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SJ-World Donghae's Birthday Project [REPORT]

First of all, honeys, sayangzz....I am so damned sorry for my late report. School tasks, personal money-making industry (LOL) made me washed-out and put me to no choice but to wait for the right time to have this report going on.
Anyway, here is the budget.
Postal Charge(to Singapore): RM22

Petrol Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM2.20

Service Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM2.20

Bedded envelope: Free (I got it from my roomate :P)
TOTAL: RM26.40

Five girls successfully made their fishes way to my inbox on time. I am so sorry to other girls whom had their fishes submitted late, I couldn't hand it over to Joyce (I even received Shindong's cards at that time U__U).
The share of this project for each girls (again, I tried to join Donghae's project but FAIL due to excess time on research and study) would be RM26.40/5
Oh, ignore that coins. Just pay back to me RM5 ok? ^^ That would be convenient to you and to me.
I couldn't help but to notice the decreasing numbers …

Sayanghaeyo on Kangin's case

As most of you had knew, Kangin is getting accused for driving drunk and hit a taxi with a driver and two passengers in it. There is no major injuries and he turned himself to the police few hours after the incident so police had taken this into consideration; however the case had been treated as a hit and run since he didn't turn himself up earlier/on the spot.
More information is going to be up soon, since this is just the surface of what happened, there might be something beneath it that we didn't know. Be it good or not.
Our dear big bear Kangin or Youngwoon is no doubt in his darkest hours of being an idol, as being Super Junior's Kangin.
As a living person, aside as being a fangirl, I could have hated him for driving while being drunk. Wasn't there a CLEAR RULES saying: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE??? And choosing to drive while you're clearly drunk, is a huge mistake you could ever done. I've been a victim of hit and run case before, so I couldn't forgive an…

Unleash that Eunhyuk wanna be in you!

So, 8TV Nite Live had been promoting this Sorry Sorry Dancing contest and I am one of the squealing fangirls around the block. Well, I don't have the time to join nor do I have the talent, but I'm going to freaking promote this contest to all of you. Read here for more details!
I bet of all the steps in Sorry Sorry you've tried, tutting would be the HARDEST part. It is hard, but its possible to achieve. I've studied the tut and could do it after 2 days with all the unnecessary focus on it when I should study my books. So here is one good tutting tutorial of Super Junior that I've found.
Credits to PungPhooie
For people in their teens, you can still achieve that super jelly moves like Eunhyuk to do that perfect popping and waving. And no comment on SungTeukEunHae footworks! That needs some serious practice to achieve fast moving legs like that. I FAIL on that everytime I tried!!
I wish you all the best, do tell me if you're going to get your nerves on with that con…

Kill. Me.

Shut up.
I know.
I GASPED too loud that my roomate thought I had an asthma!
Just what the heck the costume coordinator is thinking of? I'm lying if I'm not saying I detest this look. I wonder what kind of world the theater is trying to present? Fantasy? Ancient?
As much as I love Ming, I was so well-relieved that I didn't catch this act of his live. Ok, so its art. But to think that Ming is going to be in that costume for ONE MONTH, I felt my soul went away. AkillA successfully killed me, and its not a good thing.
The only good thing maybe is Ming showing off that skin from his chest down to his abdomen. that is rare, considering the fact that he NEVER goes topless before. This peek is just great to make me go OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!
Sungmin oppa, just fighting! I know you're going to make it good and grab more attention soon with that great acting skills behind that........umm...artsy costume.
In the other hand, please to know that this coming Sunday, 11th of O…

Am not happy and am sorry

I regret the hours in my life like I never did. This is a humble opinion only. Please do not get mad. I had my own reason. I love you all, but please let me be for hating the hours back then.
To all fangirls, not all people would love you. But try to make them at least respect you.
From my deepest concern. Norfy
p/s: I am so sorry. I couldn't explain. I am unhappy and I am so sorry. That is all I had to say.
*pic credits to Cartmann