Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cho Shin Sung needs my love

I am so ELF and SUJUnized that people might thought I don't care about other bands in K-Pop. Well, that is wrong actually. The proof is..uhh...well, this might be kinda lame to prove it but..

Cho Shin Sung a.k.a Supernova!!!!
*insert fangirl's squealing, ribbity and jumping*

LOL!! Ok, I know you might say: what? You aren't that spazzy when TTL (Time To Love) is releasing their song and performed?

Easy. Because I want the original Supernova, not the one with girls what so ever. Yeah, I am that kind of stupid fangirl. Jealous and such. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . Why are you looking to me like that???

Ok, to let you understand, I prefer Supernova on their own. So Time To Love is something I just paaaaaaaaaassss~~~ Not that I hate T-ara, but I just don't get that excited for Time To Love. Thats all. Now, can we just enjoy Supernova latest MV?

OMG...Its so beautiful.....and Geon il. I love you~~ You need to know that I'm so in love with Geon il's rap skills; so officially, this blog is Geon il's lovers friendly! You're most welcome here XD

Thats all, I jumped when I found the new vid of them after such a long time. LOL!


p/s: Just because Sungmin is too hot

Aaaaaahhhh~♥ I'm loving his black and samurai-like do

credits: 1st vid(XxnihonxX@YT) 2nd vid (ecokorea@YT) and pic as tagged+sungmin baidu+supersungmin.wordpress.com

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amanina hamid said...

i'm lovin sungmins hair! hot like tuttt. hehe