Friday, July 24, 2009

Kiss Min Through The Phone

Aahahahha~ Have you read about Sungmin's kissing case? Click and read first.

I just want to focus on Sungmin kissing a girl who is cosplaying as Jang Woo Hyuk (H.O.T.). The image was discussed quite intense at WonderMin before, when Alex uploaded it at the site. Everybody thought it was Teukie but this had cleared up the confusion I guess? :3

Sungmin as Tony Ahn (my favorite member of H.O.T.).

This costume is from Outside Castle MV, also my favorite MV of all H.O.T.'s MV and song. The meaning is deep, I had discussed about it before here, so go check it out :)

And this is the controversial picture of Sungmin and 'Jang Woo Hyuk', naughty and hot, dare I admit? LOLz!! XD

both picture of Sungmin cosplaying as Tony credits as tagged and
Do not look at the skin Min is showing there!! I TELL YOU DON'T!!! *Bites you*

H.O.T. (original) person sitting is Jang Woo Hyuk and the one with blonde hair is Tony Ahn.

I'm just so happy that the cosplayer is a girl..... or Sungmin would be the only boy in this world who are kept being kissed by guys. Hangeng (EHB), Hyukjae (EHB), Ryeowook (Idol Drama), Kangin (see here), Heechul (hahahaha, the awkward and the hottest)..... and during his younger years, this:-

credits as tagged and
Don't believe me it's Sungmin? Come here and have a look

I wonder if he is that tempting to be kissed? And girls are too shy to ask for it? (what am I thinking?? @__@) Oh, poor Sungminnie~ you're just too hot for your own good!

That lips are just asking for it! XD
*pic credits as tagged and supersungmin (seriously heaven for all pink pumpkins!!)

That's all, I can't help blogging about this when I read about the news. Now, would it be too much to ask so we could see JungmoXSungmin kissing? Hahahaa~~ Sungminnie, I love you!! Can't help making fun of you!! XD


p/s: A week off campus. I hope nothing gone too serious~ SMTown Concert countdown! Would Heechul starts something new again? Gosh, that diva is driving me nuts....

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