Saturday, September 5, 2009

Taking Back My Love

Why? Simple! He is like so cheerful and hyper according to most fan accounts

And he is the ONLY member who got the effort to at least mutter some Malay words!! One fan account said that he kept saying Apa Khabar, Terima Kasih and when fans said to him Apa Khabar, he replied 'SAYANG' shamelessly. LOL!!!! This happens at Kota Kinabalu Airport ^^

How can I not welcome this guy once again to Malaysia? XD And him being cheeky all the time in most of the pictures and his warm attitude, even drawing stuff like this:

credits: starfir3@triplesmalaysia

How can I not love this kind of bubbly and friendly guy?? MY LOVE TO HYUNG JOON WAS SNATCHED BY PARK JUNG MIN! I don't care if he did nose job, so what? Personally, I don't think he did that though~ I got a friend who has a weird-plastic-like nose, but...I grew up with him, so...I know it's not plastic. Aigooo....

Officially in love~ and now I had to think again, should I go to SS501 concert? I want to welcome Park Jung Min! I want to tell him, oh, you're most welcome to Malaysia anytime! Aku Cinta Kamu ok, that's a! But this is what the blog is all about, spazzing.


p/s: For all the sayangzz, I didn't make it for the cut. But thank you to all of you for your prayers, I really appreciate that ^^


mulan77 said...

JM really friendly... i manage to see him at KLIA..

'atiqah said...

unni!!!!! It's ok if u didn't make it to the cut. You already do the best for it :) btw, I miss u..hehe!~

yin said...

unnie ! its alright that u didnt make the ^^
u did ur best and thats what is important ^^
ur great now and you'll be even better ! kkk .

and YES Jungmin was soooo cute !
but i got Hyungjoon for the sign ~
and LOLS ! he was cute too !
he replied me "Nado saranghae"
when i told him "Oppa Saranghae" LOL .

omg i betrayed Teuk :x

mulan77 said...

norfy... don't worry.. at least you have the experience... maybe in future.. wish u all the best..^__^

Miss Healerzz said...

@mulan unnie: omg! i am so envy of you!! and thankies unnie ^^ i'm fine now

@atiqah: i do think too much aegyeo doesn't work in Malaysia, so...haha, you're probably right for saying i might do my best at AEGYEO-ing LOLz! thankies anyway honey <3

@yin: OMG!! you guys are so damned lucky!! who cares of Teuk when you actually got Hyungjoon at your side!! Seriously...

....i don't mean it...hehehe~