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[RANDOM] Is it only me or what?

SJ: If you're bored and you know you turn to right, yeeha! Me: *yawns* SJ: YAAAHHH!!!!
I refuse to talk about MAMA 2009 it'll invite stupid debates. But here is my stance:
It is not a suitable reference for KPop scene 2009 if we're going to look for it in the future.
Alright, so this is my blog post out of boredom. Bored. Yes, you've read me, bored.
Currently, after all the controversies and scandals where it gets the K-poppers all excited with negative energy, I felt like it gave out really tiring mind at the half end of the year. Seriously, whenever I scroll for latest K-Pop news, went to SJ-World, SFI, Soshified, Soompi and even to AllKPop, I was.....oh my god. Nothing interesting.
I wonder if its only me. . . I tried to update myself with latest songs, watching dramas (which I stopped halfway), read back all the interviews and transcripts of Sukira and watch Star King, try to get some laughing stock from Kpop macros, read fanfics. Ahh.. I don't know. I don't fee…

I'm baaaccckkkk and guess what?

Hello Sayangzz, its been a while isn't it? I mean, both greetings you and posting, get it?
Ok, lame.
Anyway, peeps,
Well, pretty late isn't it to even said that? It's almost a week since I'm in my holiday mood. Sorry for not posting anything. The fact that I'm lost at what to post is another thing. Oh well, people. I'll try to give you more on what to ponder on the other side of a fangirl ^^ I learnt a lot at school and I think its really useful in the next moves on what I'm going to do to my blog. Maybe.....give aways? *wink*
Hmmm....guess what?
During the long period of hiatus (not that long, I know), I crashed on one feelings that I totally never expect it will come as for being a fangirl, especially to Sungmin, Super Junior and whole K-Entertainment things.
Yes siree, you read it right. Its getting on me when I was watching Super Junior's Adonis Camp, while listening to 2NE1, reading SHINee's fan account and singing…

Vote for SJ at MAMA 2009

Super Junior

I know, I got tons to read for tomorrow's paper but let me free some time to let you know this stratification in me that might be just up to be called as deviance at any time. Emile Durkheim just will not approve whatever I'm trying to say next but...its really important.
So, we all know that SJ will not be attending MAMA which formerly known as MKMF, well, all of the SM family are not going to attend though. But here is my somewhat logic reasoning why we should let Super Junior win.
1) 2009 is the year of their comeback, make it a winning year too. I know we make 2008 a winning year for DBSK! YEAY! *dances Mirotic*
2) Its something to celebrate after few down turn.
3) Foreign ELF always whine whine and complain about the disadvantages for being foreing. Now here is the chance to show the love that they had globally.
4) I wonder how many ELFs out there that could really help? Is it that much of bunches or just me being delusional?
5) Oh my god. Seriousl…

These guys just PAWN!!!

I love comedies. Oh, yes I am. I love epic. I love to laugh, who didn't anyway?
I just have to make this short and simple, because I'm still laughing while I'm typing this (exaggerating is my MIDDLE name, thank you!). I just need you guys out there know that these guys I'm about to feature are just PLAIN AWESOME!
If you are following Sayanghaeyo real close, you'll get to see how ADDICTED I am to 8TV Nite Live. Yes, I am. I remember posting about the show earlier this year, you can read it here. At that time, HunnyMadu used to be the host and its moving on to Jules, to Jules with Mike and Jules,Mike an MOE! <---extra mark here, he is the baby in the emcees line :P
I mean, I had to rush home or get myself in front of the box (or likely something flat on the wall...I don't know) just to watch that particular show. WHY??
Two reasons for me.
2) Jules unnie…

About H.A.T.E

I'm taking some time to update this almost-dead blog. And hey! I just rejuvenated my LJ though I don't still get to see the chemistry between us yet. Blogspot is still the best for me ;D
So as you think I'm being idle while hiatus-ing, I'm still here, behind the screen to monitor what happen around the world (I'm a communication student for god sake! Online is just a MUST!), so beware sayangzz, I'm watching!
Of course, this blog is dedicated to fangirling and I'm talking about fangirling at this moment.
Ok, so heres the treat. I remember plurking and Maskuto posted a video that he said was non-sense and when I watch it, I am certain it would likely to sparks fire between Shawol (SHINee World) and Hottest. I gave away my two cents since the uploader has not state any proof and the proof that she sent up after that was all the way unrelated to her point either. I wasn't trying to pick a fight or so, I was trying to give her a bit sense and hopefully she wil…