Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sungmin, Yesung, I love you.....

Note: I were watching 3R (Rileks, Respek dan Respons) while I'm typing about this entry. So coincidential that they were mentioning about young ladies' self-esteem when guys criticize. LOLz!! So I'm feeling a lot better now ^^

Oh Yesung~

Have you read?

Well....before you go over board and bash Yesung for his statement. Let's take some time to think. He is just a human being, and he has his own points of view too. We can't change him, this is him. We had to accept it, if we love him.

I'm just so very a little dissapointed of it anyway....can't he keep it to himself? I am sure tons of girls out there are wrinkling their forehead after reading your statement oppa...... But this a fangirl who is writing right now. I still love you though~ just I wish you could love us too.

And I finally found Inifinity Girls with SJ---> English Subbed! I am so excited!! XD Only to find a little fact that.....average-looking girls are really funny to Sungmin. Oh, I can't blame him though, because I laugh my ass off when I watch No Hong Chul, Park Myung Soo, Shin Jung Hwan and all other gagmen which I rate their faces as average. And the thing that Bongsun and Shinyoung are doing at that time he is laughing is really funny! I am so not blaming him for laughing.

YeMin for Cosmopolitan

Just that, ahh!!! I mentioned before that I am ugly!! I even consider myself to join the comedy show Raja Lawak because of my face!!

Gosh, this fangirlism in me shouts so high-pitched when I read and watch it~ You have to remember my side-self other than fangirl; it's really fashionista. Haahahhahaha~ not to mention I could be overly sensitive when Sungmin mentions anything about girls in his view. NOT that I think I would marry him or date him or something like that (I do dream, as a fangirl, who didn't??) it's only that I wish I would be a pleasant company if only we would get the chance to meet. Which is something almost impossible!

And I do think all these Kkottminam deserves good-looking fans if it's not GORGEOUS ;) I mean, come on..... They're not dating because of us! Fans! So yeah.... I know, I know, it's stupid. I know.

For girls out there. You live just how you want it, you look just how you want it. You want it, you work it and you get. DO NOT feel inferior of whatever you have. You are unique just the way you are. Following what guys want to see is just plain out of date! YOU are to be loved by those who understands what YOU are made of.

And you are beautiful, no matter what other people said. That is what I'm sure at ;)

Okies, enough with mushy talk! Here is the Infinity Girls show with Dongdong, Hyukkie and Ming

credits to sjworldnet (yes, the do have YT channel! ^^)


p/s: I erased from my picks in this blog. Something happened and I can't help but to forget that site as my frequent visit. I might or MIGHT NOT blog about it

*YeMin pic fr Newsen and credits

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