Thursday, November 5, 2009

These guys just PAWN!!!

I love comedies. Oh, yes I am. I love epic. I love to laugh, who didn't anyway?

I just have to make this short and simple, because I'm still laughing while I'm typing this (exaggerating is my MIDDLE name, thank you!). I just need you guys out there know that these guys I'm about to feature are just PLAIN AWESOME!

If you are following Sayanghaeyo real close, you'll get to see how ADDICTED I am to 8TV Nite Live. Yes, I am. I remember posting about the show earlier this year, you can read it here. At that time, HunnyMadu used to be the host and its moving on to Jules, to Jules with Mike and Jules,Mike an MOE! <---extra mark here, he is the baby in the emcees line :P


I mean, I had to rush home or get myself in front of the box (or likely something flat on the wall...I don't know) just to watch that particular show. WHY??

Two reasons for me.


2) Jules unnie for being cute (omg...I love her, she is just CUTE! XD), Mike for learning the viewers needs *cough*K-pop*cough* and Moe for....uh....being Moe? LOL! Don't get me wrong Moe, ailabeu~~*heart sign*

The emcess are just plain LOLz. I mean, I turned all geek when I tune in the show and had a good laugh watching them teasing each other. Wth... my sorority sisters was like...Norfy, they are not paying you, so don't laugh too much. I just give them one look and they'll just leave me in my world once again XD

Here are the samples of their dorkiness:-
(Mike and Moe)

*credits to roswellgirl@YT

Just not to confuse you all, Mike is on the right and Moe is on the left :P

Pshh.....ok, girls..... I know....I know... Yes, they are cute. Tune to 8TV Nite Live from Saturday to Monday; 12.45 AM to 2AM if you wanna see them live, k?

(Jules unnie and Mike)

*credits to roswellgirl@YT

YES! How cute Jules unnie is? XD XD I can't help but to tune to the show, its just a MUST for me every weekends. And was it too geek of me to say that I'm waiting for this show every week? LOLzz

You can stalk check their daily life out! Thats the coolest thing :D




And another guy that I just bumped on while randomly hitting on google ( I L.O.V.E. Google! I might just propose to it one day), I don't know if you guys had known him before since I found his vid on some kpop hating community <----why do they even existed??

Meet Mr. Chonny!
*credits to yourchonny or mychonny@YT

ROFL!! Ok, not the best parody every, but you guys just HAD to go through his other vidz where he is babbling all the way. My personal favorite would be the one with him doing tutorial on how to be G-Dragon!

Oh yeah, pardon me for spreading something...what? Influencing minors to cuss. Its hilarious and I just had this urge to share XD

I just had to say, how do I live without all these awesome, hilarious people in the world? Babe...wasn't that world kinda dull?

Oh, dear. I might be signing myself to nearest stand up comedy club in town!


p/s: In other random side, I'm spazzing on Michael Jackson's This Is It as it told the whole truth of my affair with Super Junior *0* omg...goosebumps (in a good way, of course).

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