Monday, November 9, 2009

Vote for SJ at MAMA 2009

Super Junior


I know, I got tons to read for tomorrow's paper but let me free some time to let you know this stratification in me that might be just up to be called as deviance at any time. Emile Durkheim just will not approve whatever I'm trying to say next but...its really important.

So, we all know that SJ will not be attending MAMA which formerly known as MKMF, well, all of the SM family are not going to attend though. But here is my somewhat logic reasoning why we should let Super Junior win.

1) 2009 is the year of their comeback, make it a winning year too. I know we make 2008 a winning year for DBSK! YEAY! *dances Mirotic*

2) Its something to celebrate after few down turn.

3) Foreign ELF always whine whine and complain about the disadvantages for being foreing. Now here is the chance to show the love that they had globally.

4) I wonder how many ELFs out there that could really help? Is it that much of bunches or just me being delusional?

5) Oh my god. Seriously, all of them worked really hard for their comeback and we are just sitting here signing up, voting for them each day. Is it that hard?

6) Exams? I got exams too honey. Just few minutes to sign up and vote. Its okay if you're not voting for few days but you will still vote. I'll tell you how, leave me your email address at the chatbox please ^^

7) Where is your words to keep the Sapphire Blue all over the world? Work it out sayangzz!

8) 13 boys, with general fans and their own singularly owned fans. How many was that? WHERE ARE YOU??

9) I want it so bad, why aren't you? LOL!

10) Please to be reminded that this is Foreign Category Award in MAMA. SOOOO.......How foreign are you? I mean, how many of foreign ELFs out there actually? Emh? Not that much eh? Huh. Talk big. Sapphire Blue sea what the heck. Pish.


12) I want to see all of them happy again like when they're receiving the award for MKMF 2007 :3

13) Why are you calling yourself E.L.F. peeps?

Enough talk. YOU HAVE TO HAVE SJ-WORLD ACCOUNT if you wanna know how to vote. This is to secure information ya? One of the strategy ^^

12 DAYS TO GO! Lets make it A MIRACLE; just like how Super Junior prove to the world!


p/s: Owh..I sounds wrong at the beginning. Blame Sociology for it.

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