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June: Definitely a month of miwo

So June is about to leave and we'll welcome July in a matter of few hours.
I was so hyper when it comes to June, Ryeowook's birthday, Sayanghaeyo's anniversary as well as mine being E.L.F., SarangSJ's turns a year, and yeah. E.L.F. celebrates their officialty in this month too. It was supposed to be a very happy month, but who knows what God had prepares for us all.
It was completely shocking when I found my all-time favorite entertainer has gone. Michael Jackson had been my sole source of fangirling, I brought up brave and outspoken of a fangirl because I had to deny rumors that went to him. It was heavy, and I'm only 14 when I started that. I get to know ebay, I communicated with other side of the globe, learnt the fan terms such as fanfictions and stuff, I bought his albums and memorized all the songs, parodized it and more. His effort on humanitarian stuff influenced me also, it gets on me a lot. I' m an active youth organization official volunteer (won't…

A Moment of Silence, dear readers

Michael Joseph Jackson@Mikaeel 29 August 1958-25th June 2009
How can I count the numbers of people influenced by you? I've been a fan of you for a very long time How have I wished to see you before But you've gone
For the King that I always pray for For the man that taught me what patience is For the entertainer that had been my first love All this while I've never stop loving you I always believe in you, no matter what But you've gone
The restless life that held you cruelly, it's gone now
Rest In Peace Mikaeel, you're now free at last
I have always love you
Beloved fan since 1993 Norfy
Innalillah WaInnailaihi Roji'oun *As a sign of mourning, I will not be available online for three days. Please understand. Thank you.

Malaysia E.L.F. Blood Donation Event [LATEST]

credits to MYSJ for the banner :)

If you still remember my entry about E.L.F. Blood Donation Event (which is why we're promoting Malaysian E.L.F. Tee, the organizers added few side-programs for all of you :D

Activities: Blood Donation Drive Korean Food cooking session Musical Play Dances Martial Art

All donors who contributed their blood during our event is entitled a complimentary meal at selected restaurants and skin care product goodies bag.
Directions and Blood Donator requirements could be found here
=========================================================== At the dances session, the organizers had specially invited a dance group named "Progression" to perform Sorry Sorry! On the side note, E.L.F. who would like to attend the event please participate in this E.L.F. bonding-session a.k.a mission.

We need to chant the special Sorry Sorry shout aid when they perform. Download the shout-aid here. Thanks to MYSJ Committee Board for the shouts, and Karen@MYSJ for the upload :D


Global fans, they want us to BREAK UP!!

SOOMPI (Probably the largest and the oldest internet K-pop Community)
Up above are all INTERNATIONAL K-POP FANBASES that rapidly grow . These are only some forums that I REGISTERED and WENT. There are MORE that I haven't explored. Not to count fans that didn't join, there are LOTS OF THEM AROUND THE GLOBE.

Read this, will just take you a few secs to digest it all.

Done reading?
Can you see what the said people are trying to do? Let me tell you. From the point of view of a delusioned-non-Korean-fangirl who believes we had a great special relationship with our beloved stars; they are simply asking us to BREAK UP!! Break that relationship! Break that love! Break that support! Yes, break it all!!
I'm too mad, I'm not with the good sane of mind right now, but since Alex needs to share it, I felt like spreading it too. Just that, if I continue writing, I would e…

Oppa Band is OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Credits to CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube for the cuts

MMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! OPPAA!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! *insert fangirl's jumping and waving banners here*
OhMy~ I didn't scream, but hey! Got me in awe~ I mean, yeah, I had fetishes on rock and bands, so I was REALLY looking forward for this show.

Some doubts of mine for this show was proven wrong ;)

Hyun Bin can really pulls that rock-ish vocal! I mean, the trot-ness is there. And me and P-sshi was wondering if he could get a little less of it since this band is kind of....general band? Maybe much more to rock? Especially having such a hot rocker like Jungmo from TRAX there. Oh gosh, I starts to dig out TRAX's songs and it was AWESOME! I mean, I've heard k-rock before, but it was damn difficult to find the sample of their song~ Try listening to Scorpio if you love rock.
Sungmin was trying. He is indeed trying to be entertaining. can I not smile to see him doing so? Oh, not to mention he is the MA…

Super Junior is addictive, hands down.

Because they're plain HOT!
I went for some good shop-a-holic hours with one of my bff, Oceanids [her alter ego ^^] and went like lines of shops within two malls at once!
Well, that is not the point. We were having lunch when she said that she needs to confess something. The French-crazer mademoiselle admits that she started to like Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. I laughed and clap my hands like somekind of insane girl when she spills it!! I've known her long for her cravings and fanatics of French stuffies. She can even understands French really well and how she rejected my ideas of trying some Asian entertainment is engraved deeply in my head.
So she thought that I'm going to laugh at her when she confessed that Sorry Sorry is so damn nice, she thinks the song is outdated for us, the follower of Super Junior. I said, there is no such things as outdated for us. And it's not even late for her, at least she heard Sorry Sorry within the time frame of promoting the song. I…

20th and 21st June: The Good, The Bad and The Celebration

2oth June 2009, Saturday: Super Junior officially put an end to their promotion of Sorry Sorry+Neorago. It's a day filled with tears of unwanted farewell and joy for being together with them along the journey of promoting it. They're starting off their Super Show2 Asia Tour soon.
21st June 2009, Sunday: Super Junior's Kim Ryeowook celebrates his 23rd birthday. This is also the day 'Oppa Band' would premier the first episode of it's show in MBC channel, Super Junior Lee Sungmin is in the band so please watch out for him, E.L.F :)
This is the special day that all sons and daughters in the whole wide world could space out for the fathers who had been working so hard, just to keep us growing with all the best things he could offer.
♥Happy Fathers day♥

생일 축하합니다 김려욱!! Happy 23rd Birthday Ryeowook oppa!!

And the Eternal Magnae turned 23 (Korean year) today!
This is my 2nd birthday post of you that I made in this blog. So be proud a bit! ^^
Dear Ryeowook oppa,
It seems that you grow another year today, congratulations! I hope you can always be the Eternal Magnae, no matter how much you've aged, because you're the only one in this world who could pull such 'magnae-ish' aura without failing at it. Yes, not even once :)
The first time listening to your voice, nobody couldn't help but to feel awe, to be suffocated of your talent, there is no doubt; you're gifted. When you displays it, how can people not love? How can one sane person could ignore? So whenever you think that you have no one adoring you, please think of your hardwork. You're loved and you're well-loved. Maybe much more than you've ever imagined. Have no doubt about it, because we're here, and we want to be visible to you ^^
Debut: Ryeowook's TWINS Promotional picture
Wookie during Miracl…

Give way for TheFamousCookieDough!!

Kim Ryeowook (김려욱) is Super Junior's Eternal Magnae and he never stops to amuse us with his passion for music, vocals, and many more undisclosed talents of his. Though fellow SJ members and E.L.Fs are well adapted that he is one of the members who behold a powerful voice, I do remember him being a bit inferior by saying twice about not being recognise and not being loved. Once when he was in Thai and he got quite a pleasant surprise to see his name solely on cards being raised in the sea of fans. And another statement was made recently in one of their shows, if it's not Song Battle, it might be YeoYeoManMan.
I've come across Sungmin's fan whom had put a lot of efforts for Super Junior pictures, videos and fancams at her site, widely known as SarangSJ. Surely, I can't thank her enough for building the international hub for all Pink Pumpkins (Sungmin's fans) which is now I'm a regular visitor there, M-INvasion :) Thank you so much, Alex!!
And now I am proud to…


Because I believe God forgive us for having evil thoughts and only cast us as sinned when we finally did the unrights, I had to practice God's generosity as well and forgives you for being ignorant. I had to tell you this.
Yes, I'm a fangirl. I do whatever I can to support my beloved stars, especially Super Junior. That is why this blog established and THIS IS NOT THE BLOG THAT I SHARE MY PERSONAL LIFE. This is made for my fangirling purpose only. Promoting, spreading and giving out my thoughts. Followers surely understand what Sayanghaeyo mainly did.
Thus, I would like to call all of you who had the intention to promote anything or present anything here, DO NOT SPAM YOUR PROMOTIONS IN MY CHAT BOX, COMMENTS OR TO ANY OF SITES THAT I LINK AWAY HERE. I don't care if you're promoting the love of my life (Super Junior), but MANNERS IS MANNERS. Do tell me at the chatbox just whatever purpose you want me to promote and leave your email/website/both and I'll contact you for…

MONSTER is the evil side of Super Junior

When Super Junior teased us with their song tracks that are going to be included in the third album, I was totally drawn to one title as it doesn’t sounds ‘Super Junior’ to me. MONSTER. I had to admit, I’ve been waiting for MONSTER more than I did for Sorry Sorry. When the album was fully released, I quickly checked on MONSTER first than any other song. And I was satisfied; it does reach my expectation for it to be a good song. Yes, I was expecting something dark like MONSTER for the name itself is so appealing to me.
What is there not to love MONSTER? It starts with such a catchy and harmonious beats, how contradicting to the fact that the song would present to us such dark lyrics. K.R.Y. is at their sexiest in this song, seriously. I love the melody which is somewhat wailing for being such a selfish yet in love of a man, especially the chorus part. I can’t help melting spazzing at the part where Donghae whispered at first bridge before the chorus. And the second bridge, everythi…

Fangirl to fangirls:the problem that we share

LOLz! Yes, definitely our charm!
This is just a random observations that I did. And I don't quite think it's accurate, it's just that I think I can see the pattern of it.
1. Long hours on computer
-As what I can see, well, I myself did it, most of the fangirls out there spent numerous amount of time on their computer more than to anything else. Well, how can it not be? Downloading, keeping up with the news, watching videos, posting in your blog, forums and lots more that maybe I have no idea what you girls might be doing, hohohoz.
Seriously, this is not really a good thing. Well, first, it ate up majority amount of your time, thus rejecting other activities that you might plan to do. Second, you're near 'otaku'. Beware babes! Not to mention health convictions outcome like Carpal Tunnel Syndromme and Myopia.
And yes, there is absolutely something to do out of computer but you're still fangirling. Try learning that dance moves of your favorite MV. Maybe you di…

Deliverance of MY-TVXQ Goodies!

I received a lot of good things recently, so happy ♥
First, Sungmin is going to appear more in TV
Second are these;
If you remember; Malaysian Cassiopeia had united and promoted MY-TVXQ as Official Fan Club in Malaysia but as Warner Music said they're only eligible as sole distributor for SM Entertainment's albums, MY-TVXQ couldn't be recognized as an official body. Yet, they're the main TVXQ fan base in Malaysia. RM40 of fees are needed to register as a member. People who paid can choose to stay or to redeem back their fees due to the issue.
I chose to stay with MY-TVXQ :)
And Viv Onnie delivered this news last week, here is the pic that she posted, stolen from MYTVXQZONE

*Pic courtesy of MYTVXQZONE
And here are my pictures
The notebook, I was so impressed with the hangul-blent with TVXQ words there
I'm a member!!
My payment receipt in my clear folder, it's really nice! I am so going to use it!!
Third; I'm going to the faculty that I had been dreaming all these time …

Spazzing about the upcoming Oppa Band

The Oppa Band; I'm anticipating
I got to admit that AKP is addictive even when I want to hate that site for quite a number of reasons. It's seriously hate you love you situation for me. But since the additional of CoolSmurf there, it brings a lot more acceptable writings and I found that reasonable jokes can FINALLY be found there.
So I found Oppa Band's news and what is there not to love?? Lines of cool dudes are there!! I bet P-sshi would be excited too, she had some soft spot for Shin Dong Yup and Park Hyun Bin anyway. And aww... I always love Shin Dong Yup. Such a sweet and cool ahjussi. Park Hyun Bin?? Maybe I should believe that oppa once~ Kim Gura is the producer, I wonder if this would be a fail, because seriously, Kim Gura never fails at entertaining.
For my own reason, I will keep my eye on Sungmin. I can't help it when he holds any musical instruments in his hands; I just have to watch closely and I love his aura with it. He is just too talented and too sexy ch…

Sungmin, Yesung, I love you.....

Note: I were watching 3R (Rileks, Respek dan Respons) while I'm typing about this entry. So coincidential that they were mentioning about young ladies' self-esteem when guys criticize. LOLz!! So I'm feeling a lot better now ^^
Oh Yesung~
Read about his statement in latest variety show here.
Have you read?
Well....before you go over board and bash Yesung for his statement. Let's take some time to think. He is just a human being, and he has his own points of view too. We can't change him, this is him. We had to accept it, if we love him.
I'm just so very a little dissapointed of it anyway....can't he keep it to himself? I am sure tons of girls out there are wrinkling their forehead after reading your statement oppa...... But this a fangirl who is writing right now. I still love you though~ just I wish you could love us too.
And I finally found Inifinity Girls with SJ---> English Subbed! I am so excited!! XD Only to find a little fact that.....average-looking g…

Thank You Honey Bunchess!!!

This is what you get when you google for 'Tohoshinki 9095' at the date and time shown below the image *screen cap credits to P-sshi; click image to enlarge*
P-sshi texted me when I woke up from my nap, to look at the c-box on Sayanghaeyo. I was like... what is there to see? Spammers? I'm over those guys. But she kept insisting and I try to find any nearest WiFi. She kinda scares me, I thought somebody posted weird things.
And up above is the picture she gave me. I was completely shocked, awed what is there to describe? Oh, it was a pleasant shock anyway. First, this is like my personal point of view blog. Second, I just crap whatever I want. Third, I don't think people bothers to read my craps. But seems like somebody is reading. Somebody really did.
I would never make it on the #2 hits on google search without you guys continuous visits ^^
Will continue to crap more as a fangirl as long as you always want to hit back here! LOLz!!
Kamsahamnida again to P-Sshi for this piece …

Cass and E.L.F, get your copy of June's YG!!!

The cover of YG magazine for June

It says June, no? LOL! I can't read chinese!
Flip over to the center of the mag, you got a gift~♥

SJ's poster; the size is 6 piece of my home's marble tiles

CassiELF, YG made us to choose!! x_x DBSK poster at the other side... in my case, I don't stick it on my wall. I just keep it :P
YG magazine is in chinese and you could get it at the price of RM5.00. Sold at both Singapore and Malaysia ^.^
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
Please credits to Miss if taking out!

4 Minutes IMHOP

4Minutes: Not easy on my eyes.
Observing the K-entertainment scene, you should be aware of the new girls group with the name '4 Minutes'. I am so damned sorry, though I love energetic girls very much with some weird twist, this group had to work harder. I mean, HELLO!! You look half like 2NE1 and that group has it's own fanbase with VIPs as their affiliate's fanclub!!
I'm not trying to be mean. Seriously, at least After School and 2NE1 had something to differ with each other. But this 4Minutes, oh gosh. Don't make me start with their trashy image, if that supposed to be funky, that is oh so wrong. It shouts CHEAP and JUNK for me. First, they're too young. Age around 17.8?? Oh well....Minzi is 15 (not to add Taemin and Pink Hearts). Second, I am so so sorry!! But they should pull off something different, seriously obviously different with the other girls band that actually had the similar vibe.
But this is my judgement by the style though. I'll wait for t…