Monday, May 4, 2009

SJ's last Sorry Sorry Performance....

*credits to CodeAnalysis (best source when it comes to HD!)

It is baby~

This is the last Sorry Sorry performance before they kick-start the promotion of It's You and I Love You More. Well, It's You was composed and written by E-Tribe while I Love You More....uhmm.... was written by a father and his child  Sungmin and Wookie. Me and Jojo was all excited and went like: Who they love  more? Me? LOL!! And decides that the meanings of the lyrics are all downward meant for us. Oooohhh.....the joy of fantasizing as fangirls~~ lol!! Try it, and you'll be equally lunatic as me!

Alright, I remembered SJ promised to bring some new steps in Sorry Sorry and make us kept looking forward for it. Uhmm...some dance part, like the 2nd bridge of dan dan dan, where they do more hands move and now, for the remix. So, they did what they have promised. I can't complain thought it's kinda late~ ahahahha

First part where the main focus on The Three Lees (Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae and Lee Sungmin) is cool~ Yeah, we all know that the best four dancers are Hyukjae, Donghae, Hangeng and Shindong, but I don't know? They try to dorks around with Three Lees? lol!, we had to say goodbye to Sorry Sorry. In the wish that if they hold another concert, they would perform the song again. It's an energetic stage with lots of emotions, I would want to see it again :D

And, ah. Maybe I'm just in the mood to have tears in the eyes, so I present to you this.

*credits to sjworldnet@YT

For those out there who just couldn't understand why we, ELF is still looking forward and keep the faith to see Kibum back with SJ once again, you really need to see this. Bits by bits, you'll understand, the journey of them and why I ask you to respect Kibum, never ask for his quitting when there is no concrete proof to make him do or not to do so. 

Why all of this while I kept backing Kibum??? And at the same time I call myself as his anti! LOL

Well, my advice for you all out there. Try to be neutral when you watch the video. Not as fans, not as anti, not a whatever. Just imagine yourself a normal person who accidentally clicked on the video while browsing randomly. 

Could you feel the same warmth?

Could you feel the same hurt?

Could you just.... the person you are right now, regardless of being a fan, an anti or so. 

Tell me.

So I could smile for doing justice on both sides, antis and fans alike.

And that is all from me. This is Norfy from Sayanghaeyo.

Good night.

p/s: ^My sudden fantasy of becoming a radio DJ~ ahahhahahhah~

SHOOT! THAT IS NOT SJ's LAST SORRY SORRY PERFORMANCE!!! It's the last for InGa and this is the last performance; I wasn't aware of this. My fault!

*credits to SugarLikeMe@YT

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