Monday, January 4, 2010

From fangirl to fangirl about being a fangirl

I want all of the fangirls out there to take some time and read this. Its a fan account made by one of Hangeng female fans and I found it worth to share it with all of sayangzz out there.

Translator: Bristlegrass
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Flowers bloom and fade, rain falls then clouds get thinner, I am getting older, the passing years are increasing…

Getting up in the morning, feeling the coldness outside, fortunately, someone is beside me. He gives me his warm embrace, lets me lean on his shoulder. This winter, I am married, my Mr. Zhang, knew me for 13 years, our love is true, and we understand each other tacitly.

Han Geng, I just want you share my joy, let you see I will be happy. You can see it, right? I have been always thinking, if one day I get married, whom will be the first one I want to tell, my beloved sister, my beloved father, or dear friends?

When I received the marriage certificate this afternoon, the first one I thought of is you. My family and friends, they will bless me, wish me always be happy.

Then, how about you? You don’t know there is a sister, far away, becoming Mr Zhang’s wife. You will live your own life, busy and happy…but I still would like to let you know, the one in my heart, your sister is married.

Thank you for being my companionship for these years,

Thank you for being there with me when I feel lonely,

Thank you for being in my heart, when I walked on the street in a strange city,

Thank you for your smile which resolves my grievances and bitterness,

Thank you for giving me so much strength to make me bravely walk forward on the path with wind and rain,

Thank you for giving me so many Gengfan sisters who make my heart always feeling warm,

Thank you, because of you, I have gained so much.

What I can give you, besides attention and love, is to consider you as my beloved brother, spoil you unlimitedly^^ although you may not see it, you may not feel it, just it’s what I really want to do.

Now, sister gets married, my life will have a new start, I will have more roles in my life.

Now I am a wife, someday, I will be a mother, but believe me, I will show your picture to my kid when he/she can understand it, and say “this is your uncle, mommy loves him very much.”

From now on, I will have more things to think about, I will pay much more effort to build my life, maybe I will pay less attention on you…or maybe I will stop loving you. When I think about this, I am feeling so sad all of the sudden. It turns out that just thinking about it makes me unable to stand…so, I will just continue loving you^^

Dear Han Geng, my baby brother, sister gets married, you will have a brother-in-law who support me loving you. Although he felt a bit jealous sometimes, he knows you are the one worth our love and support;

He does mind you are more handsome than him, but I must say, he is, actually a little bit more handsome than you,
because you belong to many people, he just belongs to me, so he is the best in my eyes, you will understand, right?

I am married, married with a guy even better and even more handsome than you. What do you think? Do you grudge me? Hehehehe…

I will be happy, I will try my best to live a good life, I will make myself smile, I will continue being a Gengfan.

There is always something I want to hold on in my entire life, for example, make myself happy, make the one I love happy, also, love you.

One day, you will find your wife, have a good and happy family. We all should live well, try our best to be happy, in our entire lives, right? That’s the deal!

My dear Geng, my younger brother, looking at your eyes, thinking about now, I know you are as stubborn as the first time I saw you. 13 years old, you left your parents to pursue dance study in Beijing ALONE; 6 years later, you got on the plane to Seoul without bringing a penny to pursue performing dream ALONE; another 6 years later, you choose to fight for your health and basic rights of being human ALONE.

Han Geng, I am your devoted fan, you deserve my love; more importantly, you deserve my respect!!!

As a sister, I want to say, please please be truly happy, please do not make me cry when I see your smile…I cannot stand that anymore…T.T

Personally, I felt nothing but touched. Out from manic, rabid fangirls that goes jumpy and screaming their lungs out, raping the idols with their minds and some even goes beyond admiring that went to the level of madness and stupid. ka;jg;magmiut Don't make me mention other than what just happened. It will be endless list and I'll be very pretty mad even by thinking about it. Such a shame to fandom and the craziness saga continues I guess?

Of course, just like you guys, I've imagined myself being as their friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, name it! LOL Its..normal. It makes fangirling, fangirling. But please, do not get too delusional and brings fangirling to a whole new situation of being public humility.

First of all, girl. You've got to think would the other party a.k.a the idols would think of. What? Do you think slitting your wrist would make them goes "Awww.....this fan of ours are so sweet and thoughtful aren't they? I so want to see more wrist slitted in the future,"

Wow, come to think of it, probably they'll love it some how. . . . . . Maybe in some case. . . . . .?OH! PLEASE!

If somebody did that for you, wouldn't you feel eerie too? Get back that sense of yours when you think of crossing the line sayang. You might says that oh, thats only Korean doing, we're not that far though. I know. But precautions. Precautions. Prevention is always, ALWAYS better than cure.

And what this jiejie fan of Geng had written is just a very sweet example. She is being real, she is being rational, and I am sure Geng would feel really good to have her as a fan.

This kind of reminds me on my very old post on my fangirling hobby. LOL I had to jot that down for my future husband. Just in case he would be so burdened and weird XD I am so old in the head, you've got to mark thatin your head. Kekekeke~

Anyways, this is Norfy from Sayanghaeyo in case you forgot. Annyeoong~


p/s: Hows everybody's new year at school and hitting back work? Hope you guys always have CUTE DAYS ahead ;D


myn said...

This is so sweet
i almost cry when i read it.. TT__TT
whoever write this is truly a loving person.
I really hope that Geng can read sweeeettt^^

Miss Healerzz said...

I think so too :3
Yea....I hope Geng would cross this letter one day if its not now ^^ maybe some times when he felt bored? LOL