Friday, May 15, 2009

Sungmin is getting married!!!

....To me. 


Okies, finally get your eyes here.

It seems that people didn't quite get it why I'm insisting on crediting me and some stuffies.

I would like to grab your attention to what I've blogged before. I became strict with this act since the last time I was being scolded for not properly crediting. I realized others hardwork since than and I insist you all to understand this ethical values being practiced around.

Please read my post that I made back in March to stand on my principal. I hope you'll understand. I'm not trying to clear up my name or making some issues big, I just want people to come and realized that this kind of ethical values existed.

I love you all, thus I tell you guys these.


p/s: I'm missing my daughter Jojo...... hope she is doing well.... T^T and I definitely miss my time with P-sshi, she didn't crap here as much like she did before....

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