Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something out of the blue...I mean, Super Junior LOL

*credits to RandomRinnie for the upload

*credits to lidiya for the upload

Watching FTI and TRAX (is it only me or Asian guys with bleached hair is totally attractive?) makes me wonder if we could see some sort of more female rock bands. And I found this bunch of Japanese girls, Scandal. Now I would like to see them jam together!! XD

*credits to deuxksy for the upload

And before this short school leave ends, I'm struggling to finish episodes of Oppa Band and now Wild Bunny got me gaga over them~ LOL


p/s: Remember Oceanids that I told you before? She is now totally in love with Ryeowook~ Hahaha~ now I know what should I get her for this year's birthday---A GLOWSTICK!!--- Since P-Sshi is being a silent reader here, I'm not going to disclose what she'd get for this year :P

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