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So I pray for you, oh so I promise you

I am.....Goo Hye Soon wannabe~ LOLz! Seriously, I really love the fact that she is multi-talented^^
Hi honey bunches, this is Norfy (who else!! LOLz)
For anybody who happened to stumble on my blog, followed me, or had been a silent reader for all the time. . .
In my campus, I had registered to do an audition as a radio DJ. I had no experience, seriously. And the interview is really embarrassing. I messed up with my body language \ and facial expressions! So I came to the Malay thread in SJ-World, asking for all the girls and guys there to pray for me. . . I really didn't set any hope to be one with such dumb and lame interview.
Somehow, I GOT THROUGH. Thank you so much for all the people who blessed my prayer with theirs! Love you guys *sarang, sayang*

Me: My hubby used to be a DJ and now he is going to act for a musical, please pray for us both :) E.L.F. + Pink Pumpkins: wth? *chase with bricks and stones*

The next round of audition is going to be on Tuesday, 1st September after my S…

Help our dear cookiedough out!

If you can still remember, I've posted and featured about an uploader who I've remarked as an avid Wookie fangirl, TheFamousCookieDough. You can read about her here.
I was flipping through my subscriptions at YouTube and found the video. DAMN! Not about plagiarizing!! I'm never fond of this kind of issue.
Watch this:-
If you couldn't get the idea or don't understand what is the issue. You can check about plagiarizing and crime in fandom+internet here. Maybe you could understand a bit on how the uploaders felt. Continuation of the saga....

And it's not that I love this kind of war/fight whatever it is you're tagging it with, but I'm just not fond of PLAGIARIZING. It's a huge sin and if you're studying at uni, you could get EXPELLED when the authority recognized your work as plagiarism. If you could help our dear cookiedough and the other uploaders to serve justice, please do so if you find any videos that isn't hers and she simply copied it fro…

Got an email again and this time.....

..........IT'S A GOOD NEWS!! XD
Here is what got me all hyped up!! Event: Korean Song Singing Class (Super Junior songs)
Date: 27 August 2009, Thursday (Government school holiday)
Time: 02.00pm – 03.00pm
Venue: Korea Plaza, Menara Han Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee

MYSJ is sending representatives to participate in this event.
We will gather at Bukit Nanas monorail station at 01.00pm and walk to Korea Plaza together.
We hope that Sapphire Pearls can send representatives as well.
Lets show them Malaysia E.L.F. power!! <<--- I love how Jasmine is always full with enthusiasm in her mail XD

For those members who are interested, kindly register by providing us their information as below:

** For those who select “YES”, please gather at Bukit Nanas monorail station at 01.00pm

As we need to count the number of participant and report to Korea Plaza, we would greatly appreciate if you can send their information to us before 26 August …

Just In Case You've Forgotten Me....

So I made another entry
Cr: cleaver487@youtube for both making and uploading it^^
I got it while browsing around SJ-World, trying to fulfill my own promise that I'd make 10 posts for a day in weekends and 5 posts/day. This is to secure my inbox~ ah, I sounds pathetic so skip that.
Anyways, this vid is really cool. For a toddler ELF like me, I was so mesmerized (I'm using this word over and over again ==;) and how I regret the time that I rejected SJ to come to my life. LOLz!!
As cleaver said it is better to listen to it with earplugs and maximize the volume, I'm suggesting the same thing too for you~♥
Oh, and I finally got myself twittering. If you think that it is worth it to follow me, than do that here. But I'm only using it for the update in Sayanghaeyo, not my personal use. Plurk is still my priority, damn I love that social site more than anything else :P
Sapphirepearls is organizing a fan project, please feel free to join in. For Malaysian, SPMalaysia and MYSJ might …

Welcome to Faculty of Hallyu Wave

Hallyu wave which was coined first by Beijing's Journalists is undeniably spreading rapidly around the globe at the beginning of 21st century through channels of Korean products and it is still blessing every souls to every corner they might get to until now. Such intense growth of the culture had been proven academically that it has the special impact on economy, tourism, sociology and anthropology of the world. Therefore, Faculty of Hallyu Wave offers four sequences for you to specifically understands the rising (Hons) Bachelor in Idol Studies(Hons) Bachelor in TV and Silver Screen(Hons) Bachelor in Techonology and Manufactures(Hons) Bachelor in Photography and Printings
Our undergraduates would compulsory take the following subjects as their core studies during foundation years:- Language and the accentsFood and artsTraditional CultureKorea History ============================================================== (Hons) Bachelor in Idol Studies
A special study on stardom and idolizing H…

P-sshi: what she means to me

I could write a terrabyte words of appreciation and complaints when it comes to P-sshi
I could blog a lot if I want to in all of my blogs, personal, academic, fangirling etc.
I could abandon the other things besides me just to let her know I'm with her
P-sshi means a lot to me.
But I don't have to write it out or blog it up.
Because I believed words are left words without the act of the person who arranged it up.
Because I know somehow she knew how much she meant to me just by looking at how I treat her.
This time I just hope she could understand how happy I am when she acknowledged me as a friend.
And I just want her to understand me just a little bit.
Since I know I'm an awkward person to be with, a little bit just means a lot to me. .
P-sshi ah, 사랑해요~
Sayanghaeyo Norfy a.k.a Norfolk Pine

SJ-World Kibum's Birthday Project [REPORT]

Postal Charge: RM43
Petrol Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM4.30
Service Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM4.30
Plus special bedded envelope: RM3.00
Printing+paper: RM0.40
Thanks for your participation, altogether we made up a team of 13 girls (coincidentally the same amount of SJ members, LOL!) with total of 20 postcards!
Therefore, RM55 would be divided to 13 girls which resulted to:
A low cost for everyone! But it's too much of hassle with 3 cents there. So you just need to pay me RM4.20. Maybe too low that it's impossible to pay through cash deposit machine.
For the members who didn't use online banking service, you can send me concealed cash. Send in your cash within envelope but remember to make it unseen through the envelope. Any questions about this you could PM me at SJ-World or through SMS. Thank you!! ^^
And here are the photos of all the accumulated postcards, and how the mail looks like:-

Total of 20 postcards ^^
Various places are shown :D


Click on the banner for further details :)
If you need to ask in Bahasa, please ask here
Will update later, got class and quiz to manage!!
Sayanghaeyo Norfy

Higher ranking fanboy ♥

Taemin is a fanboy too ^^ Like noona like dongsaeng
I was facing a registration problem which lead me to Mr. F as the Assistant Registrar of our facutly. When I stepped in his office room, I was quickly warped into his own world. Songket as table runner, Sarawak's Pua Kumbu hanging at the top of his wall, various pictures of him travelling around the globe and posters of Obama, The Beatlers and all.
But one thing is, he had a Memorial of Michael Jackson at Staple Center's poster, neatly framed with some expensive looking Mahogany frame and my jaw dropped when I look at it. I asked him if he bought it at ebay or somewhere else, he smirked and said "I've been there,"
This reminds me to Jungsoo when he talked about a fanboy of his just got admitted into an university during Sukira and he said that he is proud that even if he is such an active fan, he could still manage getting himself through all the hassles to the uni :D and Mr. F is such a good example in my own re…

For the 20% Cassiopeia I had in me

*credits to NEONcolorGIRL1@YouTube

As much as I am overly biased on Super Junior, DBSK always had a place in my fangirling activities.
I just wish that after I woke up tomorrow morning, the news that I had from today's discussion (SM vs. JaeChunSu) would be good.
Pray and have faith, Cassiopeias.
*credits as tagged
I wouldn't reside to anyone, they had their own reasons (though I'm overly mad on SM before). I just want the best solutions to make it all good for every parties (SM, DBSK, Cassiopeia).
"What I'm trying to find, Is all the efforts people like me put together
I crave to cry out for this dream to be a realization..
The courage that you hold in the center of your heart
-O.Jung.Ban.Hap, TVXQ-
"One love in your heart makes tomorrow so easy,
If you can link it with two love,
Love, love as if you believe in yourself,
The survivor that lives on

-Survivor, Tohoshinki-
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
p/s: I couldn't help but to think about the other bands under SM as wel…