Monday, April 13, 2009

A little about Miss Healerzz.......(1)



I am Norfy, my sole and only username as to call myself a fangirl is Miss Healerzz. Am born 1988 in January 23, torn between the zodiac of Rabbit or Dragon because of the date. Norfy is not a real name, it's an endearment given by my dad out of no where. And yes, I prefer to be anonymous when it comes to fangirling because I don't want to get recognized in real life.

Why my name is Miss Healerzz??

Apparently, me and Jung Soo shares the same obsession. Sailormoon. It never gets old to us!! XD One character in the anime is Yaten a.k.a Sailor Healer from a trio called Sailor Starlights. She is flamboyant, masculine yet so pretty. Her mischiveous act is my favorite part and I love her name, Healer. I end up using that name a-la hip hop attitude by adding 'Miss' randomly. The double zz at the end is just to add some personality so I won't bump to another person with the same name :P

Since when I've been calling myself as E.L.F?

As you guys could see, this blog was born back in May 2008. I am not even an ELF yet at that time. I'm still in the process of getting to know Super Junior. Here is my love declaration to Super Junior  and I it seems that, I love Wookie first, and he is the first SJ members that I wished a happy birthday in Sayanghaeyo (formerly known as HeavenlyFragrance). I'm not quite remember, but there is a short period of me falling so hard on Jung Soo so much. I had to calm myself from complimenting his beauty at that time. But it was really short of confessions I wrote here. LOLZ! And yeah, lets take that I'm an E.L.F started from May 2008. And up from that date, I catch up with all the facts and trivias on SJ because...heh. They're simply ADDICTIVE.

Who is.....

P-sshi is one good hell of a friend who should be sentenced to death as for the crime of dragging me to Super Junior loving!!! I can't believe myself when she is actually going crazy to let me know about Super Junior and Korean pops, because since I knew her, she never EVER talk about EAST ASIAN's stuff!!! All that she taught me was...World Cup, football (or soccer if you prefer), the leagues, round robins and yeah, F1. LMAO!!! So I was quite shocked, no. DAMNED SHOCKED!! And it turns out that she had been influenced by Virtual_el at her college. P-sshi loves Donghae the most in SJ and had some huge crush on Sungmin before that. Kim Heechul is in her list as well as Wookie and Yesung. Everytime we met, it's all about Super Junior or maybe some other k-pop as well. P-sshi is a newfound SONE since Gee released and kept spazzing about it. And I better tell you that she loves Key the most in SHINee. 

This is the person who had been dragging all of the people around her to go crazy over K-pop!! Especially Super Junior. I better off call her sunbae-nim because she had been to DBSK's concert in Malaysia, had went to Rain's concert and can even read Hangul which I'm currently learning VERY SLOW. Hanis is very fond of Siwon and Hyukjae in Super Junior. She had been in this K-pop craziness since the first time Korean showbiz makes a mark in Malaysia. I don't know how she drags P-sshi into this stuff, but if she can drag P-sshi, than she IS ONE HELLA GOOD PERSUADER!!

....SMAP Gang?
Hahaha!! I have a total post dedicated just for this lovely spamming gang!! Really, like no other!! 

LMAO!! Eventually, I've inserted her name in my post here and there without realizing!!! I was even ashamed when I read back, seeing how it sounds like I'm close with her!!! (Sadly I'm not... x__x). Alex or Asminnt is the person who built a site for her own leisure at first, but turns out to be a place where she shares videos, pictures direct from Korean sites. Proudly named as I think her uncontrollable love for Sungmin had led her to built an international site for Lee Sungmin, named I was soooo excited because finally Pink Pumpkin (as we call Sungmin's lovers, like Heechul with his Petals and Yoochun with his Minnie :P) had the international hub for MIN!!! I even spazzed about it here LOL!! And I become a total fan of her after that. I finally interact with her in forum and yeah. She visits my blog once, which I felt so very much honored :3 Do visit her sites and pour some loves there!! 


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