Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank You Honey Bunchess!!!

This is what you get when you google for 'Tohoshinki 9095' at the date and time shown below the image
*screen cap credits to P-sshi; click image to enlarge*

P-sshi texted me when I woke up from my nap, to look at the c-box on Sayanghaeyo. I was like... what is there to see? Spammers? I'm over those guys. But she kept insisting and I try to find any nearest WiFi. She kinda scares me, I thought somebody posted weird things.

And up above is the picture she gave me. I was completely shocked, awed what is there to describe? Oh, it was a pleasant shock anyway. First, this is like my personal point of view blog. Second, I just crap whatever I want. Third, I don't think people bothers to read my craps.
But seems like somebody is reading. Somebody really did.

I would never make it on the #2 hits on google search without you guys continuous visits ^^

Will continue to crap more as a fangirl as long as you always want to hit back here! LOLz!!

Kamsahamnida again to P-Sshi for this piece of news. She is probably the earliest reader of 'Sayanghaeyo' before anybody else did. And she is also the one who FORCE introduced me to Hallyu wave. Especially Super Junior. Many thanks to P-sshi~ [an avid S♥ne, that is why she marks it all with pink].

And this is the entry that ranked #2 in Google Search



p. said...

i begged you to watch sungmin one year ago, but you said you want to marry heechul (ah also ryeowook) at that time. remember?

Miss Healerzz said...

adoi, wants to make statement here also. Yalah, of course Sungmin is not my first love. You begged? Maybe I ignore so I don't remember, but I saw Sungmin in EHB; melted me la~ so I like him since that. Ceh, you know still wants me to explain here~ so now I have to announce you influence me to love Sungmin? LOLz

me said...

ahha.congratz!hehe.ur blog is always one of my wajib visit site everyday

Miss Healerzz said...

lolz!! wajib? XD Thanks for your constant visit honey~ I really appreciate that ^^

z a t i o said...

congrats gurl, i like ur blog too. a must visit.. u go girl~!

Miss Healerzz said...

awwww~~ thanks honey. That is so sweet of you~ Now I really have to mind my words, knowing that people do read my craps O_____O or I'll get sued *dazed*