Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sayanghaeyo Mission#1


Do you still remember this post?

Done reading?


Currently, I'm working as a part-timer for an event management company. There would be some celebrities to perform for the event and I was all alert when I see 'Adam' on the list. 

Though I'm only one of the receptionist girls, but I can get through some securities to get to him. 

My point?

Here it is.

I'm so curious if Adam is an ELF. 

So I would get to him, and gave him Sorry Sorry version A and one MY-SMTown T-shirt; with a card where I ask about his interest on Super Junior, some links to some SJ sites (esp locally) plus a request for him to perform Sorry Sorry in national broadcast once (if he had the chance) as a positive reply for the question: "Are you really an ELF?". Bribe? Malaysian ELF would support his album if he is ONE! LOLZ!

I will tell you if I succeed or not on this mission. Stacy AF would be there also and last night, Anuar Zain been mobbed and I couldn't even get close to him. I'm not a fan, but since he is a celebrity, so yeah. 

I hope things would turn much better for me to reach Adam!

Will post here the picture of stuff that I'm going to give to Adam  later :)

Darlings, please pray for me!


p/s: Congratulations to our Oppa for winning K-chart! And I couldn't download the teaser yet, it must be the swarm of people is coming over the download link at the same time...... T.T


mulan77 said...

good luck norfy.. will wait for a good news ^ ^

Miss Healerzz said...

thanks unni ^^