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Oppa Band is OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Credits to CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube for the cuts

*insert fangirl's jumping and waving banners here*

OhMy~ I didn't scream, but hey! Got me in awe~ I mean, yeah, I had fetishes on rock and bands, so I was REALLY looking forward for this show.

Some doubts of mine for this show was proven wrong ;)

Hyun Bin can really pulls that rock-ish vocal! I mean, the trot-ness is there. And me and P-sshi was wondering if he could get a little less of it since this band is kind of....general band? Maybe much more to rock? Especially having such a hot rocker like Jungmo from TRAX there. Oh gosh, I starts to dig out TRAX's songs and it was AWESOME! I mean, I've heard k-rock before, but it was damn difficult to find the sample of their song~ Try listening to Scorpio if you love rock.

Sungmin was trying. He is indeed trying to be entertaining. can I not smile to see him doing so? Oh, not to mention he is the MAGNAE OF THE BAND!! XD Sungmin the magnae, now that suits him~❤ Aegyeo as much as you like Ming!! XD Oh, there is some moment when he was.....harrassed? LOLz!! Fanservice anyone? And it's really cute on how he messed up playing Sorry Sorry on the electric guitar. His so dear. Though somewhat peculiar, but his laugh is deep~ and....*dreamy*

Damn that piece they had are so FINE! Shindong Yup can really pulls that bass on!!! That is not some easy strings there~ XD and hey, I can't scrap back my jaw when I heard that organs from Yoo Young Suk~ it's really beautiful. Tak Jae Hoon~ I'm so sorry~ I don't pay much attention on you T__T Since this vid is Sungmin-cuts only, I didn't manage to hear everything nor did I see the whole of it.

If only there is a person kind enough to sub the show, I'd be thankful to her/him and even give her/him my prayers worth a year! (wth, sounds so wrong!)

Anyways, I'm officially a fan of Oppa Band, probably more than a fan of Band of Brothers!! Sorry KangChulJayMo!! Oppa is just too irresistable ^^


p/s: I don't sounds like I'm sane? Probably because I don't expect such fine piece to be produced within first episode :P Anyway, awaiting for more of them next week! Please love it too :)


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