Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sayanghaeyo is normal again :)

Yay!! After tweaking here and there, deleting this and that, refreshing everything I could, finally I could get back that side widget which slipped down to the bottom!!!

I've encountered the problem and even made me posted this since it's really embarrassing; the widget that should help visitors goes shy away~ hahahahaha~ but I'm glad it's all back to where it used to be. Some sites that I went for help are David Chin's, The Real Blogger Status and 20stickyposts Great solutions they got there, I'm really satisfied :D

Here I would like to thank Hoshie and Mariel (also known as Hyorish) for helping me out with these html and coding stuff. Seriously, I'm not good at it and I tried not to cry when it doesn't work. LOLz!! Did I tell you I'm a cry baby myself? But it's going to change soon :P Oh, please visit Hoshie, mah lovely Cassie sistah at My warnings, she is a huge Yoochun lover. Okies, she is Chunnie's wife, so beware ha? I warned ya! XD While Mariel, you can visit her at One ELF dongsaeng who loves to mingle around unnies and she is really nice~ Donghae-bias! Try to keep your mind with that. Hahahahahhaha~

Well, something to share with you guys. Jungsu and Shindong in Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies. The best part is when Jungsu is trying to explain his art of kissing. I got your attention did I? LMAO!! Here, of course, without subs :P Got the subbed ones already! 

*credits to everlastingsubs@YT

If you wonder when it is, it's waaaaayyyy at the end of this vid, and try to continue looking for the next part :P But oh, he didn't kiss the girl. I'm slightly dissapointed, Jungsu should show us some hot kiss he could do how he can interact well in this show. So yeah, enjoy!


p/s: This is the last day for you to order your t-shirt! 8282!! Come and do it fast!! XD


zaT lorh! said...

omg chat with beautiful ladies.. i love watching them but last night it was nickhun frm 2pm..

when is it with leeteuk and shindong as their guests?? aiyaa i missed that out.. ;)

finally all the widgets goes back to their place.. lolx.

Miss Healerzz said...

^yeah, I get myself being nuts for a day bcoz of it.

About the shows, usually we can watch it in Astro after 2 weeks being shown in Korea :)

So 2 weeks from now? LOL But I'm pretty sure the subs will come up fast in YT :P