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Honesty is such a lonely word

Thanks to Sarah bb a.k.a ★planecrash- for the pretty poster~ XD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Will Protect Super Junior

You may hate them for various reasons
and I don't even care about it

You may hate me for loving them
and I don't care even as in tiny bits

All I know is, Super Junior made me believe in miracle once again
after I thought it was long vanished from this earth

People thought I become their fans merely because of their looks
I could be a fan for more than one boy bands; drools over their looks
and could even find hotter, younger, more good looking boy groups
I could have gone wildly to every each forums and claim love on each of the boy group members, and casually forgetting the 13 boys that is slowly aging.

Its really sad how people couldn't see the inner thoughts I had for them

For proving to the world its possible of getting all 13 different
personalities, talents and image into one group
and stays strong until now,

For getting through the obstacles together with generous smiles and laughter
we didn't know they're crying in their heart instead,

For giving a refreshing breath on every field they touched
they made wonders and unconsciously started new trends,

For being parted into sub-units and still grow a lot closer
even make it big in a totally foreign country together with the other two lovely members,

For teaching us fans to believe in friends no matter what happen
we now know why they call us Ever Lasting Friends

I am Super Junior's Ever Lasting Friends, I am E.L.F.

I will do all my might to protect Super Junior
How about you?

(non-typical fangirl)

p/s: in the midst of writing this, my internet disconnected 17 times but I insisted to blog this, I can't stand it when I see Heenim cried. Because he seldom did that in public

*YT credits to RaiBaka, original uploaded credit: thincia的视频空间, thanks to Heekmah who Plurked this video to me

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My connection is seriously INDECENT

*cr: 4minniemink@YT

Oh~ Oh~ Prettiest Hong Gil Dong with ahjumma hair *_______*

Did I told you before that I want to update you with the news of SSII in Malaysia?

I know, I did.

And I know I didn't get you updated. I'm seriously sorry!

For sayangzz who didn't know, I'm a public university student doing Bachelor on Mass Communication Publishing line. I might be underestimating my sequence; for saying I wouldn't be that busy for my second semester. I was wrong. As Publishing students are RARE and limited in numbers, we are pushed and bounded to be active in student's body. I totally didn't expect that; but now I'm assigned as leader for academic field trip. akjg;ajugi;akhmma;lii;mb; you have no idea how PALE I was when I took the responsibility.

Not to mention I took extra learning credits time by taking Korean language which are held as night class. In a week, I got three night classes, two for Korean language and the other one is for International Advertising (I'm going to do magazine anyway, so yeah). I got 8AM-9PM classes for Wednesday and Thursday; I tried my best to stay awake for my assignments and I am mostly free on Monday and Friday. However, I still had discussions, meetings and academic research to be done during the spare time.

I tried my best to get you updated; because I love you guys, I love Super Junior and who ever loves Super Junior shall be loved by myself as well. If I had the gayest chance ever, I'll hug every each of you to thank you for loving Super Junior just as much as I did. Enough said, this is my motivation to keep on going.

And everytime I felt ambitious to give out informations.....

My sorority's connection (yes, yes, I live in sorority, not dormitory ;D because the environment is better) is seriously not helping. It went disconnected by itself for SEVERAL times everytime I went online. We didn't know whats wrong, because the neighbors around us are experiencing the same issue too. I know, I could get a broadband instead, but man...I PAID for this sorority's connection! So I need to use it till the end of this semester, k?

As I tried to apologize, I'm explaining. I'm not trying to make you say:"Ohhh... poor you, so busy, couldn't update," :insert crying emoticon: No. Its just that I had this feeling; people might be saying; "I was waiting for updates! Where the heck is it" just in case if theres any. But if theres isn't...shall I be glad? LOL!

Oh, and thank you so much for all of you who are very kind to wish me on my birthday (even earlier and belated, LOL) because I need all of the wishes so I could get through these first few months of 2010 REAL HARD AND SMOOTH! I'm sorry if I couldn't reply you due to my sucky connection. But ailabeu so much~

Ok, thats it I guess. LET US ALL FIGHTING TOGETHER!!!


p/s: GET UPDATED SOON FOR ONLYSJ T-SHIRT+ SJ GLOW STICK ORDER!!! Watch out for it at Choco Fam and SapphirepearlsMalaysia :D :D :D

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Sayanghaeyo On SSII In Malaysia Issue

Ryeowook: Awww....look whose begging and crying for us now?
After babbling bad about us in her petty blog~
Jungsoo, Hyuk, DongDong: (Oh yeah, revenge is sweeetttt)

You know, I'm just an E.L.F. with lots of privileges with me and with that, I only would like to cater you guys the best information I could get in hand. Just to help each other. In the name of being a fangirls. I feel you totally.

I know I'm super excited and even day dream almost half of my time since I know Super Junior back in 2008. Can I say I spent the rest of 2009 believing that Super Junior actually had the desire to come to Malaysia? LOL I'm delusional like that.

I believe I'm not alone too.

Since the breakout of that piece of news SSII coming over Malaysia, I was nothing than being excited (I fainted). And the next day of it, I can't help being suspicious (if I could be suspicious on a little boy stealing my manga collections, how am I not to do so for something like this?).

Up until today, though the Dream Maker website had put up the schedule and local organizer had fly over SM Entertainment banners there, I'm still......I don't know. I'm like this. I don't understand this brain of mine either.

From what our sister affiliates (MYSJ) admin , Karen onnie told me, I think we need to all calm down a bit. The ticks are not going to be up until Monday anyway =3=

Anyway, they promised to update about it soon. I'll update Sayanghaeyo and cater to you guys nothing but the truth. if i messed up you can poison me by blocking me from loving sungmin.



Kindly please do not spam my mailbox, MSN, PM/Comment box at SJ-World with questions of SSII. I'll let the information floats around once I get anything that is reliable.

And oh yeah, whoever had my numbers, I'm so begging you please do not text/call me about SSII, I got lots of important things in hand already. I understands that you need clarifications quickly but we promised you we'll update when we get the confirmation.

Please, private life is private.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ah!! Eh...Uhm...Oh...Ugh!

I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed stupid.

I'm tired of people lying saying what they want about me them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sayanghaeyo is currently CORRUPTED

*credits: OnlySJ





Ever Lasting Friends, brace yourself.

2010; we're going to be



Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do you want love?

Sayanghaeyo stands and kept posting because of its name.

To sayang everyone and to spread sayang.

So everybody please take your time off from YouTube, forum and downloading a while
and join this project to really prove how much do you love our lovely Super Junior members

Due: Two weeks before February!
Details please click here and guidelines click banner

Due: 1st February 2010/Monday
*click banner please*

Due: 1st February 2010/Monday
*click banner please*

Everybody could say, "hey, I'm a fan of Super Junior too you know". And its hard to differentiate casual fans with real fans as there are no concerts to attend, no fanmeeting, no nothing stuffs like that. While the boys are hard to reach from a far, some fans decided to bridge the wide contact between international fans even though they might not see it, they might not know it.

So your chance is here ^^

If you could spend some time to do these projects, I'm quite sure you'll be contented of being a non official Ever Lasting Friend thats working hard to get them known :D

Please support the project a lot!

And shout out to all Team Moe-ers who have voted SHINee Ring Ding Dong MV last night;
KAMSAHAMNIDAAAA!! *shows you saranghae*

Moe oppa showed his gratitude through Twitter
Image Hosted by

and yes, as you can see at my shoutbox, still I screen-capped it LOL!

Image Hosted by

Thank you so much to all of the sayangzz who voted! Go Team Moe XD Follow Moe oppa at Twitter, Facebook and Blog for more info about him :3


p/s: Speaking of Twitter, do you know that our Shindong oppa is now on Twitter? :D Its not a fake one, because TigerJK (OMG I LOVE HIM! But he loves to SPAM HIS TWITTER XD) already proven that its the real Shindong! Follow our lovely Shindong oppa on Twitter

p/s/s: Infinity Challenge Team was here in Sepang, Malaysia last weekend~ OMG!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So I LOL pondering over this

As you guys have known; Neyo is in town for his concert at Sunway Lagoon (thats like 30 mins from my sorority). Selamat Datang Ne Yo! Do enjoy Durian when you stepped here! LOL Catch him in the morning 7th January, Thursday at NTV7 Breakfast Show ;)

To think of it again, we've got the lines up from Taiwanese artists to International ones like Fahrenheit(or Fahlunhai, LOL), Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna (deferred concert, but was confirmed), Beyonce (still had no progress over the delay), Lenka coming over Malaysia be it promoting stuffs or doing concerts.

But its been a while since the last KPOP thing is strutting their stuffs here. It started with DBSK feat Super Junior, than FT Island and U-Kiss feat Paran problem came along until now, SS501 is yet to come. Lee Teuk had been saying quiet a few times before that Super Show is going to land to Malaysia, from the first Asia Tour to Super Show II. And I'll just nod with 'OK' next time when he said they'll come so I wouldn't feel broken inside like these past two chances. However, I'll never give up on this one dream to see them coming over Malaysia once again, with a concert in hand.

And its kind of funny when the local sponsors are so reluctant to give their yes to Super Show (yeap, there are some works wired within but it didn't spark much interest) when they can actually compare this:-

*credits to rageonlinetv


*credits to VikJYH1216

Chances of people buying Hallyu concerts tix? High. Why? The nature of KPOP fans themselves. They're willing to spend the so hard to get KPOP albums and merchandises; so why not a ticket of concert held at local? I'm telling you by seeing the patterns of Hallyu fans spendings. Moreover, international fans that lives at neighbouring countries would likely, no, SURELY come and this would boost the tourism coming over Malaysia as well. I'm shortlisting, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and yes, the massive Thai fans would come.

So I don't understand why these privileges are not to be seen.

Or was it something else that we didn't know?

Just however it is, sayangzz. Chin up! Never let your guards down, the time would come and Hallyu fans, fandom fights are just useless. We need to unite together and join hands for the force.

This is Norfy of Sayanghaeyo ranting like ahjumma 4am in the morning because she just had coffee at 12am.


p/s: Oh. Did I tell you before that I was confused between Akon and Ne Yo back when they're so famous with Lonely and Because of You? And my sunbae used to say to me "Thats like you getting confused on My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco all over again."

Here I send thee my love ^^

I believe sayangzz have watch this cut of our Youngbae from Big Bang having a mini dance battle with our Hyukjae from Super Junior. But who cares? I just love this cut! XD LOL! People would thought I'm bias, but Hyukjae win this through creativity and smooth popping. Taeyang is elegant though, just the part hes like almost fell spoiled his choreo a bit. Overall, SAYANGHAEYO APPROVES THIS BATTLE AND WANTS MOAR!! LOL

*credits to ELFZONE

Personally I think Taeyang is like a protagonist from shounen manga while Eunhyuk walks out from shoujo manga~ LMAO! So, its like depends to your preferences. Me? I LOVE BOTH!
-insert fangirl's squeals-

And to tame your "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! THATS HOT! DAEBAK!! OPPA! SARANGHAE!" here is Kyu's latest solo for Pasta drama OST *^_____^* His voice never fails to calm~ really. And hes doing it effortlessly, how come Kyubaby? LOL

*credits to PsycheSJ

Please watch Strong Heart and Pasta drama; try to give 'em lots of love ^^


p/s: Oh. Oh. Oh God. I'll be announcing my hiatus soon; study comes first! But please stay with Sayanghaeyo if you still wants more ranting and stupid babbles from a professional ahjumma. LOL

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because Mike's FAIL is beyond cute XD

*credits to ksat90@YT (Mike's friend ^^)

Apparently, its a video made for Nuffnang Digi Pimp My Day and Mike tweeted it. A diligent follower I am, I clicked and ROFL!!! And I just need to blog about it. Mike's fail is probably my favorite part~ LOL but the girl's ability to climb backward within the slides made me amused. Seriously~ O.O

But his fail on asking what 'oppa' is in his own show and this one can't never beat Moe oppa's fail on recognizing girls or boys of kpop idols XD

So far, our Jules unnie never fail around KPop stuffs. And she even guessed what Mutizen is right!

LOL! Just what to expect from our lively and lovely emcees for 8TV Nite Live. KPop sayangzz, do check out their sites at my highly recommended links ya? Give 'em some love :D


p/s: And....and....Mike feels so bad about him asking what 'oppa' is, he even tweeted about it ==; make him feel better by tweeting to him that its all in all alright to ask ^^ Follow him via Twitter

Monday, January 4, 2010

From fangirl to fangirl about being a fangirl

I want all of the fangirls out there to take some time and read this. Its a fan account made by one of Hangeng female fans and I found it worth to share it with all of sayangzz out there.

Translator: Bristlegrass
Shared by : onepinetree. forhangeng.wordpress + Shining

Flowers bloom and fade, rain falls then clouds get thinner, I am getting older, the passing years are increasing…

Getting up in the morning, feeling the coldness outside, fortunately, someone is beside me. He gives me his warm embrace, lets me lean on his shoulder. This winter, I am married, my Mr. Zhang, knew me for 13 years, our love is true, and we understand each other tacitly.

Han Geng, I just want you share my joy, let you see I will be happy. You can see it, right? I have been always thinking, if one day I get married, whom will be the first one I want to tell, my beloved sister, my beloved father, or dear friends?

When I received the marriage certificate this afternoon, the first one I thought of is you. My family and friends, they will bless me, wish me always be happy.

Then, how about you? You don’t know there is a sister, far away, becoming Mr Zhang’s wife. You will live your own life, busy and happy…but I still would like to let you know, the one in my heart, your sister is married.

Thank you for being my companionship for these years,

Thank you for being there with me when I feel lonely,

Thank you for being in my heart, when I walked on the street in a strange city,

Thank you for your smile which resolves my grievances and bitterness,

Thank you for giving me so much strength to make me bravely walk forward on the path with wind and rain,

Thank you for giving me so many Gengfan sisters who make my heart always feeling warm,

Thank you, because of you, I have gained so much.

What I can give you, besides attention and love, is to consider you as my beloved brother, spoil you unlimitedly^^ although you may not see it, you may not feel it, just it’s what I really want to do.

Now, sister gets married, my life will have a new start, I will have more roles in my life.

Now I am a wife, someday, I will be a mother, but believe me, I will show your picture to my kid when he/she can understand it, and say “this is your uncle, mommy loves him very much.”

From now on, I will have more things to think about, I will pay much more effort to build my life, maybe I will pay less attention on you…or maybe I will stop loving you. When I think about this, I am feeling so sad all of the sudden. It turns out that just thinking about it makes me unable to stand…so, I will just continue loving you^^

Dear Han Geng, my baby brother, sister gets married, you will have a brother-in-law who support me loving you. Although he felt a bit jealous sometimes, he knows you are the one worth our love and support;

He does mind you are more handsome than him, but I must say, he is, actually a little bit more handsome than you,
because you belong to many people, he just belongs to me, so he is the best in my eyes, you will understand, right?

I am married, married with a guy even better and even more handsome than you. What do you think? Do you grudge me? Hehehehe…

I will be happy, I will try my best to live a good life, I will make myself smile, I will continue being a Gengfan.

There is always something I want to hold on in my entire life, for example, make myself happy, make the one I love happy, also, love you.

One day, you will find your wife, have a good and happy family. We all should live well, try our best to be happy, in our entire lives, right? That’s the deal!

My dear Geng, my younger brother, looking at your eyes, thinking about now, I know you are as stubborn as the first time I saw you. 13 years old, you left your parents to pursue dance study in Beijing ALONE; 6 years later, you got on the plane to Seoul without bringing a penny to pursue performing dream ALONE; another 6 years later, you choose to fight for your health and basic rights of being human ALONE.

Han Geng, I am your devoted fan, you deserve my love; more importantly, you deserve my respect!!!

As a sister, I want to say, please please be truly happy, please do not make me cry when I see your smile…I cannot stand that anymore…T.T

Personally, I felt nothing but touched. Out from manic, rabid fangirls that goes jumpy and screaming their lungs out, raping the idols with their minds and some even goes beyond admiring that went to the level of madness and stupid. ka;jg;magmiut Don't make me mention other than what just happened. It will be endless list and I'll be very pretty mad even by thinking about it. Such a shame to fandom and the craziness saga continues I guess?

Of course, just like you guys, I've imagined myself being as their friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, name it! LOL Its..normal. It makes fangirling, fangirling. But please, do not get too delusional and brings fangirling to a whole new situation of being public humility.

First of all, girl. You've got to think would the other party a.k.a the idols would think of. What? Do you think slitting your wrist would make them goes "Awww.....this fan of ours are so sweet and thoughtful aren't they? I so want to see more wrist slitted in the future,"

Wow, come to think of it, probably they'll love it some how. . . . . . Maybe in some case. . . . . .?OH! PLEASE!

If somebody did that for you, wouldn't you feel eerie too? Get back that sense of yours when you think of crossing the line sayang. You might says that oh, thats only Korean doing, we're not that far though. I know. But precautions. Precautions. Prevention is always, ALWAYS better than cure.

And what this jiejie fan of Geng had written is just a very sweet example. She is being real, she is being rational, and I am sure Geng would feel really good to have her as a fan.

This kind of reminds me on my very old post on my fangirling hobby. LOL I had to jot that down for my future husband. Just in case he would be so burdened and weird XD I am so old in the head, you've got to mark thatin your head. Kekekeke~

Anyways, this is Norfy from Sayanghaeyo in case you forgot. Annyeoong~


p/s: Hows everybody's new year at school and hitting back work? Hope you guys always have CUTE DAYS ahead ;D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sayanghaeyo resolutions for 2010 ^^

*made by, stolen from Eunmi's LJ

Hello and Happy New Year 2010 to every sayangzz who read this ^^ *big-rabbity jump-hugs*

For things that I would like to do for this year, I'll be listing it so you guys could keep track to it. Mainly it was a mix between personal+fangirling goals. So yeah, remind me if you found me losing on my track ^^

1) I'm sick of myself being such a noob on coding and graphics; where I keep burden on people for help. For the sake to help out more, I'll be learning photoshop skills and try to understand coding more in this year.

2) Learn Hanggeuk-mal starting this semester :D I know exactly where to practise when I learn it, so there should be no problem

3) Get my driving license so I could help in real life, legally. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

4) Holding Malaysian Shawols mini meet up and a gathering for the 2nd anniversary ^^Please expect it real soon!

5) Garner more bank cards to help out fellow Malaysian who wish to donate/purchase merchandises from SJ-World. Please be patient, I'll be up with it soon ♥

Well, I think that should be it. Whats your resolutions? I hope you guys would work really hard to achieve it too ^^ Let us all wish for things to get even better soon enough.

For fandoms that suffered major issues through 2009; Hottests, Cassiopeia/BigEast, EverLastingFriends

Keep your hands joined together, bear in mind things happened for purpose that God willing to put the best out of every outcome might happen. As a fresh new thought, fresh new year, let us all have fresh positive minds and never give up. Even if things might happen the way we are not hoping, let us always, always keep the love no matter what. We might get bruised, we might get rejoiced, in the end we would realised, this is what we've chosen ourselves to be. And to be one, we bear all the consequences that happened, with the will power we had, with all the love that we shared for them.

For fandoms that see the joyous and more love to pour on 2009; S♥NEs, Triple S, SHINee World,

YEAH!!! I see lots of achievement was up throughout the whole year XD We need to see more of them to shine and do more don't we? You guys have worked really hard to spread the love; the suffers had become such a sweet memoir aren't they? Considering that its totally paid off now ^^ Congratulations and big hugs to all of you, without the continuous hard work you guys have done, we could never see such big supports and motivation to the stars that kept twinkling throughout 2009 WAY TO GO!

For fandoms that just build up from the debut of new stars in 2009; (omg, I fail to remember all the fandoms name, forgive me! But you know who you are ^^;)

Good luck!! I believe not everyone in the new fandoms are practically new; but a piece of advise should come as coming from senior fandoms (wth? LOL). A fangirl/fanboy are always considered crazy, therefore, your love, your hate, you have to know should it be kept for personal or which to make it public and spread. Criticism are everywhere, antis are always there to keep you annoyed, but its always necessary to just ignore it.

And to the whole K-pop lovers out there, especially to Malaysians; FIGHTING!!


p/s: Personally to people who knew me in real life, had my numbers and even posted cards, ailabeu sayang~ P-Sshi, am still wait for your comeback and Virtual_el-Sshi, I knew what Hyung Joon told you!! XD

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Birthday Wish for Dearest 이성민

2009 probably had been a very tough year for Super Junior

But for Sungmin's solo career, he had done a lot to widen his path and gain more attention.

When I heard Chunji is done; I wailed because I just knew Sungmin.
But his career branched out from there.
From serving us with his monstrous smirks as egomaniac at Sorry Sorry stage;
Mellow as Neorago tailed along;
Being the maknae for Oppa Band;
Making it to be the lead for AKillA;

And now he is there, with upcoming project band and a new theater of Hong Gil Dong.

Alongside the busy schedule, despite of his injury, he still moves on to show his love for his career. Despite of people kept hacking and bothering his Cyworld, he kept himself cool and even told his fans that everything is alright with emoticons and such. Sometimes I just wonder by myself if Sungmin is born naturally kind or he is standing as idol himself? And despite being in a very, I mean, VERY GOOD physical and fitness, he kept complaining about his weight.

The needs to understand Sungmin; who keeps a lot of things by himself. Too mystery to start with.

I just can't help smiling on how much stopping his radio would given him such lots of opportunities. We see more of Sungmin but that means rapid energy are needed. I just can't stop bleeding inside when I see him listless and sick.

For sure, Sungmin just knew how to make himself happy ^^
Image Hosted by
And its been a year already, from 1st Jan 2009 to 1st Jan 2010. Lots of things occurred and heres a new day where everybody had their hopes for a better year.

For Sungmin, this is another beginning of a wonderful year coming ahead of him. A year better, another year to gain and foresee what he would show us next.

Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin. You're always, always my number one no matter what.

As for my heartfelt birthday greetings to Sungmin, I've changed the blog into pink-based and decided to dedicate this birthday post as for breast cancer awareness too. Since Sungmin is so in love with pink (and never afraid of admitting that) and wearing pink ribbons symbolized as breast cancer awareness, I would like my readers to take your time to read an article about the cancer and visit MAKNA to help you know on how it can be avoided; with simple steps of prevention.

I, myself, had met a very courageous survivor of this disease and she would like us all to gain more knowledge about this since she had not the chance to do so. Wear your pink ribbon to show that you're aware of the disease and at the same time, you love Sungmin just as much to be reminded of the color pink :)

*credits to annfabreag@YT for the jjang video!

And as to end my post, I'd love to torture my readers a bit. Kekekekekeke~
Image Hosted by

If he was to change as a girl, than I'd probably turn myself as a guy! Sungmin-noona!!! SARANGHAE!!! LOL

Sayang Sungmin Forever

p/s: I haven't greet you guys Happy New Year, did I? Oh. Nah, skip that. Sungmin's birthday is much important to blog than that! LOL

*pics was taken randomly with enthusiasm and drools dripping; with such mental broke down, I'm losing the track whose pics to credit to whom. So, yeah. These piccies and gifs are not mine. Taken from mainly from and ^^