Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sayanghaeyo On SSII In Malaysia Issue

Ryeowook: Awww....look whose begging and crying for us now?
After babbling bad about us in her petty blog~
Jungsoo, Hyuk, DongDong: (Oh yeah, revenge is sweeetttt)

You know, I'm just an E.L.F. with lots of privileges with me and with that, I only would like to cater you guys the best information I could get in hand. Just to help each other. In the name of being a fangirls. I feel you totally.

I know I'm super excited and even day dream almost half of my time since I know Super Junior back in 2008. Can I say I spent the rest of 2009 believing that Super Junior actually had the desire to come to Malaysia? LOL I'm delusional like that.

I believe I'm not alone too.

Since the breakout of that piece of news SSII coming over Malaysia, I was nothing than being excited (I fainted). And the next day of it, I can't help being suspicious (if I could be suspicious on a little boy stealing my manga collections, how am I not to do so for something like this?).

Up until today, though the Dream Maker website had put up the schedule and local organizer had fly over SM Entertainment banners there, I'm still......I don't know. I'm like this. I don't understand this brain of mine either.

From what our sister affiliates (MYSJ) admin , Karen onnie told me, I think we need to all calm down a bit. The ticks are not going to be up until Monday anyway =3=

Anyway, they promised to update about it soon. I'll update Sayanghaeyo and cater to you guys nothing but the truth. if i messed up you can poison me by blocking me from loving sungmin.



Kindly please do not spam my mailbox, MSN, PM/Comment box at SJ-World with questions of SSII. I'll let the information floats around once I get anything that is reliable.

And oh yeah, whoever had my numbers, I'm so begging you please do not text/call me about SSII, I got lots of important things in hand already. I understands that you need clarifications quickly but we promised you we'll update when we get the confirmation.

Please, private life is private.


yin said...

but tomoro the tickets will already be on sale . T_T

myn said...

unnie, kirim salam sayang kat suju klu unnie pergi ss2 tau :D