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Sayanghaeyo Mission #1: SUCCESS!-edit-

Purple bag, MY-SMTown Tee, Sorry Sorry version A and a simple letter

The letter to Adam

MY-SMTown T under Sorry Sorry, and the letter is in the album

Eventually, I couldn't write down the sites like I said before, so I gave to him some community names that he will be reminded of Super Junior when he heard the name. I didn't mean to claim myself as a representative of SJ's communities in Malaysia, just to be fair to whole SJ sites so Adam would be familiar with the sites and the term of ELF. Here  is what I wrote in the card:-

"Sedikit penghargaan lewat kepada Adam dari komuniti peminat muzik Korea (K-Pop) terutama dari Ever Lasting Friend (ELF, peminat Super Junior) kerana membawakan lagu 'Endless Moment' di pentas kebangsaan.

ELF Malaysia begitu gembira dengan pembawaan lagu tersebut oleh Adam, ada sebilangan dari kami mula memanggil Adam sebahagian daripada kami (ELF), tak kurang juga yang masih tidak pasti. Kerana itu, kami harap Adam dapat memakai baju T komuniti kami di mata masyarakat bagi memberikan kepastian kepada kami tentang minat Adam terhadap Super Junior.

Kami di Komuniti Sapphirepearls, MYSJ dan MY-SMTown begitu berharap Adam akan membawakan lebih lagu-lagu Super Junior pada masa yang akan datang.



Sapphirepearls, MYSJ, MY-SMTown"

English translation:

"A late thank you present for Adam from Malaysian Korean music lovers especially from Ever Lasting Friend (ELF, Super Junior's Fan Club) as for bringing 'Endless Moment' on national broadcast not long ago.

Malaysian ELF is so glad that you performed the song, some of us started to include you in the fandom while some are still not sure about it. Thus, we hope that you could answer us clearly if you're really a fan of Super Junior by donning one of our community's T-shirt in public.

We from Sapphirepearls, MYSJ and MY-SMTown would love to see you perform more Super Junior's songs soon. 


Thank you! (in hangul)

Sapphirepearls, MYSJ and MY-SMTown " 

I've been working for 13 hours perday for this week, so it was hard for me to go and buy fancy stuff for Adam. Lucky me, I had few bags which I collected randomly (buying randomly because of the prints) so I grab one to put all the goodies in. I hope Adam would forgive me for the purple bag~ 

Adam and Stacy did their rehearsal around 5 p.m., and the crowd starts to enlarge time by time. My boss knew that I need to send the present to Adam, so when Adam finished his rehearsal, I ask permission from my boss and I quickly gave him the stuffies. He was resting when I tried to approach him. I was actually speechless because he is sooooo fine upclose and personal! So my boss talk for me, telling him that I want to give him stuffies. Let me tell you the dialouge, its funny

Me: (seeing Adam upclose and speechless) O________O

Adam: :3 (?)

Me: >________< (face down and stuck out both hands to give the present)

Adam: ? (G-net told me Adam is looking at the bag and me twice with confused expression)

Boss: (sigh) Ah, Adam. She wants to give things to you.... -___-;

Adam: ^^ Ahhh~~ gifts? (taking the bag, unconcsiously placing it under his left pits, like 'makcik')

Me: (wants to LOL, but can't) *_____*

Adam: Thank you :D

G-net: Adam, can I take picture?

Adam: Sure! ^^

So, I realize that I can't say anything at that moment, almost everybody at my sides are doing the talking. LOL!

Thank you so much Mr.Danny (Qad Company) for paving my path to him :)

Adam signing, you should see him live, his skin is NICE!!!


And yeah! Adam got a really friendly and lovely attitude. I was trying to talk to him about my mission, but he is too busy entertaining other girls to take picture with him (and still wants to listen to what I'm trying to say!) and I don't want to annoy him. So I just ask for his signature~ behind my all-access tag. He is really nice, trying to entertain every each of people who came for him.

My All-Access tag (covering Secretariat's tag, which is my real position! haha!)

Adam's signature behind it <3

That's during rehearsal honeys~ I planned to sit at the reception's table the whole night without sneaking in the hall for his performance, but after watching him practising, I couldn't help but to be excited to watch the whole of it!! Well, he rehearsed each songs only for 2 mins and let the rest of it as a surprise, very clever of him! ><

So the night fall and I sighed badly because I'm craving so much for Adam's full show. Lucky us, we got permitted to get in with one of our boss replacing us for a short time. So all of us went in and watch B.A.D Boyz, Stacy and Adam perform!! 

The B.A.D Boyz is talented too~ love the style and the dance, though sometimes it's out of synchronization, but give them some more time. They're new anyway~ and after two energetic performances from the group, and two songs from Stacy, here comes the K-pop Prince of Malaysia.....ADAM!!

*taken by me, sorry for the sound, I was standing behind a huge speaker!!!

Seriously, I can't help but to fall for Adam in his Rain-like suit, dancing to his song; Robot. B.A.D. Boys accompanied him dancing along. Adam is so damned fine..... Almost got me calling out; oppa~ hahaha!

And he entertained the crowd with three songs, including his upcoming song~ it's an honor to listen to it beforehand. He even do some little jokes which is not lame, and really funny. So I guess, he deserves the title 'artist' than mere 'entertainer'. Afraid of the mob, Stacy and Adam was recruited through back doors and I quickly ran to the front door where I know they 'll make their way there to reach the hotel. 

There, I stood and wait for them to come. When I see Adam, I quickly shout:


Well, at that time, I was holding my phone, horizontally, as if I'm taking a picture. So he looks back to me and do a victory sign with a very boyish smile *melts* while still walking. He thought I was calling for him to take some photos and he freeze that pose but still moving on. I want to LOL but then he recognized me. He quickly said:

"I got the t-shirt ^^" 

........before he dissappeared. I smiled widely and bowed to him as a thank you sign!! He really read the card, how thoughtful of him.

So people, call me crazy.

I already add Adam in my Malay-pop favorite celebrities (which is very rare!).  Ugh, I only got a picture of him like this to show you his outfit. But I will continue digging around tomorrow for more clear picture of it. 

 Adam (white shoes, black suit, red tie) with Bad Boyz and KPDN's Staff

I've gone crazy for some moment, I even surprised my colleagues for my load of haengbokness after the show. Ahhahaah~ What do you think honey bunches?

Sleepy, tomorrow is my last day~ night honeys~


p/s: Mr. Adrian, Mr. Danny, Mr. Vinod and Mrs. Sheila, thank you very much for letting us all the receptionist girls skip the time at desk and get to the very front seat, so close to the stage!! Thank you so much~~ you guys are all very good employers :D Special thanks for G-nett who takes picture and talk on my behalf when I can't say a thing~ lol!!


mulan77 said…
OMG!! you did it.. hahahahaha... before this i didn't pay any attention to adam.. bt maybe i will change my perspctive towards Malaysian artist hehehehe
Miss Healerzz said…
yeah, i can't believe I did it too~~ hehe! dat wud be cool unni yah! I'm going to buy Adam's album to support him from now onwards :D
annie sofie said…
heeee.congratz unnie~
I've met him before at Youth 09 and yes he's indeed very nice..
he even asked me"nak tangkap gambar dgn Adam tak?"..haha sape x nak?
.congratz once again uniie!~
Miss Healerzz said…
thanks annie~ lol! I wish Adam could present some more k-pop songs, and it wud be bonus if it's SJ! XD
Misz_gMah said…
gotcha!!! now i know..u give adam a super junior cd..hahaha.. sbnrnya i da dpt agak u yg bg..aigoo aigoo..adam forever!! lets join

Miss Healerzz said…
^lol~ if you look at the cd list, you'll see my name on it~ I'm a new fan of adam, so I haven't join it yet

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