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Where do I went in the net?


This is how my page would look like when I start to browse the net. And yeah, I use Google Chrome when I see how neat it is being displayed in P-sshi's lappy. All the boxes up there are the MOST FREQUENT sites I went XD

My number one should be Yahoo sites, because I check the news there and I always keeping eyes on my mails frequently so yeah. It shall be the numbah one.

Second is my blogspot dashboard. Hahahaha~ seriously, I kept coming to check my bloggie even when I don't feel like updating. 

Third, MY-SMTown  What should I say? This is my first K-pop forum and I'm still stick to them, being as loyal as I can. From the noob-head in K-Pop, up till now (which I still am a noob!) where I'm one of the staff there :) This would be my beloved forum whatsoever happen.

Fourth, google. I google a lot!! Lots of stuff!! Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll just google for some how do these stuff exist. This kind of habit must be influenced by P-sshi. Hahaha~ she google to find answers for all the questions she had in mind.

Fifth, All K-Pop. Oh shut up. I know, yeah yeah yeah. I've been despising the site, maybe because their wittyness are offensive sometimes but it was damned hilarious and I found myself coming for more. So I decides, some authors are great two thumbs up! While the others.....just had to learn how to gain fans than anti-fans. Hahhaah~ take that!

Sixth, M-INvasion  This site is the site that I make sure I'll check 15780676615563898725  times a day!!! LOL~ I followed this blog eversince it was built and I even proudly announce the existence of it in Sayanghaeyo (formerly known as PrincessFragrance). I was so happy of a Min-bias site in english is up at that time and was spazzing about Min the whole week for it XD

Seventh, I had to agree on how this forum works with it's own credibility. Yes, they face some issues with servers and stuff, but I had to say this is one global SJ forum that I've enjoyed and trusted so far because the lines up of the staff are very much had the x-factor that I have to put my faith on. 

Eight, Sapphirepearls wordpress blog. This site has even being cited by ALLKPOP for SJ news and I had been reading this blog eversince I regards myself as E.L.F. I am proud to say now that I'm one of the team members there :) I hope I could do my best to keep posting interesting stuff there.   

Ninth, SarangSJ. Well well well. The source of my SJ piccies and Vidz! Sarangsj was built first before Alex decides to put a separate site for Sungmin as she would like to pay her tribute to the cute-manly Sungmin. As much as I spazzed bout SJ, I spazzed about Alex as well. What can I do? I'm awed for her willingness to update on SJ boys~ Hahahahah~ 

Well, that is all I'm trying to blog about :)

And ooohh.... this is too cute and too funny!! You gotta watch this!! Esp to hip-hop luvahs out there~~

thanks to blahat@YouTube for re-upload!


p/s: I wonder how is Jinki with his front tooth right now? Oh, just please get well soon! Noona missed you already ><


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