cause. Aaaaaawwwwww~~

I'm even more melancholic to hear this TTT________TTT

Dubu always had his special place in my heart. I don't claim him as my favorite member because Jonghyun had always been that since I heard his smexy and highly talented voice. Taemin steals the second spot as I really like his natural aegyeo and silent kids are always my type. FYI, I will only put on two favorites when the members of one band is like 5-9 people (yes, that includes SNSD). So, there is no such place as third favorite. 

[Jinki, get well soon and show us that toothy smile again...]

Jinki got my attention maybe because of his age and his selflessness. I can't say more on how I adore leaders ; ah~ basically, I fall for his personality. His sangtae quite similar to mine. Instead of people singing around me, they would go and say "LAME" with a huge index finger and thumb stuck out. 
Oh, and the people who had ordered ELF t-shirt from me. Thank you for purchasing! I got a total of 21 orders which I found really great for a start :) I wish when you received the tees, you'll proudly wear it and even attract more ELF to wear one too!! When you want to buy it, you know where to head. So stay tune for more updates about it here at Sayanghaeyo. 

The order for this batch of ELF tee is OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Thank you for your support!


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